Friday, April 13, 2012

13th and friday. What's with that anyway?

So yesterday was 11,5th April, Wedneandhalfsday. More commonly known as 12th April. Fairly commonplace, happens every year. But perhaps someone remembers that it is kind of sort of perhaps maybe my birthday. If no then good. No need to remember such trivial things.
Anyway, last weekend my sister came home to check out her house, which by the way:

Pretty nifty considering that a year ago this was still a forest. But thanks to cheap childlabour (me) and my parents and Kaja and her husband, this is now a house.
Ohyeah, the constructors did something too. Not much, considering that this was supposed to be finished by last years jaanipäev.

Anyway, sister. Home. Right. Mom and sisters teamed up to get me a birthday present, which was a computer. Laptop to be precise. and here it is. My new baby:

DELL inspiron n5110. Fuck yes.
And because I'm funky and it came with a switchable cover it now looks exactly like this: (Don't you just love The Google. I don't actually have to take any pictures myself, just type in what I need to show you and there it is, in much better quality)

In addition to that and a bar of chocolate, this was waiting for me when I got home (didn't google this one, don't worry):

Ohyes. Kairi. That cookie-baking, stargate-drawing, book-translating far too good an example of a human being, has done it again. Sent me a birthday present. Geese.
Leaving me to wonder what the hell am I supposed to do now. I mean the cookies are half-gone for obvious reasons (I tried hiding them from myself but I seem to keep finding them again and again. Darn.) and I am already addicted. Also that abovementioned stargate-watching, card-writing, gift-sending lady has a birthday in half a month. See my problem everyone?
Anywho, this has been a post. I'd add more gifs just because but blogger is usually a bitch with them so I won't bother.
Ohyes, I'm finally 12!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!1111111111!11apple!!!11

P.S: third place in the english county this year. Fuck everything, my streak has been broken.


Is that a birthday? 'tis, alas! too clear;'Tis but the funeral of the former year.
~Alexander Pope, To Mrs. M. B, line 9.