Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick post

1) I feel like shit
2) I won english county, but feel too much like shit to be happy
3) There are more views from americans than from estonians. WHAT GIVES?
4) This is my 99th post
5) Supernatural is the greates show alive.
6) I feel like shit.


Also, there seems to be a problem with the clock on my blog. Screw that.



  1. 1) Why the shitty feeling?
    2) You won, booyah! Gratz. *resists an I-told-you-smug-smile moment*
    3) I'll be happy to explain as soon as you explain the SIX visitors from Saudi Arabia. Oh, and perhaps the Cambodian visitor, too?
    4) You better make the next post good!
    5) Hides, scared.
    6) Why again?

    Also, I don't see anything wrong with the clock x)

  2. 1. I think i was in some mild case of stomach flu or something. Majorly dizzy and just generally shitty. All better now though :D
    2. XD thanks.
    3. I'm big in Asia.
    4. No pressure or anything
    5. XD
    6. See answer #1

  3. 1) Mkay, glad to have that cleared up x)
    2) Congratulation enough, right? xD
    3) Literally u_u
    4) I'd say you managed perfectly :D
    5) :K
    6) Yes :)

    Also, see how I managed to find a different smile for each reply? *lol*

  4. 1) no problem _D
    2) I guess it'll have to do :D
    3) -.-
    4) did I? :D Awesome.
    5) :O
    6) kay? :D

    Recycling smilies FTW :D