Friday, May 20, 2011

04.05- Football match KG vs SÜG ends with dissappointment and pain.

Basically, KG lost cause apparently we suck now
SÜG had major team spirit
One guy on our team broke his leg. (Bet they didn't think he'd take it literally when they said "Break a leg" to wish him good luck)
And while I was looking at the pictures trying to figure out what else to talk about, this happened...

Click to biggify


23.04- Walk with Bambs produces a load of hipster photos.

Exactly what the label says *points at the title*

And that concluded our little walk literally all the way around the city. Dear lord did my feet hurt the next day...
I should however mention that the 2 pictures in the beginning were not in fact from our little walk.
Ohyeah, there was some egg dyeing aterwards too. By my mum and me.


02.04- English county on a foggy saturday.

Before I tell you about that, I believe I owe you a video from this post, where I left a placeholder but never filled it. I won't because nobody would see that but frankly I might as well post that video anyways.

Ignore me sounding like an idiot. The bloody microphone is too good and picks my voice up way too much. And I'm incapable of holding my mouth shut in the first place.

So. English county.
Was... easy...
I don't know. I was so sure that I messed it up big time considering how easy it was in the first place but apparently I didn't.
But that is hardly what I wanted to tell you guys about.
When I went home from that perticular event afterwards, it became apparent that everything was covered in a thick fog.
And I mean thick fog. The kind where you can't see shit after like two meters. I don't remember ever seeing fog this thick before.
So I did what any sensible blogger would do: I went home and grabbed my camera.

I love fog. Even if you are really shit at photography you will at least get some awesome takes because the point you are trying to capture is that you can't see squat. It's pretty easy to shoot that.
The only thing I can't get on that photo is the feeling of uneasiness I felt while walking around.
No cars, no people. Just leaveless trees and an occasional raven taking off with a loud scream.
Yes, it really does sound like a scream when you're in the middle of a deserted park. I could have filmed it but I doubt it could ever live up to the real thing.
The dementors are breedinnngggg...


17.02 - Theater and Playback.

Okay so the details are fuzzy because my dear god I did not expect to find out that I have been procrastinating since motherfucking February.
Oh there have been posts in between but good god.

Soyeah. There is this thing called playback in our school and most likely other estonian and/or foreign schools as well. Basically students choose some song or whatever, try to imitate the music video and all that jazz.
Geesh, sounds so pointless when you type it out like that.
I can't for the life of me remember who won or anything and, frankly, I doubt that any of you give a fuck. So I'll just move on to the part where suddenly in the middle of watching playback my mom calls me and asks where I am.
I had totally forgotten that I had an invitation to a theatre play.
I didn't miss it, thankfully school and home are close enough that it takes me 10 minutes at most to get from point A to point B

I hate dressing up for stuff like this.
Me! Times three!

It always leaves me feeling like I'm a pig stuffed in clothes.
Anyhow that is hardly my point.
The play we went to see was "Värviline kummut"
A childrens play. I got an invitation because I'm the daughter of two people known in that circle or whatever.
And it. was. epic.
Seriously, I love childrens plays because they are just so goddamn brilliant.
Only prop on the whole stage was just this drawer. And it turned out to be so much more. The whole story was extremely interesting. Even to me.
I continue to suck at writing summaries and you hopefully will continue to forgive me. Instead to the Estonian speaking part of the three people reading my blog, Here is an article about it. And here is another one. And just for good measure: A short summary sort of thing.
It was wacky and it was brilliant.


It's been an awesome year and half, thankyou everyone and goodbye.

This, right here, will be the very last post of this blog.
I hope you have time to read through it before tomorrow rolls around and God starts zapping people who are worthy up into heaven. I hope I don't have to kill too many of you in the battlefield afterwards.
I heard,though, that there is still going to be internet access so I guess we could maybe get into contact and arrange some sort of gathering. You know, to fight demons together. That is, of course, if you are deemed unorthy and have to stay down here.
Anyway. I figured that with the end of the world and all I might as well catch up on everything I've neglected to post so far.

Starting with




Friday, May 13, 2011

Tourist season...

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again.

It starts off small and unnoticeable, with a moose or two walking along the street. Their odd but oh-so-similar language just barely registering at the back of your brain.

It continues when you see the first bus rolling down the street merrily and get the nagging feeling of dozens of moose (meese) eyes watching you. You tone it down and carry on. At least it’s not ducks.

And then you see it, on your way to school or to the grocery store (since neither bambs nor I can drag our butts out of bed early enough to go to school together anymore) that same bus sitting in the bus parking space. It’s headlight eyes staring innocently into the abyss or something. What do buses like to look at when they are not carrying moose (meese)?

And the bus just is there. And in a few hours it will go away and everything will be just as it was.

Except not really because that goddamned bus just so happens to come back again. And it has a friend in tow. And that friend has a friend and that friend has a friend, too and so on until you are suddenly seeing meese everywhere and sometimes you catch a glimpse of a sixth toe or if you are really unlucky, you hear that godawful parseltongue.

Next thing you know that trip to grocery store turns into a fight for your life. And that pack of eggs your mother needed... You go into the store buying plenty of stuff you figure you need for the upcoming weekend and you come out of it with nothing but with the hair on your (back) head and a pack of cat food.

Which, in here, is quite the loot.

The whole season is much like herpes. It starts off slow, almost unnoticeable and you figure it’s not that bad as you thought it was going to be until it suddenly blooms into a major pain in the ass.

It’s that time of the year again.

Tourist season...