Friday, October 19, 2012

The smell of mint.

Mündi lõhn is the name of the play that I went to see today. And it is absolutely one of THE best plays that I have seen and trust me, when you work in a theater, you see a shit ton of plays (Most recently VAT theater: The good, the bad and the ugly and that play was pretty much shit. imho.). Anyway. The smell of mint.
I'll give you a quick rundown of what it speaks about:

You've all been to the Kuressaare castle, right? If so then probably you have seen that skeleton in the cellar and may even have read from the little information thing on the door about the myth surrounding said skeleton. If you haven't then wikipedia helps us out (in estonian, suck it.)

Palju kõneainet on pakkunud väike kelder, kuhu viib uks hoovi idanurgast. Legendi kohaselt olevat see kinnimüüritud kelder juhuslikult avatud 1785. aastal ning siit leiti inimese luukere. See kuulunud 16. sajandi algul Saaremaale protestantismiga võitlema saadetud inkvisiitorist mungale, kes avalikuks tulnud armuloo pärast karistuseks elusana kinni müüritud. Ruumi nimetatakse veel praegugi "sissemüüritud rüütli keldriks".

And that, to the letter, is what the play is about. It starts off not quite in modern day but close enough to it with the minister of god knows what buys the castle and moves in with his family. They of course, refuse to believe the maids and servants that the castle is haunted and write the odd sounds off as wind or rusty hinges.  One day, however, the beautiful daughter of the minister meets the ghost and manages to talk him into telling her his story. The story of how he died.

The second act takes place in 1500s and shows us how this man of faith came to Kuressaare (that wasn't a city yet at the time) to scold the local castle bailiff, who made business with the Prussians and were acting very un-holy-like. Needless to say the local bosses didn't like that one bit and devised a plan to get rid of him: they sent him a maid, a picture-perfect girl whom he couldn't help but fall in love with. Of course it is no big spoiler to anyone that the bailiff and his right-hand man then proceed to punish that monk by sealing him, alive, into the cellar of the castle and the girl was sent off to a monastery. 

The story may not sound all that compelling, but seeing as the play actually happens in the Kuressaare castle, it becomes magical. The ministers daughter in the first act and the monks maid, Õnne, in the second act was portrayed by Merilin Kirbits.

Picture Source
The ghost of the monk and later the monk himself was Hannes Prikk, who is my most favorite actor of all times, you may remember another play that I absolutely loved, Värviline Kummut, where he was also the lead character. (Also Mererüüvel vastu tahtmist, that is my MOST FAVOURITE PLAY OF. ALL. TIME.)

As a little bonus, also on the picture is my classmate, Airike. Picture source.
The minister, and later the castle bailiff was portrayed by none other than my daddy-dearest, which, of course makes me sort of biased when it comes to the whole play but whatever. It's still a great play. 

I refuse to use a picture from my personal source so you'll get this picture of the whole cast instead. Daddy is on the far right. Picture source.
And finally, the butler who always slept and the right-hand man of the bailiff were portrayed by Priit Lõhmus, who is also one of the best local actors, in my opinion.

I hope i'm not wrong in assuming he's in the middle there. Picture Source.
And yes, now all I have to do is write an essay about it in estonian. Shouldn't be too hard. I hope.

Also, I went to see Sofi Oksanen's purge in the theater cinema but I'm not going to write about it because it's something that has to be experienced rather than read about.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm really bad at titles. Have you noticed?

I'll start this post with a very nice picture and then just progressively get more evil.

This is a Common Hawker (soo-tondihobu) that I managed to catch this weekend, while my sister was visiting. I personally find him absolutely glorious. Beautiful, vibrant colours and he's so big! Here, have a better picture (I couldn't figure out a way to take a picture of the one I caught so that the wings and everything would show.)

I have found myself to be quite taken with dragonflies. They are oddly beautiful.

But on to other things. Hedgehogs, namely.
I was home one cool afternoon, my dad was outside, getting firewood when suddenly he called me to the front door. Apparently, a hedgehog was spooked by our neighbors' dog and decided to take refuge in our hall.

It was terribly brave, didn't fear me or my dad and didn't even want to hear about the milk I offered, instead opting to wander back outside as soon as the dog shut up.
I'm not even going to talk about the half-stray cat we keep feeding because we can't say no when big, round kittyeyes are turned our way. My god, I've turned into a crazy animal-lady...

Speaking of crazy tendencies, I have been cooking. I have been cooking like crazy. My sister commissioned something salty so I had to step away from the comforting embrace of desserts and into the wild world of main courses. I started off with an open pie which was pretty much the best thing I had tasted when it came to mostly-vegan stuff. Not that vegan foods aren't tasty, I just haven't really been experimenting. Also it wasn't really all-vegan, seeing as it contained cheese. But enough of that, I'll show you a picture instead:

This is a leek-smoked cheese-pie. And it tasted heavenly. Trust me, you'll want to try it.

My sister's summer cottage is finally ready and mostly furnished. Of course they forced me back into my natural habitat immediately upon arriving there:

I probably shouldn't be putting this picture up, or at least blurring out the date when it was taken. This may very well be used against me as evidence to show that I did not miss school on the 12th because of illness, but rather because I just wanted to be with my sister at the countryside. But let's just hope my teachers aren't computer-savvy enough to find my blog.

Aand that's pretty much it. Mood music for you:


I'll be an aunt in 7 months!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium, inimesed.

My school

is completely, utterly


The last video is only supermental if you keep in mind that the soldier guy dancing around is my physics teacher.

Oh yeah, a bonus: My class. I know I have shared it with almost everyone I know already but it bears repeating.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Septembrikuus kõik on uus, septembrikuus...

I already started this post, writing in estonian but then I remembered that my mother has a bad habit of snooping around my blog. Which is annoying and snoopy. I'm not about to create yet another blog just so that I can write in estonian about stuff that I don't want her to snoop around.
Marvel at my mad skillz in paint
Anyhow. September is kind of almost over already and you know, stuff has been happening.
School is as terrifying and tiring as ever, perhaps right now more than ever, thanks to the Stuff that has been happening in my personal life. I'm so not ready to deal with this kind of drama so early on.
But that is hardly the point, I'm sort of getting along right now, mostly thanks to the fact that I haz friends!! (Special shoutout to Riine and Jöel for just being awesome, okay? Notice my second specialty: subtly changing people's names so that no-one could stalk them. Ahem.)

I also finally got out of the regular P.E classes so that's one less source for stress, although the doctors still haven't found any explanation for my knee problems and I don't know whether I'm paranoid or observant but I'm thinking that I'm starting to get the "Boy who cried "Wolf!"" reputation for running between doctors all the time and getting no results. But fine, I'll deal.

I am aware of the fact that when I posted all those little travel posts in August, I stopped short of the last one but I think now is waaay too late to be rectifying that so I'll just leave it.

In a week, Kaja will be coming home but I hardly think it's the break I've been waiting for, I still have school at that point and she and Ken will be staying at the countryside for most of the week, I presume. It's funny how something good happens but it's with a sort of cruel twist.

Thankfully (at first) I will be pretty busy this year. To graduate, I have to put together a research paper and my biology teacher suggested something I thought I could do. So now I'm cataloging dead dragonflies. My schoollife is funny that way.

Harilik vesineitsik, kes ei näe kuivatatuna pooltki nii ilus välja. Picture source.
We also had our school olympics, which for me culminated in achieving exactly two points in a game of darts.
I'm not going to tempt you with pictures of all the awesome things I've been cooking, but instead I'll introduce to you two documentaries that should point you towards better lifestyle choices. Or perhaps paranoia, but most likely both at the same time.

Plastic Planet 
The movie is available in Piratebay, I know because I already managed to pi-arrr-ate it. The movie really serves to make you think what you keep buying and using every single day.

Forks Over Knives
Vegetarian lifestyle isn't all about avoiding meat because you think animals shouldn't be harmed. This actually manages to show vegetarianism in a whole new, scientific, light. Loving animals has nothing to do with why it's good for us.

Sometimes it's just good to challenge your view of things and to just take a moment to think about all the things that big corporate owners would like to keep from us, because if we realised the implications, they would go out of business. Most people do not care about other people after all.
Oh yeah! Apparently I have found my muses because an assignment of mine was sent to the school almanahh or whatever at the request of my teacher. You can read it here and try to figure out for yourself what the assignment was about.

Yesterday was teadlaste öö, which I have tried to attend every year but apparently this year the only thing I *could* do was night of astronomy. Rest of the stuff either coincided with my classes or was invitations-only. Which, by the way, sucked. But, no matter, the night of astronomy was superawesome and informative as always. And Bambs, Kati and I managed to collectively win the quiz that followed the lecture. We. Are. Awesome.

Anyway. Sometimes I get the feeling that instead of a blog, I could just have a twitter but then again, twitter is just another one of those useless gadgets internet has come up with. Blogging is much more classy than 250 word updates on how I'm terribly lonely.

I suppose this is it. There are so many little awesome things that I wish I could tell you, but have no way to accurately communicate over the blog. Just little had-to-be-there stuff that happens at school or how I visited aforementioned Riine at her home, in the countryside. I really have no reason to whine, my life is awesome, but then again if those little moments were enough to conquer the upcoming winter and the loneliness it inevitably brings, I wouldn't have started this blog in the first place.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Retseptide nimekiri

Nutella juustukook


Ilmselt üritan ma oma blogi teha populaarseks millegi uue ja originaalsega. Köh-köh. Ühesõnaga jah, ma kirjutan teile jälle Eesti keeles ja seda seekord ühel väga lihtsal põhjusel: Je ne sais pas ce que "Sefiir" on inglise keeles. Ergo, postitus tuuakse teile eesti keeles.

Igatahes rassisin mina nädalavahetusel köögis kuna mu emal on täna sünnipäev. Tulemus on selline (Ja olgu ära märgitud, et mind pole kunagi tortide kaunistamises osav olemises süüdistatud)

Igatahes kuna ma olen laisk inimene ja ei viitsi üldse üldse üldse ajalugu õppida hetkel, siis ma mõtlesin et ma töötan oma selle aasta eesmärgi nimel: saada rohkem postitusi aasta peale kokku kui eelmine aasta. Eks me näe, ma olen septembris ja augustis päris aktiivne olnud. Igatahes võite arvestada, et kui ma jätkan selle eesmärgi poole püüdlemisega, siis tõenäoliselt saavad need küpsetuspostitused normiks. Vabandan ette ära juba. Ilmselt jätkan ma seda multikeelset jama millega alustanud olen. Kokandus eesti keeles ja muu jura inglise keeles. Või äkki muudan terve blogi eestikeelseks? hmm....

Igatahes. Sefiir. Sefiiriga on asi nii, et kui otsida selle retsepti siis leiad sa mingi 100 erinevat, kõigil üldised koostisained samad, lihtsalt kogused radikaalselt erinevad. Mina võtsin siis ühe suvalise aluseks ning hakkasin seda katse-eksitusmeetodil kohandama endale sobivaks. Ma mainisin vist oma esimesi katsetusi ka ühes juulikuises postituses.

Minu retsept siis, detailsete kirjeldustega.


Vaja läheb

3 munavalget
300g suhkurt
0.75 dl haput mahla
1tl sidrunhapet
0.5 - 1 tl želatiini


1. Suhkurust, mahlast ja sidrunhappest peaks välja keetma siirupi aga selleks, et seda teha, tasub kõigepealt moodustada vesivann. Niisama otse pliidirauale pannes kipub suhkur kõrbema, mitte sulama. Täida mingsugune suurem pott veega (nii palju, et kui sa väiksema poti koostisainetega sinna sisse paned, siis vesi üle ääre ei hakka tulema) ning seal sees hoia väiksemat potti, milles keeda siirup valmis. Kuna siirup peab olema ikka võimalikult kuum, võib selle isegi keema lasta. Valmis on ta igatahes siis, kui ta hakkab juba selliseks ilusaks ühtlaseks minema ja ta on nii vedel, et teda saab niristada. Suhkurt on ikka näha, seda täiesti ära sulatada ei saagi.

2. Samal ajal kui siirup tulel lahustub, hakka mune vahustama. Kõige parem on sefiiri kellegagi koos teha, üks saab valvata siirupit sel ajal kui teine vahustab. Üksi hakkab asi jamaks minema just selle niristamise ajal. Munavalged aja ikka päris korralikult vahtu, kuigi täiesti kõvat vahtu veel mõtet teha ei ole.

3. Kogu selle värgi kõrvalt leie aega eraldada kuskile tassi sisse umbes 1tl želatiini (2-3 lehte, kui sa lehtželatiini kasutad) ning lisa sinna täpselt nii palju vett, et želatiin enam-vähem veega kaetud on (mitte rohkem kui 1-2 supilusikatäit). Selle želatiinihulgaga saab sellise tordikatteks sobiva tugevusega želatiini. Kui sa tahad korvikesi teha või tordile mingisuguseid erilisi konstruktsioone teha, pane želatiini ikka julgelt rohkem. Jäta pulber või graanulid või lehed või misiganes sul on seisma.

4. Kui siirup tundub olevat valmis ja munad vahtu löödud, haara kuum siirup otse tulelt ning nirista seda ettevaatlikult munavahu hulka, ise samal ajal koguaeg segades. Idee on, et kuum siirup "küpsetab" munavahtu sel ajal kui sa vahustad. Kui algselt tundus vahtu vähe siis siirup kahekordistab seda kindlasti.

5. Kalla vees paisunud želatiin kastrulisse ja sulata sama kuuma veevanni sees ära, milles sa eelnevalt siirupit tegid. Otse tulel on nii väikest želatiinikogust keeruline sulatada. Nirista ka see vahustamise ajal sefiiri hulka. Tegelikult võib kogu selle želatiiniga jamamise vahele jätta, olen isegi näinud kommentaare, et želatiin rikub sefiiri maitset, aga seda kuidas sefiir tahkeks muuta ilma želatiiniga, pead ise katsetama, mina maitseerinevusi ei tunne. Hoiatuseks, et kui sa ei vahusta samal ajal kui sa želatiini vahu sisse niristad, siis see tõmbub jube kiiresti klompi ning asi läheb nässu.

6. Sefiir ise on nüüd valmis! Tortite ja korvikeste sisse panemiseks peab pisut ootama, aga mitte rohkem kui 20-30 minutit, kuna kui sa kohe hakkad vormima, vajub see enne tahenemist laiali, kui sa aga liiga kaua ootad, läheb see liiga tahedaks ning jälle on keeruline vormida. Või nii ma originaalretseptist lugesin, ise pole proovinud, enamasti saab sefiir söödud enne kui sellest midagi teha saab.

Ma tean, et see sein teksti näeb ikka korralikult hirmutav välja, ma olin isegi alguses originaalretsepti nähes skeptiline aga kui sa korra läbi teinud oled selle tsirkuse, siis ega ta enam niiväga keeruline ei ole küll. Sain isegi üksi tehes hakkama.

Meeles peab aga pidama seda:

  • Värvilise sefiiri saamiseks kasuta mahla asemel siirupit
  • Valget sefiiri saab, kui asendad mahla või siirupi veega.
  • Mida rohkem sidrunhapet, seda hapum sefiir
  • Želatiinikogus oleneb täiesti sellest, mida sa kasutad. Kiirestilahustuvad valget pulbrit läheb kõige vähem, neid natuke suuremaid kollakaid graanuleid läheb kuskil 1-1,5 teelusikatäit ning lehti läheb kõige rohkem.
  • Kõige õhulisem jääb sefiir siis, kui sa pärast želatiini ja siirupi lisamist ka käsitsi hästi hoolikalt läbi klopid.
  • Kui sul on raskusi suhkru lahustamisega, kasuta tuhksuhkurt. Köögikaalu puudumisel jäta meelde, et tuhksuhkru mõõtmisel üldiselt 60g = 1dl.
Ma ilmselt natuke teen hookuspookust ning lisan sidebarile oma retseptide kogumiku ka.


Monday, September 10, 2012

World suicide prevention day

American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A page to help spot the signs and help prevent suicide

Find a hotline near you

Eesti keelne usaldustelefon 655 8088
on avatud iga päev (k.a. riiklikud pühad) kella 19-07

Vene keelne usaldustelefon 6555 688
on avatud igal nädalapäeval 19.00 - 07.00

Usaldustelefon 126 (eesti keeles) iga päev 17.00-03.00
Usaldustelefon 127 (vene keeles) iga päev 19.00-23.00

Lots of different trust hotlines around the world.

Read up on what you can do to help your friends. Educate yourself and others around you. Find help. All is not lost.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Entertainment for hours on end!

It has come to my attention that I have like a million little random bookmarks piling up on my computer. And you know what? Most of them are fucking awesome so I'll just share here. Right now.

1. Learn world geography in, like, literally days.

You know what's awesome? Knowing shit tons of countries, their names, capitals and shit like that. Knowing Stuff is basically the basis of intelligent communication between Awesome people. That site really helps learn very fucking country in the world. The tests get harder and harder per level (although, I do admit, last time I was there some of them weren't working) and it's well worth a look. Even if just to confirm to yourself, yes I still know all african countries by heart.

2. Did you know that there is a Dr. Who online game?

Yeah, I betcha you didn't. I don't have anything to say about this because even though this bookmark has been sitting around in my folders for months, I still haven't explored it further...

3. Trivia about anything and everything you ever could think of.

Basically a bunch of trivia games for when you are really really really bored and just want to find out weird and sort of mind-numbing trivia about pretty much anything. Ever.

4. I was going to link to Goggles here but it looks like it's down. Anyhow, this is how my blog looked like to goggle-users just some days ago

Obviously, Bambs and I had some fun.

5. Wiki-surfing !!

Basically, this extremely addictive game is really supersimple and devastatingly hard: When you start the game you will be directed to some wikipedia article and from that, using just links (no search option) you have to reach your goal. Like for example you are directed to an article about John Cena and using the inks in the article you have to reach the article about Space Race. You have no idea how much time Bambs and I spent on this thing today.

6. Obey the dang game, man.

This is even simpler and puts your concentration and reaction time to the ultimate test. Objective: Obey the instructions given to you. Unless they tell you to disobey.

7. Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Yes, the bookmarks are pretty much randomly and that is the greatest movie eva. You probably have seen it a time or two but still. Watch it anywhere anytime. As long as you have internet and putlocker hasn't pulled the dang thing yet.

8. Akinator. 

If you haven't heard about Akinator yet, your life has been sad, boring, and full of disappointments. But no more! Now brought to you with a link. Just close your eyes, think of someone (or something, really) and answer the questions. You'll be amazed. At least at first, later on you'll just be stubborn.

9. Coca cola is always willing to help you waste your time.

Just click all the links, you won't be sorry until you find out how much time you wasted doing absolutely nothing.

10. I wish my regular calendar had all this information

Ever seen some little picture about today being the international kissing day or whatever and wondered where the fuck people come up with that stuff? Well this site has gathered all holidays and little weird day things. You'll be wheezing with laughter in about 10 minutes after you click. that. link.

11. Fanfiction.

Whenever you feel particular hatred for Twilight, read this. 100% guarantee, you'll feel better. Seriously, read to the end.

12. The Nicest place on the internet.

Having a shitty day? Need a hug? How about hundreds?

13. There are cheaper ways to get your fix.

Much, much better than drugs but gives pretty much the same effect. I think. Scroll with your mouse to speed it up or down and move your cursor. Stargate, amirite?

14. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

15. And fuck you, music companies. 

Absolutely need to watch a youtube clip but some corporate richardheads have banned you from watching? Well, unblock it then.

16. Last but not least. Webcomic.

Nothing beats stereotypical nationalities. I have already linked to that comic at least once but it's worth repeating.

17. I was going to Rick Roll you again...

... but this song is more annoying and for that you deserve a heads-up.

Now excuse me while I try to fall asleep with that song running amok in my head. I'm like a chronical masochist.


Monday, September 3, 2012

"Loe, ilasta ja küpseta!" - See on minu moto /ülepingutatult cheesy wink

Niisiis, on jällegi aeg pöördud tagasi oma juurte juurde ja kirjutada üks blogipostitus in estonian. Point on muidugi selles et mu keeleoskamatud öeraasud tahavad koogiretsepti.

Ohyeah. Kook.
Nimi: Nutella-juustukook
Valmistusaeg: 1 tund kooki teha ja siis 4h- ööpäev külmikus seista lasta
Toidab: Kuskil 30 aafrika mitmelapselist pere, või kaks näljast soomlast.

Lihtsalt sellepärast, et ma olen kohutav inimene, ma alustan piltide näitamisest.

Kliki pildile, siis näed suuremalt. Ma tean, et sa tahad.
Lihtsalt tee seda.
Mmmmmmm... šokolaad. nnnghhhh.

Ilma pikema jamamiseta ma üritan retsepti ära tõlkida. Targematele inimestele on originaal siin, minu õdedele on tõlgitud versioon siin all:



250 grammi Digestive küpsiseid (või muid kaeraküpsiseid)
75 grammi magedat võid
Teelusikatäis Nutellat
25 grammi hakitud sarapuupähkleid


400 grammi Nutellat (toatemperatuuril soovitatavalt)
500 grammi toorjuustu (kah toatemperatuuril)
60 grammi tuhksuhkurt (see on umbes 1dl, kui köögikaalu pole)


Sitaks pähkleid (75 grammi on retseptis antud)



  1. Purusta küpsised, lisa sulatatud või ja Nutella. Sega hoolikalt läbi. Seejärel kalla juurde pähklid ja sega jälle läbi. 
  2. Kalla puru umbes 23cm ümmargusse vormi, suru servadele (jäta põhja seda ka ikka korralikult, muidu on pärast liiga õhukese põhja peal. Nagu mul..) ning pane külmikusse seisma.
  3. Sega kokku toorjuust ja tuhksuhkur hoolikalt läbi. Lisa Nutella. Sega nagu hullumeelne. 
  4. Võta põhi külmikust välja, vala segu sinna sisse, kalla pähklid peale ja pane külmikusse vähemalt neljaks tunniks seisma.
  5. Serveeri külmalt.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm so gonna be a stripper

Here's what I look like under my dress:

My legs are a mile long, baby.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Eagle.

My Chemical Romance got butchered this time. I'm so, so sorry.

At the Moment, I Have Nothing Against Eagles, But Wait Till I Finish My Cross-Stitching Project..

When my parents had also made it to Finland (with their botanical garden in the car boot), we got to play real tourists.
Our first trip was to Kotka, more specifically to the Meretaarium, which sort of displayed all the fishies that swim around the local waters.

Those things were sort of just... standing there Not moving. At all. My mom thought that they weren't real but unfortunately they were. Creepy as fuck, too...

Also, if you ever go there yourself, use the lift while switching between floors. Otherwise you are going to meet this guy in the staircase. And if he isn't just the most horrific thing you have seen.

Now... Let's play a little game I like to call "Find the fishy"

Also repeat after me: "Fish are friends, not food. Even if they look like this:"

Anyhow. When it comes to puistod (Or "parks" in the language of you, mere mortals), Kotka gets the award for "Most awesome and most mostest." Seriously. There were like 9 of them all sprinkled over the tiny island. The first one we happened onto, was right next to the meretaarium and it contained in it a waterfall.

Well... I never said it was a big one... No actually, I'm just screwing with you, it looked like this:

Man, there are about a million pictures I'd like to show you of those parks because they truly were absolutely gorgeous. But in the interest of sparing your computers (and fingers from having to scroll down all the time) I will try to pace myself and just remind you that you know where to find the rest of the pictures yourself.

Of course, I can't go without the mandatory Weird Picture of Kels aaaand here it is

I'm fucking awesome, petting iron seals and shit...

After that puisto, I managed to yell a city-map machine into submission and in doing that I acquired a map (Actually I didn't yell, the whole process was entirely civil.) We then proceeded to the Maritime Center or whatever the fuck it was. Basically it was a GINORMOUS (And I don't use that word lightly) museum about Everything Even Remotely To Do With The Sea.
It took as a long time and a lot of skimming but we managed to see it all... (I now have major knowledge about the ship St. Michael that sunk near Finnish coast.)

I'll refrain from commenting the next pictures, I'll let that be YOUR job...

I drew the line at trying on corsets. Which is exactly what my dad is about to suggest on the background.
(Yes, I was allowed to try those on, we didn't just bust an exhibit and go crazy all over it...)

By the way, guess who I found?

Our very own Jäälõhkuja Tarmo!!

Unfortunately we couldn't see it from the inside, it was closed for some reason. But no big deal! Have a sculpture of eagles instead (We were, after all, in Kotka)

Also as a quick funsection at the end of this post, these were the sleeping arrangements back in my sisters house:

The blanket is obviously the dog's and the crumpled sheet is where I was oh-so-graciously allowed to sleep. Fun times, kind of miss it.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Porvoo by Toto.

Lol. This is getting ridiculous.

I Finally Meet My Idol (Or So I Thought Until I Learned That My Sister is a Shoop)

So Porvoo is this adorable little city that is apparently celebrating it's 666th birthday... I swear though, that's not the reason for our visit, just an awesome coincidence.

While walking around there, I decided to go mainstream and take one of those "oh god, look at me, I'm holding two boulders apart!" pictures. I did not, however, take into account that my sister would be the one taking the picture and the zoom on the new camera isn't exactly awesome. This is the result.

You have my permission to choke laughing.

You done now? Yeah, have this picture of me being all hipster to counter the terribleness of the last picture.

See, my sister is an idiot. She saw one sculpture of a man and started babbling about how it's the guy who created those awesome candies formerly called "Black man's kisses" (Now I think they're just Suukkoja).

That's me, unknowingly having myself photographed in front of a great Swedofinnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. As opposed to Lennart Brunberg who bought a bakery from A. W. Lindfors in 1928 and made it even more popular by introducing chocolate to its products.
But no harm done, Runeberg was, after all, the most famous and important person in Porvoo (Or so I gathered from the way absolutely EVERYTHING was named after him..)

The city itself was absolutely gorgeous, peppered with small green areas (or *parks*, but I find that classification to be too mainstream..)

In need on sustenance and not finding any fast food "restaurants", we stumbled upon a mexican sort of place (more like walked past the place 5 times and finally deciding to eat there.)

Spicy EVERYTHING. Too bad neither or us had instagram.... Anyhow, the food was awesomedeliciousohgodmoreplease and I got all the spicy stuff because my sister doesn't like it. Nom!!!

-Sassy and well-fed Kels over and out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rolling in the Potholes.

I'll let you figure out what song I'm thinking of now for yourselves...

And You Thought The Potholes on Your Homestreet Were Bad... 

Hiidekirnut. These great, big, masssive "potholes" (I'm not making this up, the infosigns there said that the things were potholes in english) in an awesome-looking forest thing. You get to see them at your own risk. If you fall in... Sucks to be you.

The skirt is adorable, the shoes are weird and the top is too long. I know. Loving the hair tho.
Also, I'm going to be a lazy ass and write about the pictures in the order fotoalbum is giving them to me. I don't know how I managed to get them fucked up but nuffing I can do about it now.

Forget what I said about the hair. Anyway this is a map of the hole thingies that you get to see after you've hiked through a trail of treachery that is just trying to slip you up at any second... (Yeah, I went there in a skirt. I could've done it in heels too, if I wanted. I'm awesome, brah.)

You can't really tell from this angle, but it's a giant rock with a giant awesome face. You can see the mouth and teeth but the eyes are sort of lost to overexposure.

I also hate stairs. Just my luck I guess..

What's with the overabundance of my fab face you ask? What ISN'T I counter.

And this is what we hiked all that way for:

Lol, just kidding, if that was all there was, the next picture would be of me trying to drown my sister in it for making me climb all those steps in the terrible horrible wet heat.

Now THAT'S a pothole. About a meter in diameter and 4 meters deep. Imagine finding this in front of your driveway.

Or in fact this:

Jättiläisen Kuhnepytty. 4,3 meters in diameter and a whopping 10 meters deep. I'm not bluffing!
I find it a very nice touch that they have propped a ladder into it. I wonder how many people "accidentally" fall in every year?