Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gadgets and music and purple oh my!

So you might notice that I got a new lil thingy to make my blog even slower. And to provide a nice background consisting of noises that *I* like.
Don't worry, autostart is turned off so it'll only start screaming when you press play.
Which ic, by the way the one in the middle. Or you can just double click the song you want. I think.
I'll post easter pictures later.
In the meantime:

Fuck yea.



  1. Immediately went to check my old high score. 72k -.-
    Goshdarnit, you're NOT making me play this again.

  2. Naw, by "not" I meant "not". Fortunately I've got too much on my hands these days to fall into that purple pit again :K