Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fuckety fuckety fuck fuck.

It's me.
posting from my laptop
because my desktop went completely haywire and has decided to make my coputertime a living hell by restarting at the worst times possible.
Just goes to prove that I repulse technology.
No, I'm serious. Nothing even remotely mechanical survives for long around me and I don't even have to /do/ anything to it.

Take, for example my phones. I have about 4-5 phones lying around that have broken down for various reasons. And by various reasons I mean that they just suddenly stopped working. It's not like I threw them at a wall or anything.

My current laptop: worked fine until Kaja got a new one, gave me this one and suddenly... all kinds of problems. Just lately it somehow decided to delete all IP address thingies for no reason whatsoever. The repairshow has no explanation seeing as no virus was found.

My desktop hasn't had any problems until I got it. Started restarting, was sent to the repair shop, they looked at it, scraped some dust off something, charged us major amounts of money and literally a day after I got it back, it restarted again, out of nowhere.

Mom's laptop didn't last a week before going crazy and having to be sent to the shop a total of 5 times if I'm correct. Now it's just wayyyyyy too slow to be normal.

My MP3 is suprisingly healthy except you can't put it on shuffle or it'll go insane.

Our last camera just suddenly stopped taking photos.
or well, rather it stopped taking clear photos. If you take my profile picture and enlarge it to the size it usually is you notice that the background is all fuzzy and looks like I've done some major retouching to it for some reason.
I haven't, it's just how all pictures look when taken with out old camera.
My new baby that I use for my pictures, however is completly fine (for now), thankyou.

Of course, fact is that all the things that I have brought out as examples have been hand-me-downs, other than moms laptop and that camera, so some of these could be labeled under natural wear-and-tear but come on!
the amount of stuff that has died and gone to mechanical hell arond me is riddiculous.
The more you look at it, the crazier it gets...

And I know I said I'd post pictures and shit at some point but... I'm just not in the mood. Sorry.
You'll probably hear from me again when I get my Estonian and Chemistry olympiad results.

until then...

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