Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer has suddenly arrived

And can you guys see how excited I am?
Even if I look slightly weird and orange. But that hardly matters. IT'S SUMMER.
I still have two exams (Yes, I'm procrastinating) and a practical dying thing in Kohtla-Järve so this may be my last post ever but that depends on wether or not I still remember how to use blogger after I've been turned into a drug mule.
Anyhow. Kairi wanted pictures of the noms. Lemme show you some. Although it is kind of mean to show them now that they are gone but y'know. Better late than never.
This was takes right after I'd finished coating them with melted chocolate which, by the way, is really boring, annoying and messy.
This is the whole tray of noms. Somewhere around 50 truffels I think.
A closer look. They were mailed off the same day.
Lo and behold! An even closer look. Covered in melted chocolate and topped off with almond shavings. I'm making myself hungry now...
However since I am a nice person and you probably have tons of free time nowadays, Kairi, then I shall link to the receipe which I used.
It's right there. The word 'receipe' up there... click it. Go on and click it, I know you want to.
It only takes like a couple of hours to do those, the most time consuming thing is waiting for the dough thing to harden in the fridge and then waiting for the truffels to harden in the fridge before dunking them into a pool of chocolate.
There you go. This has been a post.


"Ohmygod these domino truffels are, like, so disgusting, I shall never eat any."
~Said no-one, ever.


  1. Flööööööööööööörti Kelly.

    But those truffels were so nom that, man, I have no words to describe them. Considered crying when they were all gone. Didn't, but mourned them. Deeply. Were so very nom u_u

  2. I'm going to ignore that first comment entirely.

    Ditto with the cookies but not so much with the truffels. They made me make another batch at like 1am in the morning so that my brother-in-law could take them to my sister the next morning. That was a long and tiresome night.

  3. You're lucky I restrained myself and didn't make a similar comment on fb :K

  4. Pshhhhh :D:D
    Do what you want, my fb is a free comment zone

  5. I seeeeeeeeee. So now you WANT to be called flöörti in public! Didn't expect that one!