Thursday, December 23, 2010


There are about 10 things I should be doing right now but I can't just throw away my title as the princess of procrastination.

So I guess I owe you some pictures...

soo... I'm not going into Kaidas stay here some time ago. We had fun and stuff. I'll just put some pictures from that time here.

Winter is only good for two things: Amazing pictures and white christmas.

Coolest picture EVER.

Uhm... so Lucky looks extremely abused on this picture and I know it... HE JUST NEEDED SOCKS, KAY? HIS BACK LEGS KEEP SHVERING AND IT'S SAD TO SEE. And the coat he needs to wear in order to not freeze to death. But only outside, obviously. Also you must admit that those socks are kyoo-oo-oot. But it didn't work out anyway cause they keep falling off.

Last but not least, a friendly teeth-baring competition.

So that comcludes that week.

We also decorated the house and the town christmas tree was put up and stuff.
also, I just love fotoalbum right now:
The second one is obviously the town tree but it's hilarious anyway.

After that everything sort of passed in a manic pre-christmas haze and then, on the 21st of December was the class christmas party that I at first decided to skip altogether but Kati managed to make me come. And then I convinced Birgit.
The theme thingy was MTV something-something.
And anyway I won't mention who I went as seeing as I don't resemble her in the least but if you want to try and figure it out then I wll tell you that I posted a picture of her in the recent months.
But to get the overall look then I got Birgit to do my hair for me and god did I love it.
Impossible to get out later, but soo worth it.

After the party. I just love that picture for some reason.

A better shot of the hair. If you want to see more then Fotolbum, a link to which is conviniently on the sidebar somewhere over there -->
username perekonnakas and the album name is Jõulud & Aastavahetus '10-'11
Anyway, the party was nothing special whatsoever. Ohwell.
Anyway big thanks to Birgit once again. That was awesome.

On the 22nd mom and I made gingerbread cookies.
And we made a lot.
A. Lot.

I never want to make cookies myself ever again.

Anyway here are some of my favourites.

Gingerbread butts with sugar panties. *would like to point out that Kelly had nothing to do with the creation of that abomination and opposed it entirely. It was all mom, believe it or not. Facebook... *shakes fist**
Toomas-Hendrik Ilves

Pair of sunbathers

Aand that brings me to today. Here I am, sitting with a giant scarf tightly around my neck seeing as it probably got a cold or something and now hurts like hell and the scarf stops me from moving myself too much.
I saw Aili on ETV, because there was a documentary thing about her. Jõuluks Koju I believe was it called.
So if any estonians are interested there should be a rerun soon X)
and seeing as it's ETV it might be up on etv2 homepage too.
anyway. I managed to finish Kajas christmas present, mom is giving it the finishing touches now and you will see some pictures when the christmas is over.

And that's it.
Merry christmas everyone!
and I shall take my leave with this gif:


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Just found out that Leslie William Nielsen died on 28th of November.
Damnn.. .-.-

The Naked Gun, all movies? Brilliant.
Dracula: Dead and loving it? Ohgod, I laughed so hard.
Heh... scary movies 3 & 4
and many, many, many more movies he made awesome with his awesomeness.
Oh universe, must you be so cruel?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fuckety fuckety fuck fuck.

It's me.
posting from my laptop
because my desktop went completely haywire and has decided to make my coputertime a living hell by restarting at the worst times possible.
Just goes to prove that I repulse technology.
No, I'm serious. Nothing even remotely mechanical survives for long around me and I don't even have to /do/ anything to it.

Take, for example my phones. I have about 4-5 phones lying around that have broken down for various reasons. And by various reasons I mean that they just suddenly stopped working. It's not like I threw them at a wall or anything.

My current laptop: worked fine until Kaja got a new one, gave me this one and suddenly... all kinds of problems. Just lately it somehow decided to delete all IP address thingies for no reason whatsoever. The repairshow has no explanation seeing as no virus was found.

My desktop hasn't had any problems until I got it. Started restarting, was sent to the repair shop, they looked at it, scraped some dust off something, charged us major amounts of money and literally a day after I got it back, it restarted again, out of nowhere.

Mom's laptop didn't last a week before going crazy and having to be sent to the shop a total of 5 times if I'm correct. Now it's just wayyyyyy too slow to be normal.

My MP3 is suprisingly healthy except you can't put it on shuffle or it'll go insane.

Our last camera just suddenly stopped taking photos.
or well, rather it stopped taking clear photos. If you take my profile picture and enlarge it to the size it usually is you notice that the background is all fuzzy and looks like I've done some major retouching to it for some reason.
I haven't, it's just how all pictures look when taken with out old camera.
My new baby that I use for my pictures, however is completly fine (for now), thankyou.

Of course, fact is that all the things that I have brought out as examples have been hand-me-downs, other than moms laptop and that camera, so some of these could be labeled under natural wear-and-tear but come on!
the amount of stuff that has died and gone to mechanical hell arond me is riddiculous.
The more you look at it, the crazier it gets...

And I know I said I'd post pictures and shit at some point but... I'm just not in the mood. Sorry.
You'll probably hear from me again when I get my Estonian and Chemistry olympiad results.

until then...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Kaida home!
Still coughing!
Working at the countryside!
Time for bed!

so in the meantime just take this extremely BAMF picture of me instead.


EDIT(5.12.2010): I swear, I'm going to end up in history as the first person to ever cough up her lungs. Or possibly internal organs.