Sunday, September 11, 2011


So it has been nrought to my attention that there may be some 3 months or so of material that I should have shared with you and haven't.
See I could come up with a shitload of excuses ranging from "I had to wash my hair" to "My cat ate a canary forcing my mother to paint the windows blue and that depressed my computer so much it blew up" but nope.

All I'm going to do is quote an old post of mine.

The very first post to be exact.

If someone were to read this for some odd reason and even after reading this post would like to tune in again later, I'm going to have to say that I can't guarantee that I'm going to post again. Ever.
~Kelly, 01.01.2010 "Well hello there"

Those particular lines were there to remind you that

I'm not the most consistent person on the face of this loveable blue ball of ours and frankly I'm suprised I haven't dropped this little project a very long time ago.
But enough of that. I did promise not to make excuses.

So let's see.
I do believe I owe you a post about Tutinädal.
It just ain't coming.
I've tried to write it several times now and... Ain't happening.

So graduation. Let's breeze over that keeping in mind that I told you I'd show you pictures.

...good god this computer is slow today...

Okay, here we go.

Ze hair of hairness

Me lookind riddiculously drab in a dress

The Graduating class of Herp Derp '11

Some chick with flowers and parents and shit. Idek.
All bajillion of us and then some.
So that's the graduation. After that came jaanipäev (Don't remember much of that) going to Finland, being on Finland, coming back from Finland and then Jukulaager (Sucked) First week of school (*Gagging noises*) And hello, second week of school during which we will have to be dressed as homeless people. 
Sometimes life sucks. 
And yes, this was going to be some superlong awesome post of catching up but my computer has already crashed SIX FREAKING TIMES SO I WILL STOP NOW TO PRESERVE MY NERVES.

Yo homes, smell ya later.