Monday, October 18, 2010


So you're probably thinking "What's with the sudden onslaught of new posts?" yeah I was just thinking the same thing.
Halloween is coming and this time the parteh is hosted by Aili.
And I'm trying to figure out who to go as.

My first thought was NCIS as that's the show I've been watching most lately but since there are only normal people and while I would love to go as Abby there is no way I could pull of that look.

soyeah, NCIS is out of the question.

Wraiths? no.
Asgard? =_= no.
Unas? no.
Ori? Too much make-up
Nirrti? Hum.. that is actually a pretty good idea
But where would I get those crazy-ass clothes?
Ooh, I could go as Teal'c.
Or Vala, she's always awesome.
*gigglesnort* yeahright.
Teyla? I'm not even gonna GO there.
I could go as Urgo, I've get the personality for it...
y'know what? I'll go as Ronon.
Word man.

Moving on. Doctor who?
Oooooh the weeping angels would be EPIC but it's sort of hard to dress as stone.
Maaan Dr who has awesome villains but they are so damn hard to imitate.
Most require extensive makeup and funky clothes
Of course I'd love to go as my all-time-favourite Dr who villain, The Master...
...But I think you can see my problem.


But before I go on to that here's another character that's one of my favourites but whose awesomeness I could nevre, ever pull off:

So. Anctuary
Kali was beyond awesome but didn't wear clothes much.
Ooh, nubbins were cute.
But I'm not going to walk to Ailis place in a giant furry coat.
no way, no how.
Meh, nevermind
sanctuary is the same as Dr who.
Awesome beyond words but to get that whole awesome thing going on, you have to invest a lot of money and time.

what else, what else, what else...
Disney, like last year?


I absolutely adored Tim Burtons alice in wonderland, though.

The white queen
abso-fucking-lutely gorgeuos and there is no way in helll heaven or earth I can pull that off. None. Zip, Zilch.
Red queen has been done by birgit last year...
And then my all time favourite (Ever since I first read Alice in Wonderland) :
The chessire cat
But that would mean that I'd have to cover my entire face in pink and purple.

Ooh also the mad hatter is awesome but let's be honest no one can pull that off
And I mean no one
cept for Johnny Depp, obv.


Anyone else have great ideas?



  1. Let's face it - this post is just an excuse to post pictures :K

    As for a suggestion, PICK STARGATE! It's the only real choice out there. Nirrti is kinda difficult to do and Ronon, well, he'd /aaaalmost/ work, but not quite, you know. Why not try the funky outfits of the people of P3X-797? Either one works :K

  2. Obv. what else?

    First of all- PLEASE tell me that you just made up P3X-797 and didn't know it by heart?
    Second of all- So it exist. You did have some help,, right? RIGHT?
    and Third of all- Hardy har har. Going with the Chessire cat after all .-.-
    as soon as I find some cloth and talk mom into making me a giant stripy jumpsuit.
    and fourth of all I just realized what episode it is and suddenyl I'm not suprised /at all/ that you know the designation of the planet by heart.


    First of all, I did not make it up, as you realized yourself u_u
    Second of all, yup, of course I had help. Poogled Broca divide and there it was xD
    Third of all, wut? 'tis a funky costume! Plus not too hard to make. I was being serious -.-
    And fourth of all, lolololol. I know the title by heart, but that's all. No designations. That's more your thing :K

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that after this I /will/ know P3X-797 by heart, though. Just sayin'.

  5. first of all, yeah I did
    second of all, thank god, all is not yet lost
    third of all- ... nothx XD
    fourth of all - yeahright.

    && I know you do know it by heart already denying won't help.