Monday, July 2, 2012

in Finland @ mah hood.

Greetings, salutations, ovations, etc. Just like three years previously, I am in Finland again. But that is so beside the point. What I'm really here for is this:

Remember this?
And this?
And that third picture from this years March that I forgot to post so you couldn't poosibly actually know about it but it was my hair with red streak things again?
Well I decided that since this year the red streaks washed out so fast and were almost unnoticeable that I'd go to the hairdressers and try something new?
Well I think this...

... is something new alright.
Bitches, I'm purple!!!

And for the next eternity, until my hair grows out, blonde.
Fuck. Yes.
Also. Anyone watch football yesterday?
YES, THAT'S RIGHT, SPAIN WON EURO 2012. FUCK YES. It has been a good couple of weeks all 'round.
My sisters home-away-from-home (cottage) got finished finally as well but since nobody who reads this blog actually cares, I won't be bothering you with pictures. Although as of now, there are exactly 666 pictures of the building process, which, awesome.
In addition I bought myself some shoes. Nothing special, mind you.
I kid you not, those are 10cm wedges that I bought. Haven't broken anything on them yet ('cept for the skin on my heel) but then again, I have only worn them twice. But then again, one of those times was a trip to the store and back. Sothere. I'm awesome. And tall, finally!!!!
I'm pretty sure that for today, I have said everything I wanted to say so doodles. But I do hope to be more mindful of my blog while here, at Finland. I have to regularly upload photos anyway so I hope I also regularly write about *censored word that my sister protests against. You should NOT hear what she wanted me to write instead. Shit is pretty mild compared to that.*. Although Kairi is away and therefore won't be reading my blog and so I'm really just writing to myself and perhaps Bambs and now I'm rambling goodbye.



  1. But Kairi is baaaack, so write away, you purple-headed 10-cm-wedge-wearing Finn :K

  2. I'm not a finn, even though my blog address now ends in .fi for some reason.
    new post coming soon :D
    also you promised me a detailed recollection of your adventures in Norway?