Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Procrastinating in the name of the greater good.

I should be studying for a test but as you can probably already guess, I am instead procrastinating. Like a boss.
Anyhow, I figured that I should at least put together a blog post about my spring vacation, because I know how you are all just *dying* to hear more about my life.

Anyhow, yeah mah sistahs came on saturday, the 19th and brought with them, what I would call the INSANITY WEEKEND
Yes, it was *that* awesome

We went to the countryside twice, once with my parents and once just with my sisters and Ken. The second time was awesome. Kaja and Ken had one bonfire, ma and Kaida another a bit further away from them and I have no idea what Kaja was doing but Kaida and I started speaking pure Saare and danced around the fire like maniacs. Of and tried not to burn down the entire forest.
Luckily we succeeded on both accounts.
Speaking of Lucky, he managed to chew through his leash with what he was tied to a tree. Anyone thinking that tying a dog to a tree is horribly mean should know that the other alternative was to let him roam free, discovering all the wild animal scents, running after them like a good little daschund and then dissappearing into the woods forever.
That covers sunday and Thursday
On monday.. well Kaja and mom had some thing with some legal people over the land and shit, and Kaida and I went to the city, found out that every fucking hairdresser in this godforsaken town is on holiday (seriously.) and managed to book an appointment for friday.
then we probably did something else but I can't for the life of me remember.
I should also mention that the fact that I can't remember most of the week is not due to them drugging me but most likely because of the go to bed 9pm wake up at 7am routine their lifestyles forced us into. Seriously, who does that on their holidays?
On tuesday we went to the cinema to watch
Amazing movie, interesting and all your favurite characters die. Watching it in cinema was specially awesome since with the three of us, there were only 6 people: us, some young couple and a creepy dude. The creepy dude just added to the experience.
I ain't even sarcastic here, people. Go watch it. Wasnice.
That chick from glee was in it, too. The brittany or whatever. And she doesn't even die!

Speaking of movies, we watched quite a few.
I specially asked Kaja to bring with them
Yes, it's indeed Helena Bonham Carter in there. The movie was amazing. Not an action one but a sweet historic one that makes you think and stuff.
I really suck at despribing movies and books but frankly all three that we saw that week were amazing and I really recommend them.
Which brings me to the third:
Now that was one dark, twisted story. And when I say dark, I mean dark. It's about a young ballerina who gets the lead part she always wanted but then paranoia gets the best of her and eventually kills her / gravely injures her after finishing the preformance of her life.
Or something like that.
If you aren't light-hearted then do watch it.
Also, Natalie Portman. Nuff said.

what else..
Ohyeah, the doggies were complete savages. Ever seen two dogs fighting? Yeah it was something like that for the entire week. Every day from the second they got together to the second they were finally separated for the night.

There were, ofcourse a couple of quiet moments when they decieded that they liked eachother.


Sound removed, because you seriously don't want to hear me go awwwww in a voice, next to which bieber sounds manly.

And yeah.
Some pictures now.

Katja apparently decided that dad was an intruder and got incredibly mad every time he tried to come home. So I put up some warning signs for him.

Dramatic picture is dramatic.
Yes, I'm just painfully shy compared to them... Don't ask what's up with Katja.
Big awesome dog is awesome. And big.

I believe I also mentioned going to the hairdressers.
There's a streak on the other side too but it wouldn't be captured on the photo, seeing as 3D pictures are a bit out of my blogs league.

Last but not least, dramatic Kelly is dramatic. And awesome

Oh and I should mention for future refrence: Estonie vs Uruguay? Awesome. Estonia vs Serbia not so much.

Dramatic music much?


If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.
~Linda Sunshine

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Anyway, I didn't come here for that.
I came here because a while ago our teacher came up with this idea that everyone would write something about each of their classmates onto a piece of paper, the papers would be sorted, everyone would get the papers that are about them and decide which pinions they want in the yearbook.
I got my papers back and thought I'd type out the awesomest ones :D

Apparently when Kati thinks of me the first thing that pop into her head are "Punupats ja peavõru" Go figure XD Also she seems to think that my mood depends on the amount of caffeine I've swallowed in the morning (goddammit I even managed to make that sentence sound dirty..) Although I have no idea whatsoever how she would come upon that conclusion...
Bambs, laconic as she is, wrote down Weird, Smart and Emo. Geeeee...
Short but friendly seems to be popular among my classmates..
Another popular opinion is that I stomp with my heels. THEY MAKE NOISE BECAUSE THEY AREN'T FLATS YOU BLOODY IDIOTS. god. Also kontsakingad? One word.
Someone seems to think I know lots about natural science topics and such.
"Big intelligence herself. That says it all. Supertalented in English." That is single handedly the cutest card out of 28.
ohlook, someone has gone to all the trouble of writing "ei tea" on the paper. I wonder who..
"Lühike õpihimuline" XD lovely.
"Quiet" lolwut? XD After knowing me for 9 years how the fuck can you write quiet?
Of course to be fair for those who I didn't know what to write about I just scribbled down quiet aswell... meeh.

so. After doing a little statistics..
Most popular thing to say about me is

Smart (12 cards)

Short (8 cards)

China (4 cards) a long story I won't ever go into...

Funny; weird (3 cards)

"Tubli"; Weird humour; Stomps with her heels; Interesting; Good in english; Nice (2 cards)

Long haired; addicted to caffeine; Emo; Addicted to computers; Good friend; Loyal, Easily irritated; Special; Good at giving advice; knows a lot about science; "Õpihimuline"; "Tagasihoidlik"; Likes to doodle; Quiet; Talkative; Positive (lolwut?) (1 card)

Huh.. , cool.
Also the words in quotation marks? Yeah that's me being really good in english. (at english? on english? with english? under english?) and also lazy which for some reason was never mentioned. They probably thought I was going to kill them while they were sleeping or something
Also I suddenly feel very self concious about what tenses I'm using and wether I'm doing it right or not.
while they were sleeping? While they /are/ sleeping? Geesh.

did I mention we have our water back?

Ohyeah, Bambs made me this complicated system of having a theme song for every day and I though I may as well just include that days song into my blog post. Whenever I make one.
Soyeah. Enjoy Livin la Vida Loca

-Yours truly, K-to-the-E-to-the-SMART-to-the-LLY.

Every thing connected with intellect is permanent.
~William Roscoe, reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 353

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring: The harsh reality.

Niisiis, see postitus on peamiselt minu õdedele, kes tulevad nädala aja pärast koju ja seega ilmselt peaksid saam ette hoiatatud siinse ilma ja muu sellise kohapealt.
Niiet ma otsustasin pärast kooli teha võikese jalutuskäigu ümber pargi.

Juba kouduuksest välja astudes tervitab meid suhteliselt kurb pilt
Aganäe, muru!!
Võinoh rohkem vagu vettinud sopp kust turritab paar rohelist liblet välja aga hei, muru on muru.
Vesi on ikka veel külmunud, võibolla peaksite mõtlema hotellitoa rentimisele, et kordamööda vetsus ja dušši all kõia saaks.
Sissesõidutee algus.
Pärna tänava kassid muidugi märga ja külma ei karda.
Ja muidugi tore vaade kodutänavale endale. Kummipaadilaenutus kohapealt.
Kass, väga kavalalt maskeerunud rebaseks.
..või vastupidi..
Parki sisse minnes ei näe olukord just kuigi hea välja
Part, lestapidi mudas.
Inimkonna õnneks on aga enamus teest suhteliselt kuiv. Suhteliselt.
Oooooh, teeeeeeeeeeeere.
Uisurada on küll veel avatud aga see ei näe just kuigi tahke välja.
Tore koht kus pikali käia.
Ja veel natuke Pärna tänavat. Teised teed on üldiselt enam vähem lahti sulanud aga meie oma on otsustanud jõeks muutuda.
Ja muidugi Kohalik Kass, Kes Võib Aga Ei Pruugi Olla See, Kes Ellale Jälle Peksa Andis
Läheneda ettevaatusega. Soovitatavalt koeraga.
Niisiis, nende piltide järeldusena võib öelda, et kaasa tuleks pakkida kummikud. Kummikud teile, kummikud koertele ja ilmselt ka kummikud autole.
Isegi teie kummikutel peaksid kummikud kaasas olema.
Noh, vähemalt olete te nüüd informeeritud ja ma näen teid umbes 7 päeva pärast !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just so that I don't forget.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The spring, it's coming, it's finally coming!!!

I was walking home from school when it suddenly hit me: The spring is almost here, I can just feel it, can't you?
Feel the way the sun is gaining strenght and coming closer, the days are longer, the birds are singing, the water is dripping, people are suddenly more alive, the nature is waking up...
Can't you just feel it?
Take the sun for an example. A month ago when you found a patch of sun shining through your window and put your hand into it, it was cold. Just a source of light, not warmth. But now, walking home can't you feel it warming up your trousers and stroking your face?
Andand the snow is melting, there's water everywhere. And not the sad kind of cold water where you step into and swear loudly, It's the happy kind that just races down the streets and drips from the icicles and makes everything more... alive.
~Google image search

Everything is just... Happier.
And the smell! It's the smell of spring. The smell of new beginnings and earth and melting snow!
And the birds are singing and the cats are meowing and can't you hear it?
People, milling around, starting to come out of that dark winter and it's just so pretty!
After another winter that never seemed to end, the spring is starting to come out of it's shell to suprise us once again with it's mindblowing beauty.
Listen, can you hear it? Spring's sweet cantata. The strains of grass pushing through the snow. The song of buds swelling on the vine. The tender timpani of a baby robin's heart. Spring.

~Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Wake Up Call (1992)