Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

So tell me, am I going crazy or didn't I really do one of those deep "trip down the memory lane" kind of reminiscent posts at the beginning of 2011? Didn't I? Cause I could swear, I remember doing one...

Yayyyy, it's 2012!! 353 days until the end of the world! There's a link somewhere on the right side of this post, where all the other links reside that takes you to a 2012 world end countdown clock. You're welcome. Now you can see the seconds tick away until world ends. Cool, Y/Y? 

Okaay, my blog is now officially two years old.

Which is... weird. I mean who'da thunk that I'd be sitting here, writing this? 
I have hit 10 000 pageviews some months ago (according to the blogger pageview counter that I see when I log in, the flag counter was added after the blog had been working for a while already), the 100 post mark fell on my 11th birthday and all in all a good year, no? 

I briefly thought that I would make it a new years resolution to beat the number of posts I made in 2011, but then I figured that why make my own life harder. So Kairi, you are just going to have to bully me into that.
Or whoever else is interested. If anyone is. We shall see.

By the way, fun fact: During this year, I have slept exactly 9 hours. 
So I will try and make some kind of a coherent blog post when I can finally think again but I just figured I owed you this Happy New Year and Woo, Go Me; My Blog Is 2!! post. Savor it, you might not get another one anytime soon.


O sleep, O gentle sleep,
Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness?
~William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II (c. 1597-99), Act III, scene 1, line 4. 


  1. /savoring

    Anyway, you did do that "so much has happened in a year - 2011 edition" post. It was in February. Do I have to find everything out for you? :K

    Also, 100th post on your 11th birthday? Okay, now I KNOW you're doing it on purpose. But 11th?! Please, that would never fool me or even get me confused. I'm disappointed you think so low of me -.-

    As a remedy for that insult I demand that you beat the number of posts in 2011. Is all u_u

  2. Really? in February? geesh. Also yes, you really do :D

    XD damn, I knew I should have gone for the 14th but then I thought that I already did that and 15th is just too close to the real thing. Granted, I could have gone for the 13th or 12th but then again I decided to just go for the 11th. Might as well, I thought.

    You demand?? Sorry but that just ain't gonna cut it :D

  3. Ohwell, it's not like I mind doing it. I've pretty much memorized the blog anyway xD

    Naw, I don't care what number you would've gone for, it wouldn't have fooled me. I got confused once, yes, but was never fooled! And the choice of 11, that was, well, just saddening u_u

    Hrm. Was worth a shot. Demanding is so much easier than badgering, you know..

    ALSO! All the "One does not simply..." posts featuring Boromir on 9gag are driving me absolutely nuts. I want Lotr! :(

  4. Really? If that isn't a bit creepy...

    Yeah, sure, I mean we'll see when my birthday is coming up again. We shall see..

    You know that "Let's get Kelly to watch LotR club is now 7 members strong. So much pressure but I shall not bend. Haven't managed to make me watch is thus far, won't manage in the future, I tell you.

  5. Well, all the good posts anyway. Like the one from your last birthday. Might just be my favourite :K

    And wut?!?! What is this talk about not bending? Weren't we supposed to eventually watch it sometime? Aw, now you're making me plain sad :(