Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Entertainment for hours on end!

It has come to my attention that I have like a million little random bookmarks piling up on my computer. And you know what? Most of them are fucking awesome so I'll just share here. Right now.

1. Learn world geography in, like, literally days.

You know what's awesome? Knowing shit tons of countries, their names, capitals and shit like that. Knowing Stuff is basically the basis of intelligent communication between Awesome people. That site really helps learn very fucking country in the world. The tests get harder and harder per level (although, I do admit, last time I was there some of them weren't working) and it's well worth a look. Even if just to confirm to yourself, yes I still know all african countries by heart.

2. Did you know that there is a Dr. Who online game?

Yeah, I betcha you didn't. I don't have anything to say about this because even though this bookmark has been sitting around in my folders for months, I still haven't explored it further...

3. Trivia about anything and everything you ever could think of.

Basically a bunch of trivia games for when you are really really really bored and just want to find out weird and sort of mind-numbing trivia about pretty much anything. Ever.

4. I was going to link to Goggles here but it looks like it's down. Anyhow, this is how my blog looked like to goggle-users just some days ago

Obviously, Bambs and I had some fun.

5. Wiki-surfing !!

Basically, this extremely addictive game is really supersimple and devastatingly hard: When you start the game you will be directed to some wikipedia article and from that, using just links (no search option) you have to reach your goal. Like for example you are directed to an article about John Cena and using the inks in the article you have to reach the article about Space Race. You have no idea how much time Bambs and I spent on this thing today.

6. Obey the dang game, man.

This is even simpler and puts your concentration and reaction time to the ultimate test. Objective: Obey the instructions given to you. Unless they tell you to disobey.

7. Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Yes, the bookmarks are pretty much randomly and that is the greatest movie eva. You probably have seen it a time or two but still. Watch it anywhere anytime. As long as you have internet and putlocker hasn't pulled the dang thing yet.

8. Akinator. 

If you haven't heard about Akinator yet, your life has been sad, boring, and full of disappointments. But no more! Now brought to you with a link. Just close your eyes, think of someone (or something, really) and answer the questions. You'll be amazed. At least at first, later on you'll just be stubborn.

9. Coca cola is always willing to help you waste your time.

Just click all the links, you won't be sorry until you find out how much time you wasted doing absolutely nothing.

10. I wish my regular calendar had all this information

Ever seen some little picture about today being the international kissing day or whatever and wondered where the fuck people come up with that stuff? Well this site has gathered all holidays and little weird day things. You'll be wheezing with laughter in about 10 minutes after you click. that. link.

11. Fanfiction.

Whenever you feel particular hatred for Twilight, read this. 100% guarantee, you'll feel better. Seriously, read to the end.

12. The Nicest place on the internet.

Having a shitty day? Need a hug? How about hundreds?

13. There are cheaper ways to get your fix.

Much, much better than drugs but gives pretty much the same effect. I think. Scroll with your mouse to speed it up or down and move your cursor. Stargate, amirite?

14. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

15. And fuck you, music companies. 

Absolutely need to watch a youtube clip but some corporate richardheads have banned you from watching? Well, unblock it then.

16. Last but not least. Webcomic.

Nothing beats stereotypical nationalities. I have already linked to that comic at least once but it's worth repeating.

17. I was going to Rick Roll you again...

... but this song is more annoying and for that you deserve a heads-up.

Now excuse me while I try to fall asleep with that song running amok in my head. I'm like a chronical masochist.



  1. Aaaaalrighty, instead of doing something useful like, I dunno, studying, I'm gonna comment on this thing. Prepare yourself :K

    1. I love Traveller's IQ Challenge! I do, I do, I do! This thing seems kinda okay, too, though u_u Because Knowing Stuff makes the world go round.

    2. You did not! I did not need to know that! Fortunately, I've also yet to explore it further.

    3. That has better geography games than the first one!

    4. Dafuq? -.^

    5. I tried. I failed. That game is evillll! You have to be a) lucky as fuck or b) smart beyond smart to think of those connections :D

    6. Whaaatthefuuuck? I tried. I failed. What the fudge WAS that thing? xDDD

    7. The. Greatest. I love the series that followed even more, though.

    8. Haha, that dude is awesome. Although, I /have/ beaten him a time or two. The trick is to think about someone that nobody else would xD

    9. Omg, /what/ a waste of time. I loved it xD

    10. May 1st is Batman day. I rest my case.

    11. You know, I /will/ read that. Eventually. Just not right now :D

    12. The first dude to "hug" me was reaaaaaalllllly big and reaaaaalllly hairy. I'm kinda worried about the niceness-levels of that place :K

    13. Dunno, it lacks the wormhole.

    14. I'm extremely happy there's a place to reassure me about that whenever I should get anxious u_u

    15. That sounds... useful, but I'm going to pass since all my music and whatnot is pirated anyway :D

    16. Yesyesyes, I know that comic, too, long before you first linked it. 'tis awesome!

    17. I would've preferred the Rick Roll. Js.

    And now that's done, there's only one thing left for me to say. Or more like, copy-paste. Here: http://iamawesome.com/

  2. 1. Traveller's IQ challenge is awesome, but in my opinion this helps you to learn faster. Idk.

    2. Good, I'll just keep away from it then, shall I? :D

    4. It seems that it may have been taken down permanently, sorry :D

    5. Seriously? :D I have finished in the first 3 loooots of times now. You just have to sort of know what articles may talk about the things related to your thing and then do some clicky clicky and you're there! :D Once you get the gist, it's really not that hard.

    6. That thing is awesome at wasting time XD

    7. I couldn't find the series anywhere, I'll have to try pairrrrate bay I think

    8. Yeah but.. It even guesses some estonian artists !!!!

    10. At the moment we are in the middle of the Line Dance week. Too bad 11,5 isn't anything interesting..

    11. I know it looks long but it won't take you that much time. And you'll feel sooo good once you've finished it XD

    12. But admit it, it was a warm hug :3

    14. I Know Right !! You have no idea how many times I've waken up in cold sweat, trying to figure out if the LHC has destroyed us yet or not! You can imagine my relief when I found that site and was finally assured that, no, not yet.

    18. I know and I'm so, so sorry...

    Thankyou. The page of absolute truth is exactly what I forgot to add to my list.