Saturday, September 29, 2012

Septembrikuus kõik on uus, septembrikuus...

I already started this post, writing in estonian but then I remembered that my mother has a bad habit of snooping around my blog. Which is annoying and snoopy. I'm not about to create yet another blog just so that I can write in estonian about stuff that I don't want her to snoop around.
Marvel at my mad skillz in paint
Anyhow. September is kind of almost over already and you know, stuff has been happening.
School is as terrifying and tiring as ever, perhaps right now more than ever, thanks to the Stuff that has been happening in my personal life. I'm so not ready to deal with this kind of drama so early on.
But that is hardly the point, I'm sort of getting along right now, mostly thanks to the fact that I haz friends!! (Special shoutout to Riine and Jöel for just being awesome, okay? Notice my second specialty: subtly changing people's names so that no-one could stalk them. Ahem.)

I also finally got out of the regular P.E classes so that's one less source for stress, although the doctors still haven't found any explanation for my knee problems and I don't know whether I'm paranoid or observant but I'm thinking that I'm starting to get the "Boy who cried "Wolf!"" reputation for running between doctors all the time and getting no results. But fine, I'll deal.

I am aware of the fact that when I posted all those little travel posts in August, I stopped short of the last one but I think now is waaay too late to be rectifying that so I'll just leave it.

In a week, Kaja will be coming home but I hardly think it's the break I've been waiting for, I still have school at that point and she and Ken will be staying at the countryside for most of the week, I presume. It's funny how something good happens but it's with a sort of cruel twist.

Thankfully (at first) I will be pretty busy this year. To graduate, I have to put together a research paper and my biology teacher suggested something I thought I could do. So now I'm cataloging dead dragonflies. My schoollife is funny that way.

Harilik vesineitsik, kes ei näe kuivatatuna pooltki nii ilus välja. Picture source.
We also had our school olympics, which for me culminated in achieving exactly two points in a game of darts.
I'm not going to tempt you with pictures of all the awesome things I've been cooking, but instead I'll introduce to you two documentaries that should point you towards better lifestyle choices. Or perhaps paranoia, but most likely both at the same time.

Plastic Planet 
The movie is available in Piratebay, I know because I already managed to pi-arrr-ate it. The movie really serves to make you think what you keep buying and using every single day.

Forks Over Knives
Vegetarian lifestyle isn't all about avoiding meat because you think animals shouldn't be harmed. This actually manages to show vegetarianism in a whole new, scientific, light. Loving animals has nothing to do with why it's good for us.

Sometimes it's just good to challenge your view of things and to just take a moment to think about all the things that big corporate owners would like to keep from us, because if we realised the implications, they would go out of business. Most people do not care about other people after all.
Oh yeah! Apparently I have found my muses because an assignment of mine was sent to the school almanahh or whatever at the request of my teacher. You can read it here and try to figure out for yourself what the assignment was about.

Yesterday was teadlaste öö, which I have tried to attend every year but apparently this year the only thing I *could* do was night of astronomy. Rest of the stuff either coincided with my classes or was invitations-only. Which, by the way, sucked. But, no matter, the night of astronomy was superawesome and informative as always. And Bambs, Kati and I managed to collectively win the quiz that followed the lecture. We. Are. Awesome.

Anyway. Sometimes I get the feeling that instead of a blog, I could just have a twitter but then again, twitter is just another one of those useless gadgets internet has come up with. Blogging is much more classy than 250 word updates on how I'm terribly lonely.

I suppose this is it. There are so many little awesome things that I wish I could tell you, but have no way to accurately communicate over the blog. Just little had-to-be-there stuff that happens at school or how I visited aforementioned Riine at her home, in the countryside. I really have no reason to whine, my life is awesome, but then again if those little moments were enough to conquer the upcoming winter and the loneliness it inevitably brings, I wouldn't have started this blog in the first place.



  1. /marvels at thy mad skillz in Paint

    You know, I've been meaning to ask about how life's going for a while now, but... I'm a bad friend. Bad, busy-busy friend. Sowwy :(

  2. Not a bad friend, a busy one :D Besides, I'm fine.

    What have you been up to?

  3. As soon as I find time to msn without guilt I'll find out more :K

    Me? Up to? Well, there's school. Then there's school. And, of course, school. Right, and can't forget about school, either. You know how it goes. One day you have life and then school happens and you don't. Lovely :D

  4. I kno da feel, brah.
    School is mental this year. I'm under the impression that 10th grade was sort of like let's-review-all-the-stuff-we-did-in-middle-school-or-whatever and 12th grade is supposed to be let's-review-everything-and-have-very-short-days. Except that 11th grade is a fucking nightmare. sort of a WE-HAVE-TO-LEARN-EVERYTHING-THERE-IS-TO-KNOW-AND-THEN-SOME

  5. Ikr? For me it's like, bachelor's was just a simple we-all-know-this-stuff-episode with some minor pain-in-the-ass exams, but THEN I made the BRILLIANT decision to swap for, well, pretty much environmental PHYSICS for master's. And it's just, oh-look-for-tomorrow-I-ONLY-need-to-do-one-presentation-and-prepare-for-one-test-and-do-a-shitload-of-homework-for-programming-and-write-an-essay-and-let's-not-forget-those-70-problems-for-atmospheric-physics-looming-in-the-distance-either.-And-that's-just-for-tomorrow. Some days I just want to cry because that's NOT how the lazy-ass Kairi rolls xD

    PS: I MAY have exaggerated a BIT on the one-day-workload stuff. But not much. Seriously u_u

  6. Naw, school is awesome. It's the homework that sucks, and exams :D