Friday, May 7, 2010


Initially this blog was started so that I could have a place to rant and put up pictures if I need to share themwith someone. So why don't we use this blog for what it was meant for?
Here goes.
Today, I woke up to my mom going on and on about bad weather and how we don't have a car. Eventually I managed to wake up enough to actually understad what she was saying.
Apparently it was raining like there's no tomorrow and dad took the car when he went to work at 5 am. There was also quite windy. And when I say quite I mean a lot.
So I got dressed, ate some and thought to myself that "at least the red cross competitions will be cancelled. We can't go out with rain like this and it'd be just plain weird if we had to do it inside. I mean it involves runnning and that sorta stuff."
And while trying to assure myself that, I went to school. On foot. Through the rain. When I finally got to school I was literally dripping wet. I spent the music class trying to dry off.
Then I got the news: apparently while I thought that they couldn't hold the Red Cross competition inside, they didn't agree with me. And it was also going to start at noon, which nobody told me. I thought that we had like three classes and then it starts, so I didn't take my PE stuff with me. Thankfully we got to practise instead of having to take part in PE.
Our physics teacher also allowed us to skip that lesson so that we could eat and stuff.
And then it began. With line-running. Basically you just have to run from the beginning line to the second one, the back to the beginning, then to the third line then to the beginning and then across the hall to the assembly hall, up to the stage, answer two questions and then back to the beginning point.
In our team we had four people. One of us has knee problems and I'm just slow. So obviously we lost that. Then on to the practical stuff that wasn't all that peachy either. The first scene we got almost max. points but in the second one... well we fucked up pretty bad.
All the boring details aside, the others sucked even worse and therefore we got second place.
Riiiiight after SÜG. Payback for our little payback in football yesterday? Ohyes. And though it might not seem that was by reading my post... Today sucked.
And if I ever, EVER even think about going to the red cross competitions EVER again.... Please slap me. FML.


P.S: More pics about Ella in fotoalbum under the album with her name on it. And some video clips in If you have forgotten the username ask me or smth, I don't wanna post this here.
&& yeah, I'm done with ranting for a while. Life's a flower, yes?
Also I'm addicted to this song and I don't know why.

Pessimism and hopelessness are two assassins
that have been hired by very ourselves to kill ourselves!
~Mehmet ildan

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Kairi!

Since it's sorta hard to send you an actual birthday gift then this is going to have to do.

First of all. I'm so completely 100% sorry about forgetting -_-
I should have seen this coming. I mean I have been in the same class with the same people for like 8 years and to this day I can't remember most of their birthdays. I fail, I know.

And once again, Happy happy happy Birthday!!!

&& Sorry D:


"Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics show that the people
who have the most live the longest."
~Larry Lorenzoni