Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old debts, weird fucking pictures of me.

So I haven't had a selfie in my blog for a while now. I believe the last ones were about me trying to convince Kairi that I don't look like Adria from stargate and then promptly failing that simple task. Anyway, I have a collection of really weird pictures of me that I'm willing to share because why not.

Now this is a reaaaaallly old debt from fucking August or something. It's when we were in Finland and I, accidentally, managed to ask "Who's Sibelius again?" From that point on, they made sure I posed with every street, house, boat and sculpture named after him. This sign indicates a park named after him. There was also a sculpture but that picture looked terrible so no.

Me, incredibly happy about a pumpkin.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing but it's the same pumpkin.

 We bought a new carpet right before christmas. What else was I supposed to do, if not carpet angels? Like, who do you think I am? Anyway, the carpet suffered a fate that, honestly, mom should have foreseen. Namely as soon as my sisters came home, Lucky went straight to the christmas tree (that was partly on the carpet) and decided to take a leak. Onto the carpet. First thing.
Two nights later, I was trying to fall asleep with Pipa on the couch in that room (because both my rooms were taken up by inconsiderate bastard sisters) and suddenly I hear her retching. I spent like two hours cleaning up dog vomit. From the carpet, of course. I am, however, kind of thankful that she didn't vomit in my bed.
The only pet who hasn't tried to ruin the carpet yet is Ella, but that's alright because she got her revenge by peeing in moms bed. Apparently she was really really angry about the dogs taking up 60% of the house.
Gotta love 'em pets, eh?

And finally here's a picture of me sleeping. I have no fucking clue why or when this was taken (well I know when, 9:54 on the 25th of october) but yeah. I think it's me at least.
Sort of looks like me.
Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
Must be a duck.

Have an awesome 2013, guys!


Happpy biiirthday to my blogg ( I know I'm 8 days late but to be fair, this is on a queue and I'm writing it on the 4th.)

haaappy biirthday haaappy biirthday, haaappy biirthday to my bloooooog.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Old debts. Christmas.

This is just a filler-post for things I don't know how to categorise.

I have this awesome friend, who has already been mentioned (the very cleverly altered alias, Riine), who decided to make me the most accurate christmas card I have ever ever received.

No, seriously. Just looking at it warms my heart. Also how come everyone I know can draw well? Using that against me is just cruel.
Okay. That card is awesome and I'm having it framed.

Now in other news, my phone started taking its last shuddering breaths couple months back and I begged my sisters to get me a new one for christmas. They did.
me ist now a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 610.

The hello-kitty addition to it is, again, thanks to Riine who, along with the awesome card of awesomeness, gave me Hello kitty hand cream and shower gel. I'm still trying to figure out wether or not that was a vague jab at my personal hygene. Anyway the hand cream came with that little figurine and I just HAD to attach it to my phone. Specially because I went through the trouble of crocheting a bag for it as well. And
Just see for yourself:

Poor phone, I know. Also excuse the awkward picture angle, I had to take this photo at 3am in terrible indoor lighting because I'm an ass.
Why pink and purple? Well I'd like to counter that with Why the fuck not?
Also if you scroll to the entry about books you see that my nails now awesomely match that. My incredibly pretty, long and fucking fake nails. Khm.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old debts. This is me, marking my territory when it comes to cooking.

I'm not going to explain a whole lot. I'll just post pictures.

Chocolate muffins. Too bad I don't have pictures of the finished product with chocolate decorations and everything. All of these ended up as christmas gifts this time around.

An apple pie, american style. I admit to making this in like october or something but better late than never. You gotta admit, it looks fucking fantastic.

Võiroosid. Hand-made from fucking scratch. Yes, I can see the drool running down your chin already.

Homemade pizza. With shit ton of cheese and tabasco sauce and just everything glorious.

Pumpkin muffins. They were so wonderfully moist and tasted like cinnamon and christmas and everything else that's good in the world.

A regular layered cake made of cookies and jam. But it looks so pretty. And it tasted so goooood. Mmmm...

I know it doesn't look like much but it was the richest, most sinful thing we have made lately. A regular cake with custard and Sefiir (don't english-speaking countries have this? Why can't I find a translation. WHY). Fucking sinful.

Now. Have I proved my dominance in the kitchen? Yes? Thankyou.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old debts. Books.

Do you know how much stuff I have to read for school? Do you have any idea? Well I mean, Dostoyevksy with it's Idiot is staring at me right now, so is Anna Karenina and a pile of other things that I'm entirely unenthusiastic about.

This is very nearly what my room looks like. Source
But, regardless, Kairi, that Major Sheep decided to make me the best fucking Christmas present ever. Because she's a shoop. Jfc.

I should have been reading August Mälk. Instead I gnawed my way through Reedetud. Because you are a sheep.

Now, adding to this mindfuckery, I have recently made two completely impulsive purchases (that I don't regret one fucking bit)

Yes. I'm a John Green fangirl. Like if I see one of his books somewhere, you can bet your sweet white, pasty ass I will buy it. I've been wanting both of these books so bad and now that I've got them, I'm going after Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

But, all these pale because there's one book that takes the cake (pun absolutely intended) that I got from my parents for christmas.

This is a fucking bible for me.
No, you don't understand. This stuff is like porn for me. I need to find it in me to rob a bank I guess because otherwise there is no way I can afford all this delicious goodness.

Lord give me time.


Friday, January 4, 2013

New year, old boring me.

So  the last time I wrote was a long-ass fucking time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) and quite a fucking lot has happened in the meantime.

  1.  Just... fucking relationships, man. Dang. I'm not even gonna go into the whole thing. Just. Daaaaaaaaaaaang. Besides Kairi and Patrick (Yay, I managed to talk to Pat again after far far too long) know what I'm talking about and that pretty much covers my readership.

  2. Cabaret.
    None of you non-Saaremaa readers know this, obviously, but in Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium there is a standing tradition, that the 11th form puts together and preforms a full-length cabaret. (somewhere around 2 hours actually, I haven't got a fucking clue how long a real cabaret is supposed to last)
    Well this year it's us in the 11th form and we have been working our fucking asses off for this.

    I wish I could show you at least something  from my efforts but I think it's too soon to leak any pictures and also there is the little problem of me not having any pictures. But they will come and I will show them to you and you will see that it is glorious. Also videos, if everything goes as planned.
    Anyway. I've been mostly on the techincal (the wardrobe side) of the cabaret but I also take part in two performances. And let me tell you, figuring out and sewing up pretty much all the wardrobes for two separate performances ain't easy.
    Now when I told Kairi this, I could just abouts feeeeeeel her scorn because let's be honest here, about a 100 17 to 18 year olds get together and create a "cabaret". It ain't gonna be pretty or tasteful, amirite? Well no you fucking aren't, we have a fucking respectable school. This is a real thing that's been done 23 years in a row now. Also just to give you some idea that it's an organised event with actual dance numbers, here's the closing can can from last year. (I wish I could show you our's, man. We have been told quite a few times now that's it's pretty amazingly unique and just plain something other.)

  3. Schewl.
    I go to a biology-oriented class. I have like 4 different biology lessons per week. It was inevitable that we were gonna end up performing a fish-autopsy.
    Let me tell you, dissecting fish is not fucking fun. Most of you may know that already. Also it's one thing to clean a fresh fish, it's something entirely else to dissect one. To one-by-one, in a particular order, cut it up and pull out it's internal organs. In a fucking particular order. And the smell. Our biology lesson was like the third one that day so for the other 5 or 6 lessons, we literally walked around, stinking like fish.

    Now here's a fair warning:
    I'm not even kidding, that shit is graphic.


  4. You know what? I'll break this into separate posts and put them on queue. It'll benefit everyone.