Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I gots my computer back.
I gots it back but there be nothing on it.
Dad pulls everything off and puts new windows on.
and with it, picasa and some other minor things cause apparently he has nothing better to do with his time
anyway. Picasa. The reason I'm here. Apparently that picture editing software has some nifty triats.
Like the one that I like the best - directly putting stuff to blogger. Without even having to open anything else. Just choose the picture, click blig this! and voila, here I am.
Of course that's ot the only thing it does.
it also has this little thing called face recognition. It can tell me where my or anyone elses fayce on in a picture and then I can create a new folder for everyone and quicly and easily find all pictures containing said person.
It's taking forever but it's reallysupercool
if a bit creepy.
I know that you are probably thinking that greeeaaaaat now it's gonna be another billion page long post with gazillion pictures but apparently I can only add one picture at a time. dammit.
Anyway I also don't have any new pictures, because I'm lazy.
So this is gonna have to do.
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