Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year to everyone and happy birthday to

It officially being new year for me now (yes, one of the first things I did was wish happy new year to my parents, bambs, facebook and then I came here. whatever.) and the fireworks super-annnoyingly cracking away right outside the window, I find it appropriate to say
And then right after that, suprisingly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY is due. If someone had two years ago told me that I would start writing a blog about my life for all of four readers, and continuously do so for the entire year I would have... well I have no idea what I would have done but I'd have been sceptical about it.
But I did it. So again, happy birthday to my lil blog.
and thanks to those aforementioned four or so people. There might be more but I certainly don't know of them. If they do exist, maybe they would be so kind as to let me know through the comments section, thankyou.

Anyway. 2011.
Euros, me finishing 9th grade...
it's all going to be so exciting for the lack of a better word.
anyway, I hope you all are going to have a fabulous year and have enjoyed your end of the year more than I have.

And to finish this amazingly revealing blog post right here, I shall leave you with some lovely pictures of the fireworks, taken no more than 23 minutes ago.

And of course, a slightly zombie-ish picture of me
EDIT: The picture I put up on 1st (not 31st as the date would suggest, but you know, time zomes and shit) kept freaking me out every time I came to check on my blog so have a slightly better one.)

Not that it's all that much better. Also it's taken at Christmas. Sothere.

Happy 2011 everyone!



  1. Darn it, whyyyy did you have to change the picture?!?!?!?!?!
    Jk. Of course u_u

    Happy 2011 to you, too, and gratz on the blog anniversary :D As for those 4 readers of yours, alright, I recall seeing Pat here once or twice, but the others..? They should show themselves, too. *frown*

    Also, I hate euros u_u

  2. Pat, You, Bambs and Kadi. mainly.

  3. *waves at invisible Babs and Kadi* :K