Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey guys

So the whole "more posts than last year" isn't going too well, is it?
Let me see if I can make it better with this picture of a pink cat.
Picture courtesy of half-crazed me.
Yes, I am aware that this cat isn't probably pink by choice (three cheers for accidentally listening to Pink- Nobody knows while writing this?) and it is really cruel that someone has decided to pour some colorstuff over the kitty but you see this picture is proof that when I told everyone I saw a pink cat running past my window I was not going crazy but in fact did see a pink cat. So there, my life is full of all sorts of interesting things.

Soyeah, there have been some crappy things in my life lately, which I'm not going to discuss on my blog but if it makes you feel better, everything is kind of going uphill I guess. I hope. I think. Yeah. Probably.

I'll give you the footnotes of my life lately just to get you up-to-date in case you want that for some reason.

  1. The olympiad season is sort of starting and I guess I'll let you know about the results as they come in. 
  2. Mah sistah gots herself another dog. She haz two daschunds now. I'll let you know all about that fiasco when they visit in february.
  3. The world won't end. Just thought I'd put it out there.
  4. I started learning French. Horrid language, lazy bastards.
  5. The snow finally came down in Saaremaa as well. Woo fucking hoo...
So I'll try to update my blog every now and again but frankly my life has somehow turned superboring. Or youknow, the things that do happen I can't talk about here... 



  1. That cat looks like it has survived a massacre. Or organized one. Just sayin'.

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