Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PORNainen... porNAINEn ... PORN NAINEn. so... many... puns...

Again, funny place name aside (yes it's real, very real in fact.) go on, click on all the links. hehe.
While in finland I seem to have only ome primary purpose:
you'd think it gets easier once I moved but not really...
yes, the picture looks all grainy and ancient but that's because this is what I'm forced to take the pictures with. I refuse to call it a camera, it is barely a potato.
my old worn phone that I used to take this picture is just about as good as that... potato. I have no love for olympus in general.
But of course this is a sort of minor issue. My aunt and niece are coming for a visit tomorrow so I'm perhaps they are bringing their good actual camera and I can post some pictures that don't look like they were dragged through the darkest pits of the internet.
I don't have much new to talk about. The weather here has been very rainy, specially when we are outside walking the dogs.
I tried my hand at making sefiir (brownie points if you can tell me what it's called in english.) didn't turn out all that well...
Aand I guess for today, that's about it. Sorry!

Friday, July 13, 2012

How to post comments.


So you are reading this post. Scroll down a little ways until you come to find the place where this post ends and next one starts. Difficulty level: 2

Okay. This done you should arrive on A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PAGE OHMYGOD WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!


I know, I know. you are now staring at the computer all like

But if you just follow my illustrated guide, you'll be alright. I promise.
Anyhow this is where we get to the writing and revealing your identity (or not) part.
Difficulty level: 29184903274 (Naw, I'm just kidding it's fucking easy.)

So now you have successfully learned how to post a comment to my blog.
I bet that you are looking at a pretty tough question now: But why on earth should I waste 2 minutes of my life just to talk to you?
Well, here's my answer: 
Do you like hugs? Do you like brownies? Do you like fluffy kittens? 

Pinky promise. So go ahead and implement what you learned right now. please? :)


*This offer is only valid if you are NOT  Kairi or Bambs.

Complete boredom

I haven't done this in a while. That is, writing a blog post for no other reason than complete and utter boredom.
Actually I do have some photos to share with you guys, I guess.
So my sister works quite late sometimes and therefore I have a lot of time to kill and therefore I decided to go walking a couple of times. I think I already have shared with you the breathtaking views of this neighborhood but here's a more recent picture anyway:

I walked quite a lot in one go. In fact I can show you my exact route, to make stalking and possibly murdering much, much easier:

I'm not sure how many kilometers that is but it sure felt like a lot...
That was my first adventure, the second one went a little like this:
Generally the same route, cept the second one has additional forestadventures.
Ohyeah, the forest adventures were awesome:
I swear to god, I saw that road in front of me and I realised that this is where I wanna stay. Of course the impending doom in the form of storm clouds was also heavy on my shoulders so I decided to hurry. First I saw this and thought I was absolutely fucked:
"I'll be completely drenched soon!!" I thought. But then I saw this:
And figured that fuck it, at least I'll be completely filled with blueberrys or whatever the fuck it is I'm shoving down my face. Doesn't matter, had food.
Also the view was absolutely fantastic and my shitty pictures don't do it justice at all.
I've also tried (and failed!) to cook, I take my sister and the dog walking every day for shorter walks and y'know. Life's good...

Aside from being bored as hell.
Anyway. Tomorrow I'll be cooking and packing and then I'm off to Pornainen. Yes. Funny name ha-ha. Let's just try to look past the funny and focus on the fact that I'll have brand new stuffs to share with you.
Also I hope that I won't forget to take pictures of the brownies I'm cooking tomorrow, just so I can rub all of your faces in the fact that I have brownies and you don't.

You know what? I'm a good person. So here's a 5 minute cup-brownie recipe that I haven't tried out yet but want to.

Here it is. Clicky-clicky.

No but seriously someone try this out and tell me if it's good. I'm curious.


P.S: you know what would make my day? If someone new actually joined me and Kairi down in the comments section. It's right down there. You know where it says "comments"? Yeah, clicky that. Wait, lemme draw you a handy guide

Friday, July 6, 2012

Books and Fashion and a special surprise at the end.

So do you know that feeling when you walk into a 3-storey building, that just so happens to be filled by books? For sale? Yes, a 3-storey bookstore. 1/6th of which are in english.
May not sound like much but is, in reality, so much, that I just want to live there. I bought three books, obviously. Would have gotten more but I have a shit ton of required reading and then another shit ton of books I want to read through and not enough money to buy the whole store.
Excuse my rambling. Here's what I bought:
Part of the discworld series that I'm trying to get into. I bought "The Colour of Magic" Before I went to Sweden but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I was hoping to go through the series in Estonian because it would be easier to appreciate Pratchett in my mother language but most of his books haven't been translated and cost more than 20€ a piece so... (in comparison, I got both of the above mentioned books for around 10€)
I'm itching to start reading this. I decided to get one of his books when I read "Good Omens" written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I already knew that Pratchett is awesome but I hadn't tried out Gaiman yet. I guess it's time to do it now.
I promised myself that next time I go to Helsinki and get myself into that big bookstore, I would buy another Stephen Fry book because I'm absolutely in love with "The Liar" that I bought last year. Goes without saying that I kept my promise and will be keeping it next year too. I NEED to get all of his books. NEED.

Lookit. I got a dress too. A *colourful* dress. Fancy that.
No, seriously, it was my decision to buy it. I was surprised too... But you gotta admit that it's fantastic.

Just to show off that I actually did buy those shoes and wasn't just screwing with your minds. Also why do I always look so fucking weird on all pictures?? Like, I try to smile and it just looks like my face has suffered some sort of a cramp.
Got some more shoes too but that's kind of irrelevant.
Ohyeah, leggings too:

These are adorable, I know. No need to tell me.

Yeah okay it looks a bit weird. But they are adorable, I swear. The shoes are my sisters and the short jeans don't really quite look right on the leggings but whatever. You get the gist. I bet you don't really care anyway so I might as well just sort of end this post and write again once I actually have something to write about.



You're welcome.

Monday, July 2, 2012

in Finland @ mah hood.

Greetings, salutations, ovations, etc. Just like three years previously, I am in Finland again. But that is so beside the point. What I'm really here for is this:

Remember this?
And this?
And that third picture from this years March that I forgot to post so you couldn't poosibly actually know about it but it was my hair with red streak things again?
Well I decided that since this year the red streaks washed out so fast and were almost unnoticeable that I'd go to the hairdressers and try something new?
Well I think this...

... is something new alright.
Bitches, I'm purple!!!

And for the next eternity, until my hair grows out, blonde.
Fuck. Yes.
Also. Anyone watch football yesterday?
YES, THAT'S RIGHT, SPAIN WON EURO 2012. FUCK YES. It has been a good couple of weeks all 'round.
My sisters home-away-from-home (cottage) got finished finally as well but since nobody who reads this blog actually cares, I won't be bothering you with pictures. Although as of now, there are exactly 666 pictures of the building process, which, awesome.
In addition I bought myself some shoes. Nothing special, mind you.
I kid you not, those are 10cm wedges that I bought. Haven't broken anything on them yet ('cept for the skin on my heel) but then again, I have only worn them twice. But then again, one of those times was a trip to the store and back. Sothere. I'm awesome. And tall, finally!!!!
I'm pretty sure that for today, I have said everything I wanted to say so doodles. But I do hope to be more mindful of my blog while here, at Finland. I have to regularly upload photos anyway so I hope I also regularly write about *censored word that my sister protests against. You should NOT hear what she wanted me to write instead. Shit is pretty mild compared to that.*. Although Kairi is away and therefore won't be reading my blog and so I'm really just writing to myself and perhaps Bambs and now I'm rambling goodbye.