Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So, my life...

Did you know that I had three exams this year? Yeah, I did. Well.... I personally didn't because I'm a genius and therefore excused from the geography exam but y'know, I still had to take History and maths. Did you know I scored A's on BOTH of my exams?

Did you know that 3 hours after my history exam I had to pack my bags and get on a bus to Kohtla-Järve? Well, Kairi did but lurkers probably didn't. SOYEAH. KOHTLA-JÄRVE. It's basically Russia you know.
It's the red bubble thing on the map you see. So this is an actual building that we saw and still exists and when we were in front of it some nasty gang wolf-whistled after us for the first time. It happened times and times again leading me to believe that Kohtla-Järveans are mostly disgusting.
See those hammer and sickle there? Yeeeeeah, good times. Anyhow. We had various physics, chemistry and biology related lectures and stuff while there. On Monday we drove there and came back on Saturday. So four days for those of you that can count. Basically. As proof that I was there:
Sexy as fuck, apparently..
Short as fuck as well.
Soyeaaah. That was loads of fun. If you want to see all the pictures then Here are the pictures one of the teachers took. But I'll just show you the ones ft me:

Guise! I must go! My people need me!
I'm awake, I swear!
That is a weird fucking smile, I know
I'd show you pictures of my trip to Sweden but I don't have any and in any case that's a story for another day. Doodles!

P.S: Don't worry about last post. I won't be making it private because I can't be arsed but try and avoid reading it whenever possible. Not important, y'know?



  1. Wellllllll then, look who's all confident and "sexy as fuck" :D
    'tis nice to see you survived Russia and even better, without ending up in any (South-American) prisons, though.

  2. Wannabe-Donna.

    Anyway, thought I'd tell you I'll be spending the next two weeks in Norway. So no half-sarcastic comments from me any time soon, should you post (which is, I know, highly unlikely), and no half-sarcastic msn-convos either (which might otherwise be more likely) u_u

    So long, swkah! B)

  3. Norway? :O:O:O
    well be sure to let me know when you are back so I can pester you for alllllllllll the details :O