Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well then.
I should be studying for maths but whatthehey right?

First and foremost: For Birgit who is stuck in that awful hospital:

And while my monday probably pales in comparison to hers I have the need to rant anyway.
So first of all on monday Kaida and Egon will have to go back to Finland. Then I realize that they'll be home till like 10 or 11am while I have to be at school
and like that's not enough, on that particular monday I had the first lesson aswell (usually we start our mondays with a free hour)
Then I go to school and I have forgotten my keys at home. Thankfully Birgit let me keep my stuff in hers.
Also I wore my new shoes to school and ew shoes are rarely non-painful. So yada-yada day goes by and I go to the public library with Kati for a while, then buy some bread from the store and head home.
It starts raining. Just as I'm nearing the driveway of our house, the sun comes out, it's still raining and the neighbours radio is playing Have you ever Seen the rain?
Now that was a truly marvelous moment and felt frikkin awesome.
For exactly two minutes till I got to the front door and realized that oh, hey! I forgot my keys in the morning. Which means that they are now on the inside. And the door is locked. Joy. Oh and my phone died in the morning.
So I sit down and wait for my parents.
After about 20 minutes I decided that it is wayyyy too cold so I just went to the road corner to wait for then there.
So there I was. It was raining, there's super cold wind and I'm jumping up and down, waiting for them.
Finally they came and I got the frikking keys and found out that if I hadn't gone to the street corner, they'd have just driven straight to their meeting and I would have had to wait another hour
Anyway yeah. That was my Monday from hell. It briefly continued to the next day when it was raining and dad drove me and Bambs to school and when we picked her up she sits in the car and is like: I JUST CALLED BIRGIT AND SHES IN THE HOSPITAL.
I'm like O______________O
Rest of the day was more or less: ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod

Kay so enough of that.
Umm before that Birgit and Bambs and I went to the park to enjoy autumn and take copius amounts of pictures. Since there were so many awesome pictures and I know that you lot are way too lazy to go to my fotoalbum account so I just smashed them up in a lil video clip.
So far there are only pictures that Bambs and I took because Birgit couldn't send me hers
for obvious reasons
here it is.

Neat, huh?

Ooh and there's this one picture that Birgit wanted:

What else, what else...
Ohright! Kaida wuz here.
And I'm too lazy to make another vid and I want to comment the pictures and crap soyeah. SLOW COMPUTER OWNERS: oh suck it up.

He's so cuuute! And he's grown so muchhh! And he's so cuteee! And he's heavy jeebus. Also he still likes to sit on your lap but with his increasing lenght, it is becoming more and more difficult. Ohwells, still kyooooot!

Dramatic. Would probably go very well on some poster with some protect freedom of speech! stuff. Yesh. I should sell it and get rich.


I love daschunds, I truly, truly do.


Ohright. October 20: Spirit day

So just to make matters very, very clear for anyone who might be going all eeeew! right now.

Tyler Clement was 18 years old

Seth Walsh was only 13

Justin Aaberg 15 years old

Raymond Chase 19 years old

Asher Brown 13 years old

Billy Lucas 15 years old

All commited suicide because of school bullying. To this list should be added

Carl Walker-Hoover, 11 years old, committed suicide in 2009.

Eric Mohat, 17, comitted suicide in 2007

Jaheem Herrera- only 11 years old

Zach Harrington- 19

Cody J Barker- 17

As a sort of a promotion thing and to show my support I have made myself two ribbon thingies.

Yellow is for the prevention of teen suicide and purple in support of the Spirit day. The purple ribbon is used for many different causes (list is here) But in this case it's for Victoms Of Homophobia

Now let's make a 360 turn and continue on the same path of writing into my blog.

Some links about the topic:

Teens against bullying
The Trevor project
It gets better project

Also, the number to call in Estonia is 126 (Monday- Sunday 5pm - 3am) -üle-riigiline usaldustelefon

or if you are looking for a specific line in your town...

Haapsalu- 473 7227 (Thursday 3pm- 6pm) /126
Kohtla-Järve - 333 6834 (Monday & Friday 6pm- 10pm) /126
Narva- 357 2722 (7pm- 7am) /126
Paide- 385 0600 (Wednesdays 3pm- 6pm) /126
Põlva- 799 6900 /126
Pärnu- 587 2712 /126
Rakvere- 324 4444 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday 6pm- 1am) /126
Rapla- 485 7001 (Monday - Friday 10am- 11pm) /126
Tallinn- 646 6666 (Noorte usaldustelefon) /126


ALSO! The football game of Estonia vs Serbia - EPIC!
Estonia vs Slovenia - not so much.
and I now have officially 100 visitors from estonia


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