Friday, December 23, 2011

Since most of my posts seem to start with some kind of a declaration or a warning, this shall be no exception to that well-practised rule.
~This post has been created solely for self-pity purposes, if you are an optimistic person or someone who likes christmas or at all sensitive to other people being bitter and bitchy, do yourself a favor and excuse yourself for the duration of this post.~

There. I even wrote it in christmas-y colours.
So I'm pretty grinchy this season, which, given the fact that I've the coolest half a year yet, seems pretty stupid. It is but there's fuck all I can do about it.
My sisters aren't coming home, apparently working through the holidays and then cashing in their winter vacation time in february or some shit like that. (Do excuse my language)
Normally, I would spend christmas and then new years eve as well, on the interwebs but first this weekend my laptop broke (is now in the repairshop, I'm cautiously optimistic.) and then, three days later my desktop computer took its last shuddering breaths too. No the timing's great, yeah.
I'd post a picture of my christmas tree to cheer this post up at least a little but it's a bit too indecent. Namely from last years experience I know that Ella tries to murder everything in her reach and for that reason, this year, I just couldn't be assed to decorate the trees lower half. So it's half-naked.
Have this instead. It's kind of christmasy, right?
There's stuffs I probably could have posted about but for some reason the last half a year just blew by me and I might have a little forgotten to post anything. Sorry.
You know what? Have yourselves a very merry christmas, mine won't be but that's okay. There's always next year or something.
I'll just stop spreading the grinch now.


  1. You meany. Go smell the tree and drink mulled wine or something :D

  2. meeeeeeeh. T'was fine, I had some awesome company over msn later.

  3. ohyeah, btw. Noticed the new followerperson?

  4. Oooh, how interesting! I always said you were irrationally popular internationally :D

    Also, did you just (un)even out the post count yourself? Now there's a sight to see!

  5. Yeah unfortunately that's just my classmate so still not popular internationally :D
    Also what do you mean about irrationally? ^.-

    And, yes I did ^-^. The end of the world is surely near!

  6. Well, darn. You sure she's not an international classmate? xD Also. A very important point. Now that you're so popular locally, too, how come I'm /still/ the only one constantly commenting this thing? -.^

    By irrationally I mean 93 countries. Ninety. Three. Countries. Plus some more from anonymous satellite providers. Wtf. Irrational u_u

  7. Pretty sure, yeah :D Dude, I have no idea, apparently everyone else is scared of the comments section or something. Someone should really look into this whole phenomenon.

    Really? Already? :D I'm still not seeing the irrational part, though :D