Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So just let me start off by saying sorry if you have a slow computer. I tried to upload as little pictures as possible and make them as small as I could. But anyway. On to the post.
So the past couple of days have been awfully... Boring. Lame, full of headaches and maths classes where you are bored out of your mind.
Literally. Today Bambi and I had a sunspot fight on the ceiling.
Some other day we were drawing potatoes and carrots and trying to figure out how much was 15+16. Because at some point in that stuffy classroom, with the teachers voice pounding inside your head, you realize that thinking has become impossible.
And then the crazyness ensues.
The stuff in the middle is the schoolwork obviously. Everything else... not so much.

It's the Rock Chick. This kinda thing makes sense during a maths class. I don't know why, but it does. And yeah, we often draw chicken in our maths notebooks. Trying to tell me it's not normal?

My personal favourite. The Drummer Chick. Very... Awesome. What with the hair and the drums and the... Stuff... Seriously, after your 20th chick picture, you get good at drawing those things. Don't even ask when and how it started. I'm just calling this the chick era. The potato era was lots of fun... And then there were the find four games, the star wars fight pictures... The sockanimals... Yeees... At least we aren't bored in maths class.

You know the shoes and the name seemed like a good idea at that moment. And the hat started off as hair. The guitar... Well just take my word. It's supposed to be a guitar. I think. Well it makes sense anyway. Oh and a side note: I still hate Megavideo and the way they just pull those amazing numbers out of their asses. Apparently my 64 minutes are up. Ohjoy.

Yeeeah, the lyrics to song Fish Heads by some random old band whose name I don't remember anymore. And that's not because I don't like old bands or anything. I am into rock and metal, but classics will always be classics. No matter what the genre. And taling about that made me want to listen to the birthday song by crocodile Gena and Chiburaška. Is that how it's supposed to be spelled? I dunno. I prefer the estonian version of krokodill Gena ja Potsataja. It's just that much more fun. I mean Potsataja, how cute is that?

And now behold! Kõrvunurk the Spock! I couldn't resist. I have quite a few pictures of "ristküülik". Lots of fun. Kõrvadega nurgad ja ristküülikud. And the Spock thing just kind of happened. I don't have anything to explain myself with. I just drew the ears there and it looked like Spock and I thought it was awesome ^-^ Oh and I do realize that it's a triangle.

And of course for the grand finale - a radioactive earth.and a carrot and stuff like that. I mean what notebook is complete without a good radioactive earth? That has been targeted from space. Probably by hostile aliens whishing to get our stargate. Yeeeeeaaah, I watch too much stargate.

But you see boredom makes me do weird stuff.
Like build towers out of the stuff I have on my table.
Please don't ask. kthx.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hulluks minemas.

I'm losing it.
Not my mind. though on second thought I have probably already lost it.
But I'm talking about my mother tongue.
My first language.
And it's some scary stuff.
Today for example, and I quote myself here "Ma ei taha even teada kuidas mu juuksed tagant välja näevad."
See, translated to english it would look something like that: "I don't EVEN want to know how my hair looks from behind."
If you haven't figured it out yet then I used the word 'even' in my sentence. And didn't even realize it.
took me ten minutes to figure out why exactly the sentence felt funny.
And that is just one of many examples. I have said stuff like "ma callin sulle" (I'll call you) and didn't notice anything before my sisters pointed out that I'm not making sense anymore.
I spend so much time on the internet speaking in english that I'm forgetting estonian.
My intention was to make my blog in estonian, so that I could speak in estonian more, but when I started doing it, it felt funny and I switched to english.
Maybe my mother was right when she said that I shouldn't spend that much time on the internet.
I'll end up like Jack after he got the ancient repository downloaded into his mind. (Stargate refrence). Talking in another language and not even knowing it.
Maybe I should start blogging in estonian.

Anyway we had skiing today again. I'm starting to remember why I hate it so much.
I'm also a bit proud of myself I actually did all three laps (about 6 kilometers in total) and finished before the lesson ended (double PE, so I did it in less than 90 minutes. ) Now of course I would have done it even faster but the seventh graders had formed a ski train ( people are all tightly behind each other, because no one wants to pass anyone. and the people in the back of the train cant pass because they have like 6 people in front of them and... well you should get the point.) So I was stuck there for like 20 minutes. Then I started climing the hill kinda thingy we have there and then I was almost at the top and I tripped over someones ski pole and fell when I wasn't even on top of the hill thingy yet. I fell into a very uncomfortable position and it took me another 10 minutes to actually sort myself out and get my skis off. Thankfully I did it without falling off the hill. Or well more like sliding down. The I realized that the top of the hill was so crowded and ... well impossibly small that there was no way I could get my skis on up there. And I just took them and walked down. Once I was down I saw that the tracks on the hill were messed up and everyone trying to ski down from there ended up doing slalom. I guess I'm kinda happy I didn't ski down from there. Every seventh grade boy was standing on the hill and was just trying to trip everyone while they were coming down. Specially the dude I'm unfortunate enough to call 'a relative'.
I'm amazed we are from the same species.
well I have certainly talked a lot and I will be shutting up right about now. Oh and also, I'm going to the ski camp so I will be gone for three days in a couple of weeks.
Well bye!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A post for 19th of January. Featuring Stalker Cullen! I mean... Edward.

Mkay, so I'm here to make a real post this time. You know one where I actually talk too. I thought it would be a nice change.
Once again I'm faced with the question "What the hell has happened since my last post?"
Hmm... Kay so I got my report card.
Nothing fancy there.
I managed to fail in physics just like I said I would.
I still haven't taken down the Christmas decorations because I'm too lazy.
And that's about it. I sure do live a boring life.
Ooh well just a few minutes ago I realized that my Edward poster was missing a few crucial details so I fixed it.

I'm specially proud of the hair.

It's supposed to have some silver streaks in it but I guess they don't show at this angle u_u Ohwells.
Argh, I can't believe it. I don't have anything to talk about. /Again./ Talk about a boring life, eh?
Well yeeeeah... unfortunately this is it for this time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick post!

Just a really quick post to show a picture. It's Paul McGillion on sanctuary as an abnormal.
I think it's cool, but hey - I'm a freak too.
Well enjoy... Or don't. I don't really care.


Friday, January 15, 2010

End of first week!

And I'm still alive!! *the men cheered, the women fainted and children waved multy-coloured flags!!!!!*
khm anyway. Not much has happened but I still have news.
So first of all, ski camp. It was supposed to take place somewhere near Otepää, which is a lousy 6 hour bus-ride from Kuressaare. Anyway it was supposed to be for 5 days. lots of skiing, sightseeing and snow.
But... our school doesn't have enough money for that. Figures.
but that doesn't mean that the ski camp will be cancelled, oh no. They decided that the best course of action will be having us ski in Saaremaa on Monday, dragging us to Otepää for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Having us ski in Saaremaa again on Friday. So basically, we have lots of skiing on suckish tracks for Monday and Friday and then Whole day of bus ride for Tuesday and Thursday and a day of actual camp on Wednesday. That is probably the worst idea yet. Seriously. Oh and we have to pay over 1000 EEK for it all.
Oh joy.
So what else... oh, right Physics olympiad. I'm going to fail royally and there is nothing you can say to make me think otherwise. And I just noticed a bunch of random capital letters throughout my rant about the ski camp. Funky.
Ohyeah (how many times have I said 'oh' again?) Yesterday was skiing. It wasn't too bad. I mean my skiis were far too slippery and the sticks one uses to push themselves forward were about 20 cm too short but other than that it was juuuuust peachy.
No, really, it was. I just have to remember to buy new stick-thingymajingys and wrap my MP3 in plastic bags next time.
Hmm... anything else? Probably, but I can't think of anything right now, so whatever. Doodles!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesh. it's school tomorrow.
You know, homework, getting up at 7 and all that jazz.
The new semester hasn't even started yet and I'm already skipping homework. So me. Yeah russian is the second lesson tomorrow and i haven't even looked at that story we have to know by heart.
But then again which lame teacher would leave homework over winter holidays?
Oh, that's right. Russian and Estonian teachers.
Ohyeah, a quick look into eschool told me that I had scored A-s on my last Physics and Maths tests. I have no idea how it happened, but hey who am I to complain, right? x)
Next semester is going to be hell. Well technically 3rd semester will begin on 18th and until then it's still 2nd semester but whatever. doesn't change the fact that I'm going to have to juggle my homework, ski camp, three olympiads and the constant urge to go ice-skating.
Oh yeah, I'm so screwed. I mean I have a week to study for physics county. I have been procrastinating for a month and now it's all collapsing on me. Oh joy. And when I'm finally done with physics, I'm going to have to start worrying about Chemistry.
And then the ski camp
and then biology.
I'm soo screwed.

Oh yeah, I saw Avatar today. Amazing movie. If you haven't seen it yet... Well then you have made a big mistake and should be rushing to the cinema to fix it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Of black candles and stuff.

Howdy everyone!
So first things first. Kairi said that she has never seen a black candle.

So now you have. I can assure you it's a black candle, through and through.
Just ignore the mess behind it.

So I was at Kadis place yesterday. Sleepover. Hence the no-blog-post day. I had fun. Avoided computer for an entire day, Watched 'proposal'
God that's a great movie. If you haven't seen it yet then most certainly go and watch it.
Which makes me want to see Miss Congeniality again. Gotta love Sandra Bullock.
There's lots of snow outside.
Lot's and lots. And apparetly more to come.
And apparently that's about all that has happened lately.
Well doodles everyone.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleeping cycle? What is it and how do I eat it??

I'm amazed at myself. I really am.
For many reasons. First of all I'm amazed that in four days I have made four blog posts.
Second of all I'm amazed that I actually have slept till 3~4 pm every day for the past week or so. That's a little too late even for me.
Third of all I'm amazed that I have actually made plans for tomorrow. Sleepover at Kadis. So there is hope for me yet.
Fourth of all I'm amazed that my hair hasn't run away yet. It's probably in a permanent messy pigtail that covers my head. I think it has even forgotten what a comb looks like.
Seriously thoughmy hair looks awful and I haven't combed it in... two days I think?
Or more, I dunno.
I'm also amazed that I survived the New Years Eve and Christmas.
I'm amazed that it's 2010 already. Seriously though, what happened to the past 10 years?
I'm amazed that I'm in 8th grade. I made it past kindergarden? Seriously?
I'm also amazed that I have started listening to metal/rock/hard rock music and wearing dark colours
Apparently that one happened quite some time ago.
I'm utterly amazed that I have been chatting on EESTI boards for 6 months now and I haven't pissed anyone off yet. I haven't right?
I'm amazed that I haven't got glasses yet. I sit behind the computer screen for 6+ hours every day (haha I wish, it's probably more like 8+) . But that is probably only because I haven't been to a doctor to check my vision since last spring.

So as you can all see I'm pretty amazed with stuff that has happened in those past 10 years. I didn't even notice most of them happening.
If anyone build a time machine I'd like to rewind and do everything again, mkay?
Well okay, maybe not. Perhaps just those last 2-3 years... So many things I should have done... So many oppourtunities I wasted. *sob*


what the heck am I doing? Wasn't I the one that advised a friend of mine to let go of the past? Did you know that it's much easier to give advise, than to take advise?
Just scratch everything that I wrote so far and let's begin again.

Hello. Here I am again! Your favourite nobody.
Nothing happened today.
Thankyou for reading,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A weapon of mass destruction... boredom.

Ehh... Here I am again.
And I'm bored.
It's not like I don't have anything to do. It's just that I don't feel like doing anything I need to do... if that makes sense. Probably doesn't but hey, it sounded quite logical in my head. That's all that matters, right?
Maybe not.
My point is that I have lots to do and I have wasted the day.

That's a lie.
Not the wasted the day part but the part where I have lots do to.
I don't, infact, have anything to do. Exept for studying for numerous olympiads but the truth is that I really don't understand most of those problems and I'm so not going to contact my physics teacher via MSN. nu-uh. No way.
Besides I think that he's not even online. I hope.
Just checked and he is indeed offline. So now I really don't have anything to do.
And what do you write about if you haven't done anything the entire day?
I registred my little blog #2 for that contest, yes, but that is hardly anything to talk about.

Seeing as I have nothing to do I would like to write to my blog. Writing is good, keeps your mind occupied so you don't feel that bored anymore. Unless you have to write about something truly pointless. Then even writing becomes unbearable.
All in all I'm back to the point where I'm going to say that I have othing to write about. Or nothing to do for that matter.
I could read, yes. There is a ton of interesting books neatly stacked onto my cupboard and now that I think about it I should probably relocate them. My CD player probably wants it's spot back. It's not like I have any place to put all those books but I could at least walk around the room for a few minutes, poke through some corners, loudly exclaim that there is no room for them in my bookshelves and sit back into my chair. The only problem is that it will keep me occupied for around 2.5 minutes which isn't nearly enough to... Not nearly enough time for what? I have no idea. But I'd still be bored.

Maybe I will start reading. This book looks quite interesting:

Egypt: the world of the Pharaohs.
Well I guess this is it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh my oh my oh my.

Looks like I'm blogging again. About what? Who knows u_u
It's not like I have anything to talk about.
Oh yeah I got my ski equipment. I guess it's something. It means that I actually managed to drag myself out of bed before the stores closed. Well okay it was only 30 minutes before the stores closed but still. I would call that development. But then again I'm not normal either.
Anyway. ski stuff. Right. If you think I'm happy about it you are wrong. I'm definetely not happy to have those shiny plastic thingys in the corner of my room. Laughing into my face and reminding me that I have to go skiing soon. Not fun not fun at all.
Don't get me wrong I like skiing. I'm born in a country with snowy winters and parents who like to ski. I used to like skiing. I used to love it to be honest.
And then, then it became mandatory in school. There is nothing worse than a teacher yelling at you to move yourself faster because you'll be late to next class. Ugh. They really know how to suck the fun out of everything.
Enough of my whining now. Just stare at this pretty picture and imagine that everything you read so far was deep and meaningful.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Well hello there!

Ah... I have started blogging.
Again. For the third time.
Exept this blog is about me. Oh yes you should be scared.
Anyway so far my blogs have been about handcrafts and one for a competition. While trying to make the latter look nice I got so sick of CSS and coding and whatnot that I just thought 'oh screw it' and made a new blog.
Because that's how my over-abused and fried brain works. Specially when I'm running low on caffeine. but anyway. Here I am.
If someone were to read this for some odd reason and even after reading this post would like to tune in again later, I'm going to have to say that I can't guarantee that I'm going to post again. Ever.
But seeing as I have thought about making a blog about myself for quite some time now I think you will hear from me again. /Think/.
Ah and if someone really is reading this (which I doubt) and I haven't updated in... say two weeks? Feel free to drop me an email.
Try batons@hot.ee first. If that doesn't work then... well you can also try kellytalv@hot.ee but seeing as I check that even less I'd say that then You (if a 'You' even exists) will just have to wait. Cause that's the way it works.

Yeah okay fine there are other ways to contact me.
let's see. Well I have a Twitter. kellytalv. I think.
And facebook. Kelly Talv. (original, I know.) Exept that if I don't know You I will probably not accept a friend request. Just saying.
A neopets account castle_fairytale. And before you judge me let me explain why I go there. Because of awesome people. I go there every day because of a tiny chatgroup EESTI, where I can talk to two awesome persons. And anyone else who happens across that said chatgroup.
And because of a slightly bigger chagroup called KILL (and no, it doesn't consist of serial killers.) which has lately moved on to facebook.
If anyone actually /read/ everything I wrote... all I got to says is... what a colossal waste of time. Don't you have anything better to do? o_O But thanks anyway.
umm... well I guess this is it. For today.
erm... Bye.