Thursday, October 27, 2011

A quickie in the information centre.

So I'm just stopping by to alert you to the reason I haven't been posting a whole lot interesting and why my posts are so craptastic those times I actually *do* post.


Yeeah. And it's just my luck that in most cases, the teachers like forcing us to write essays for our grades. Fuck a duck.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Liveblogging: Lord of the Rings

I hate you, Kairi. I do, I really-really do.
Lord of the rings? Seriously? You couldn't have chosen something... oh I don't know... Shorter?
You may not remember but when I liveblogged sky high, I skipped at least a quarter of it.

So I'll just jump headfirst into this now that I've made it blatantly clear that I find this to be a waste of a perfectly good evening.

So it starts with some silhouettes on red and a very dramatic recollecting of how the rings were forged. My oh my.

And the master ring very dramatically gets transfered from one hero to another. hurrrr. durrrr.
The ring rapes? The dark lord captured the nine rings given to humans and turned them into ring rapes?
Two weirdos are out fishing and find the ring..
ohhai gollum.
Bilbooooo! You old party animal, you. Bwahahahaha, Frodo looks riddic.

I will hereby take a second to laugh at your no doubt befuddled expressions and point out that you never actually told me what movie it had to be. Just that it had to be lord of the rings. So leave it up to me to find the most obscure version of it ever created. A cartoon, no less.

This wasn't my intention, by the way. I didn't go out looking for a random version of lotr, I swear. I just happened on it and frankly it was too good to pass up on.

But back to the movie (which is 2 hours long anyhow so I probably won't miss much) where bilbo just dramatically disappeared in a very dramatic fashion leaving everyone confused. Dramatically.
Weeeell, maybe not *that* dramatically. This is a cartoon afterall.

heh, my precioussss...

Yes, as a tidbit over here, I shall clear up that the version I'm watching is the earliest adaption of the novels, an animation made in 1978 and it covers the first half of The Lord of the Rings.

But come on, this version is absolutely ADORKABLE

"Seventeen yööaars past sleepahly in the shire."
Yes, I absolutely love whoever is narrating this story. I do, I really do.

good lord, Frodo, your legs are hairy.
But then again the british accents make everything better.

Gandalf, y so drama?

Gandalf: One ring to rule them all; one ring to find them. One ring to keep them all, and in the darkness bind them! 

So I'm not exactly sure what happened while my computer decided to restart about 6 times in a row but it had something to do with two wizards and twinkly lights and now Frodo & CO are hiding under a tree while some hooded black thing vaguely looks like it might be moving but honestly it'd be better described as a standing seizure.

Red glowy eyes and all.

Well if that wasn't the weirdest thing ever.
Wow Sam, way to be inspirational and everything.

Ohlook, an animated drunken orgy.

//Good god, I'm only half an hour in.//

Yes, Frodo, great idea. Sing and dance on a table while trying to be anonymous and invisible. Really, great.

My name is aragorn, son of arathorn.

synchronised drama. are those dark riders or whatever the fuck going to burst into song and dance now?

Okay first of all. How old are those hobbit things? Cause they kind of act as if they were twelve but according to the narrator they have to be well over 17. 
Second of all: what th heck are those dark things attacking them+ they look like kangaroos with gas masks. geesh.

Kangaroos with gas masks and capes. 
Dramatic capeflinging action, wooden swordwielding and frodo dies. No? Darn.

It was an evil knife that struck him, Sam. As opposed to a good knife with happy intentions?


I must admit, I quite liked the Orlando Bloom version of you. Cept for the eyebrows. The eyebrows are freaky.

So now the enemy is a skull with two exhaust pipes. What even..?
this movie confuses me to no end. I also still can't figure out the names of the hobbits and what the fuck is going on with that ring. 
Has anyone ever considered declawing those black riders? Just a thought.

I like the horses though. They pretty.

I. Am. So. Confused.
Where did the elf and the Aragorn and the hobbitcult dissappear to? What?
Tha ringgggg, tha ringggggg...
Oooh, where did those horns come from?
Magical sparkly tidal wave? Wut?
So many questions...

Hellooo, Dumbeldore. Where did you come from? How can you just leave Hogwarts to speak gibberish to some hobbit? Where are your priorities, man?

Duuuude, second Dumbledore..?

bilbo, you old party dawg, you. Hiding out and having a good life? tsk.

I have no words... Stoned bilbo is stoned...

so if there's dumbledore, does that mean that the dark lord they keep referring to is voldemort? 
also, i'm already bored as fuck and therefore doubt at i will make it futrther than the beginining of the journey. An hour in, I give up.
Yes, you heard it.

It seems that I still don't like Lord of the Rings. Animated or not.
Goodday to you.

Looks like you are going to have to give me a new challenge for I have failed this one.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


So here's a challenge to everyone who comes upon this post

Watch the following video
from start to finish
without break

So you gonna do it Y/Y?


peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly
~peanut butter jelly time 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Serbia vs Slovenia just ended. Slovenia won. First time in slovenian history, they won a game against serbia.





Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movies I watched this summer.

As you all probably know since I have to have mentioned it a hundred times or so, I stayed in Finland this summer. For a month and a half I lived with my sister.
I also might have at one point or another mentioned that my sisters like to watch movies a lot.
And thanks to bambs I'm now going to talk about all of them and provide short summaries and pictures and stuff aswell.

1. Bridesmaids

Via google image search
I should first point out that th movies are in the order in which I remember them or spot them on imdb, this is not some top-whatever list of mine. I'm far too lazy to actually figure out which one is the best and which one the worst and so on.
So. Bridesmaids. Terribly amusing movie about the forever-alone chick Annie, whose best friend is getting married and she is chosen to be the maid of honour. However when she accepts the honour of being the maid of honour (haha), she is unaware that it means organizing absolutely everything. Trying to impress her friend and the other bridesmaids, things start going horribly wrong. And since this is a comedy they go down so low it gets just a bit impossible. But it's fun nonetheless.

Wikipedia of course provides a much better summary than I ever could.
And youtube has a trailer here.

2. Tangled

I actually watched this like way back, before my graduation but it's such an awesome movie it deserves a shout out.
So it's basically rapunzel except it was made this year, it has a superawesome horse and a badass gecko. The ebil witch person is not so ebil at first until she suddenly is, rapunzel is the badassest, funniest and awesomest rapunzel ever and it's all so sad and so funny and Flynn is the best.
This is one of those IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS YET, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLEY, GO AND WATCH IT NOW movies andandandand...
Guh. I love that movie.
OKAY, okay, okay- I've got a my closet. I've got a person, in my closet. I've got a PERSON in my CLOSET! Haha! Too weak to handle myself out there, huh, Mother? [starts twirling frying pan] Well... [laughs] ...tell that to my frying pa- [accidentally hits herself with pan]

Did I mention that you should watch it? Cause, you totally should.
Also, those of you who have seen it: please click the youtube trailer link i provided, watch it and tell me if I'm just stupid or is half of that composed of material that wasn't actually in the movie? dafuq?

3. X-Men: Epic Romance First class

You can tell me whatever you want but I will forever think of this movie as The Epic Love Story of Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier.
Seriously. At least three movies would have been avoided if they'd just admitted their undying love to each other. And it's not even my fangirl brain providing that comment. Just watch it, you'll see. 
Beside the romance, the plot is about how all that shit got started. 
Young Charles and Erik are pretty easy on the eyes and awesome and there's a bunch of über-cool mutants who inevitably get killed. Pretty angsty movie. Of course, it probably says something about it that I can't remember much past the EPIC ROMANCE OF EPICNESS.
But watch it and we'll see what you think. 

4. Sucker Punch

Easiest way to describe this movie is to point out that you watch that movie and when it ends it just leaves you going what the fuck just happened.
Wikipedia says it to be an action-fantasy thriller but honestly to me it seemed more like a psychological mind-fuck movie. It's about this girl that sees her mother and little sister being murdered by her father, who hates them all. That same father then gets her institutionalized and pays off some guy to get babydoll (the main character) lobotomized. She then goes a little insane and starts imagining that she is not at the asylum but rather at some brothel and with the other girls there she starts planning her escape.
If you want to understand any of it, read the summary on wikipedia prior. You'll need it.
The action scenes in the movie are absolutely awesome. The scenes are awesome. The costumes are awesome. The music is epic. The plot? Oy vey...
This is one movie you can do without watching.


5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

So when I first started watching this movie I thought to myself that eh... why am I watching this weird movie about some ape that is only as popular as it is because the franchise already has a ton of movies and so it's gotten pretty popular over the years. Then I realized that I was wrong. It was popular because it's pretty goddamn good.
This is again one of those how-did-it-all-begin kind of movies. Planet of the Apes already has like 7 or 8 movies about it but this is how it supposedly begun. There's this lab where humans are experimenting on apes to find a cure for alzheimer's. It goes wrong a during a presentation one of the testees goes ape-shit (haha) and destroys everything in its wake and the whole experiment is scrubbed and the apes killed. The lab people though find one baby-ape that had been born recently to one of the apes under testing and can't bring themselves to kill it. The main character lab person in the movie takes the chimp home with him and brings him up. It soon becomes apparent that the drug they were tsting on the mother of the ape had been transferred to the baby ape (Caesar) who is much more intelligent than a normal chimpanzee.
Basically, all kinds of bad thing happen and Caesar ends up leading a monkey-revolution and killing a whole lot of humans and freeing all chimps. Hence, planet of the apes.
First of all, David Hewlett and Ton Felton.
Just to put it out there.
The movie was awesome and I guarantee you end up being on the monkeys side before the movie is over. Seriously, you will.


Epically. Cute.

6. Your Highness

Your highness...
How do you go about describing such a movie...
okay, have you guys seen the Epic Movie? Yeah, it's pretty much like that, except it has a little bit more plot. But not much.
And Natalie Portman.
It's another one of those movies that will end and you'll just be like "What the fuck did I just watch..."


Warnings for the kind of humor that only 6th graders can fully appreciate.

7. Paul

Best. Movie. Ever.
No, seriously.
So it's about these two british guys who go to america to take part in comic-con and then tour around the famous sci-fi and ufo sites and stuff. Then all of a sudden they crash into a real ufo who is in desperate need of their help to escape a bunch of baddies who want to lock him away. Again.
I know it sounds riddiculous but it really, really is. One of the funnies movies I have ever seen, easily. I have already seen it twice and would gladly watch it again and again. The actors, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are absolutely hilarious, the plot itself is piss-your-pants kind of funny and while the humor tends to occasionally venture to the inappropriate side of the spectrum you'll still think it's the funniest thing ever.
Best way to spend an hour and forty four minutes.

Paul: (smoking a joint) It’s pretty strong shit, I got it from the military, actually. This is the stuff that killed Dylan.
Graeme: Bob Dylan’s not dead.
Paul: (smirks) Isn’t he?

Watch it. Watchitwatchitwatchit.


8. Bad Teacher

A not-very-memorable comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Justing Timberlake (who, in my opinion, should just stick with singing and not try to act for he sucks at it) about a teacher who is used to living well beyond her means but when her rich boyfriend breaks up with her, she has to find other means for making money. And those she finds in her students. 
Honestly, I wasn't a whole lot impressed with it. Yeah, it was kind of amusing in couple of scenes but other than that.. meh. 
But hey if you are bored and have absolutely nothing better to do...

9. Easy A

Another one of those movies I absolutely adored. 
Easy A is the story of a high school student who is absolutely average until she is talked into helping her gay friend, who is constantly bullied. Namely she pretends to be his girlfriend to make the rumors stop. Her friend however ends up mentioning how she helped him out to a friend who manages to blackmail Olive into helping him the same way. And that's how it all begins.
Once Olive realizes that she is in way over her head and everyone thinks that she is a slut, she discovers that the friend thanks to whom the whole mess started has run away and closed her only way out. 
Now, she has to work to fix the mess she has created and sort her life out once again. 
The story is funny, interesting and pretty damn amazing.
Again, well worth your time.

Let the record show that I, Olive Penderghast, being of sound mind and below average breast-size, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... starting now.

    10. Source Code

    Source code was one of those mindfuck movies again, cept this one sort of actually made more sense and didn't send me running to wikipedia 5 minutes in. The logic sort of gets a bit fuzzy near the end and doesn't end up making all that much sense but it has Jake Gyllenhaal in it so we'll forgive everything else. 
    All in all it's pretty interesting and sort of actiony. Something new to stand against all those used up and totally milked-out plots these days. Also, it's one of the few movies that came out this year and WASN'T a sequel or a prequel or a thirst part or fifth part or whatever. S'nice.
    Did I mention Jake Gyllenhaal though? Cause, Jake Gyllenhaal, people. Jake Gyllenhaal.

    11. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

    I'm not going to write anything here, instead I'm going to email a separate post of an email I sent to bambs right after seeing the movie. Link here.

    12. Elektra

    Based on a Marvel comic character of the same name, Jennifer Garner plays a kick-ass assassin, who is payed to go on an island to wait for orders concerning her next kill. While there, she meets a guy and his daughter. According to every cliche in the history of forever, she then finds out that they are her next targets but having already spent time with them, she can't find it in herself to kill them. 
    What follows is a jam-packed action badassery complete with people who have awesome powers. 
    It's Marvel, after all. 
    And if you are still not sold, then maybe it helps to point out that Colin Cunningham plays in it. If that name says nothing then maybe this sentence will surely do it: 

    He is known for his recurring role on Stargate SG-1 as USAF Major Paul Davis.
    Thought so.

    13. Practical Magic

    Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Goran Višnjić.
    Just a few names to make a point that THIS IS A REALLY GOOD MOVIE.
    A 1998 movie it may be, but it's pretty awesome. Two sisters. Their parents die when they are young and they end up having to live with their crazy-ass aunts. Their whole family can do magic and while Sally (Sandra Bullock) wants nothing to do with it, Gillian (Nicole Kidman) is pretty okay with the whole thing. 
    There is however a curse over the family, that makes sure every woman who falls in love with a man, ends up getting her husband killed (hence the sisters being orphans). Gillian, who no longer lived in the small city with her aunts, found herself a boyfriend who turned out to be abusive and tried to kidnap both the sisters. While attempting their getaway from the creepy boyfriend, Sally ends up accidentally killing him. Freaked, the sisters try to revive the boyfriend but it goes very wrong very fast and now they have to deal with one supercreepy undead boyfriend and a snooping FBI agent. 
    There's magic and funny and cute.
    Again, well worth your time.

    Young Sally: He will hear my call a mile away, he will whistle my favourite song, he can ride a pony backwards-
    Young Gilly: What are you doing?
    Young Sally: I'm summoning up a true love spell called amas veritas, he can flip pancakes in the air, he will be marvellously kind, and his favourite shape will be a star. And he'll have one green eye, one blue.
    Young Gilly: I thought you never wanted to fall in love.
    Young Sally: That's the point. The guy I dreamed up doesn't exist, and if he doesn't exist, I'll never die of a broken heart.

    14. Ten Inch Hero

    Definitely one of my all time favourite movies ever. 
    A young girl who has had to give her daughter up for adoption eight years ago is now confident she has found her again and moves into the same city to be near her. She gets a job in a completely crazy sandwich shop, where she befriends the workers. Priestly, who wears more makeup and piercings than all the girls put together (and is played by Jensen Ackles!!!); Tish (Danneel Ackles), who has a one night stand for every night but never actually falls in love; Jen, the shy but terribly nice girl who has a crush on Fuzzy22, her online chat buddy and Trucker, owner of the shop and an authentic 60s hippy, who is kind of in love with the woman who lives across the street but never has the courage to do anything about it.
    Piper, the main character, then accidentally ends up as an art tutor for the girl who she believes to be her daughter and starts to become friends with her father as well. 
    It's a really superduper cute romantic comedy where everything is pretty cliche until it suddenly isn't and everyone ends up happily in love. 
    And yes, the title does kind of sound like a porn movie so if you are downloading it just be careful, yeah?
    Not that I support piracy. Buy the stuff you like, people! (unless you are poor like me)

    15. The Proposal

    I'm tempted to add miss congeniality 1 and 2 to this list as well, just to list out all my favourite sandra bullock movies, but I think that 15 is a pretty good number at which to stop.

    Sandra Bullock plays this tough book editor at the head of a company whose life is going superb until suddenly she gets the news that her visa won't be renewed. To stay in the states and keep her job, she bribes her secretary, Ryan Reynolds, into marrying her. To prove to the immigration people that it's not just staged so that she could stay in the country, she accompanies her soon-to-be husband to his grannys (Betty White!!) birthday party in the middle of nowhere and makes plans to have the wedding there. Like every romantic comedy plot ever created, after many amusing situations and hardships she ends up falling in love with him, runs off at the altar to avoid ruining his life, not realizing that he is in love with her as well.
    And yes, I did spoil the ending here but the ending really doesn't matter because if you couldn't predict that it would happen, you clearly haven't watched enough movies. 
    The proposal is definitely one of those must-see movies alongside ten inch hero and paul. 

    Margaret: That your family?
    Andrew: Yes.
    Margaret: They tell you to quit?
    Andrew: Every single day.

    And so it is done. I think.
    Dear god I thought I'd never get to the end. 
    I am pretty much concerned that I have forgotten a couple but whatever. If I can't remember them, they are not nearly important enough to be included. (See, I immediately remembered that I watched Resident Evil's last movie too but whatever. I haven't even seen the other resident evil movies so I really can't talk about that) 
    I hope you found it at leas amusing and you should now really go and just watch most of the ones I listed.
    Do it.
    I dare you.


    "A film is a petrified fountain of thought." 
    ~ Jean Cocteau

    Niisiis. Kelly, Kaida ja Kaja käisid täna kinos.

    Following is a copy of the email I sent to bambs right after seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part  2. In estonian for obvious reasons.

    Niisiis. Kelly, Kaida ja Kaja käisid täna kinos.
    Jõuame sinna, hakkame pileteid välja ostma nagu mingi sada aastat ennem. Ja avastasime, et piletid tuleb välja osta neli effing päeva ennem. I swear to god, nad mõtlevad neid reegleid käigu pealt välja iga kord kui me sinna läheme.
    No igatahes. Saime siis ikkagi piletid. Esireas kaks, täiesti servas ja siis teises reas meie kohal ka üks. See kui sitad kohad need tegelt olid saime alles natuke hiljem teada.
    No siis läksime shoppama yada yada yada,
    Nii, siis lähme lõpuks saali kui ma olin juba täiega freaked ja istume maha. Ja holy shit, ma pidin mingi ma ei tea mis iks nurga all istuma et ma tervet ekraani näeksin ja lisaks kõigele veel praktiliselt taevasse vaatama. 2d linastus oli meil siis, mitte 3d kuna me ei teadnud kuidas me 3d välja kanname.
    Igatahes hakkas film pihta ja hmm... Ma praktiliselt nuuksusin seal juba poole peal eksole. Selles suhtes, et nagu wow, okei. Eriefektid, holy shizzzzzzz.
    jajajajaja. See muusika. Ejdsjdsisjfmfndkdut.
    Okei, mis mulle selle filmi juures meeldis : kuskil 97% kõigest . Ja Jeesus Maria, see oli niiiii kurb poolenisti ja ma mingi julmalt nuuksusin kui Colin creevey seal ära suri ja siis kui kõiki neid sõjas langenuid näitas... Maria.
    Enihow. Mulle käis pisut närvidele see kui Potter sinna hogwartsisse jõudis ja siis automaatselt oli nõus sellega, et dumbi armee temaga koos võitlema hakkab aga ma saan aru küll, et aega polnud et seal mingi hullem kaklus korraldada.
    Snape... Mamma Mia kui ta nende õpilastega seal rääkis, et andke potter üles vms, ma ei julgenud hingata ka. Ta on jube hea näitleja. Jajajajaja ze queen, Helena Bonham Carter? Kjcusjgidkrnfndked love.
    Okei. 19 aastat hiljem. Ma olin väga skeptiline selles suhtes, et kuidas neil õnnestub need näitlejad vanemaks teha aga mmtea.
    Kaja ja Kaida ütlesid, et nende meelest Dan Radcliffe nägi veider välja ja Emma ilgelt noor aga minu meelest need kaks olid täitsa hästi tehtud. Emma oli tõesti natuke noor aga samas... 19a hiljem on nad ainult mingi 36 vms ja see pole nii hullult vana. Mõni vananebki aeglaselt.
    Ja ginny nägi Jeesus kui vana välja.
    Aa ja dannyle sobis isa mängimine. Mmtea nii squee oli lihtsalt.
    Mul oli snapeist kahju. Ja see kui nagini ta ära tappis ma olin horrified.
    Igatahes. See võitlustseen, ilgelt lahe nägi välja aga häirima jäi see, et mitte keegi peale Harry ei näinud seda ja siis kui Harry väidetavalt ütles neile et voldy on surnud siis ei olnud nagu mingit otsest reaktsiooni vms. Veider lõpp oli selles mõttes.
    Jajajajaja. Ja siis kuna ekraani oli mul pmst vastu nina surutud siis mul hakkas superpaha seda vaadates ja ausalt öeldes siiamaani on ja ja ja ja wtf, see on läbi mida effi ma nüüd peaksin ootama hakkama?
    Twilighti nagu Kaida?
    Selles mõttes, et ma tahan seda esimest breaking dawni filmi kindlalt näha. Lihtsalt selle pärast, et näha kuidas kurat nad kogu selle värgiga hakkama saavad. Ja selleks et irvitada. Kuigi stewarti peale kleebitud ekspressioonitu nägu on suht creepy.

    [last words, to Harry] Look at me. You have your mother's eyes. [dies]
    ~Severus Snape

    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Well Kairi, aren't you shocked now?

    I take it you haven't checked my blog in a few days. You too, Bambs.


    Okay, so actually I came in with the quick message that the pictures of the 60s theme day thing are up in fotki now and I'm only featured somewhere in the last photos and goodness gracious I look horrible.

    Physics does not look good on me.
    I wish I could say that it was like the 8th lesson of the day or something but it just wasn't
    apparently I look like shrek on the best of days.

    Also I have the overwhelming urge to liveblog Harry Potter and change the theme of my blog again. To Harry Potter themed.



    Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you. 
    ~Albus Dumbledore, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"

    Thursday, October 6, 2011


    Let's start with the stuff concerning my blog that I should probably tell you about. First of all, I don't know if you actually noticed, o faithful followers, but I changed the theme of my blog. If you didn't notice then you probably need to get those eyes checked out.

    From Kairis answer to the poll I took the liberty of removing sayatme and that godawful musicbox. If you think that I shouldn't have done one of/either those things then you probably should have answered the poll aswell, don't you think?

    Ohyes, I've got this problem that I really don't know what to write about anymore. I mean if you want to hear more about my oh-so-exciting life, you should probably ask me something or whatever because I really don't know what you would actually find interesting and what not.

    Or if there's anything else... I've also been meaning to do one of those liveblogging a movie things again. You know, like I did with Sky High, and I do believe I promised a post about why you should watch the Covenant. If you want to hear about either of those, leave me a comment.

    It actually feels kind of silly saying that, knowing that only Kairi will respond anyway but whatever. I can sort of dream, right ?

    About the things that have been happening lately... Well our school is celebrating its 50th brithday today or tomorrow or whenever and today we had the 60's theme day. Everyone was dressed more-or-less time appropriately and were required to wear the school hat and carry a hairbrush and a towel. During the breaks they had to walk in circles around the corridor and stuff. I'd love to tell you that it was all fun and amusing and whatnot but pretty much all I can remember is the fact that my knee is still horribly swollen and I'm constantly in pain.
    Like, right now.

    The Saaremaa rally is tomorrow. I may make a small post about that but seeing as I can't actually go and watch that (see the thing about knee and pain and kelly-no-walk) then it's not likely.

    If there are any cool pictures about todays theme thing I might post them later, we'll see. Oh and if I happen to forget or something, you have the link in the sidebar which will take you to fotki and should be linked directly to the account that our class uses to upload stuffs so you can go and see for yourself.

    I wish I had something else to say but I really don't, I just thought you might appreciate the heads up on everything.

    Sooo leave me comments.


    Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

    ~Rabindranath Tagore

    Saturday, October 1, 2011


    So let's just start off with this. Please collectively turn your gaze to the sidebar. Underneath the clock you will see a poll. Choose the sidebar gadgets that are actually useful and relevant. I want to know which ones I should delete.
    You can tick as many boxes as you like.
    Soyeah. DO IT NAO!


    You are not allowed to continue reading before you do it.

    So just save yourself the trouble and clickity-click on the poll and vote.

    I know it's  a hassle to log in for the sole purpose of voting but do it anyway.

    For me?

    Pretty please??

    I hope that you have done it now.

    Soyeah. School started. the whole going to gymnasium adventure or whatever started with jukulaager. I'm going through the pictures and wow i seem to have managed to elude the photographer the entire time or something. if you are interested in seeing what we were made to do then
    most of the pictures seem to be about the 12th graders.
    they are the clean ones, we are the ones with lipstick all over our face but you probably already figured that out for yourself.

    Wow, i have been spotted in the background of two pictures. Wow.

    The bowl of flour we had to faceplant into.
    I would love to post more pictures here but you are just going to have to go to the aforementioned site and check them out for yourself because my computer continues to be slow as duck.

    okay so I survived that. barely. And then the real schooltime started.
    the first week was superawkward like you might imagine. nobody really knew anybody and representatives from the A class came to tell us repeatedly that we are horribly boring.
    we were, at the time, truth be told. but anyway. first week was pretty much uneventful. it was immediately followed by second week that has been dubbed jukunädal. The theme, carefully thought out by ourery creative 12th graders was 'homeless people'. Stupidest theme ever if you ask me.

    //For the love of god, I gave up on my useless desktop because it wouldn't unfreeze and now I find out that on my laptop, blogger refuses to upload the pictures. Fuck a duck.//

    I am quite aware, that I don't exactly look homeless but whatever.

    10b homeless people

    ~Photo quortesy by Liisi or Kristjan or someone @fotki 
    Soyeah. The whole jukude thing came to an end with the jukupidu, pictures of which are also at
    During the Week of Homelessness we already got a taste of what it means to be in the B class, seeing as we were already wheeled out to the Koigi raba by our biology teacher. Wading through a swamp is awesome. J/s. Pictures of that particular event are uploaded in fotki, link to which is two paragraphs up and will probably show up in the sidebar as well.

    I do believe this concludes this post and that I have talked about everything that has happened in the past 4 weeks. Well maybe not everything, but about everything that matters anyway. 
    Hope it was satisfactory. 


    An original idea. That can't be too hard. The library must be full of them.
    ~Stephen Fry, "The Liar" (1991)