Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm really bad at titles. Have you noticed?

I'll start this post with a very nice picture and then just progressively get more evil.

This is a Common Hawker (soo-tondihobu) that I managed to catch this weekend, while my sister was visiting. I personally find him absolutely glorious. Beautiful, vibrant colours and he's so big! Here, have a better picture (I couldn't figure out a way to take a picture of the one I caught so that the wings and everything would show.)

I have found myself to be quite taken with dragonflies. They are oddly beautiful.

But on to other things. Hedgehogs, namely.
I was home one cool afternoon, my dad was outside, getting firewood when suddenly he called me to the front door. Apparently, a hedgehog was spooked by our neighbors' dog and decided to take refuge in our hall.

It was terribly brave, didn't fear me or my dad and didn't even want to hear about the milk I offered, instead opting to wander back outside as soon as the dog shut up.
I'm not even going to talk about the half-stray cat we keep feeding because we can't say no when big, round kittyeyes are turned our way. My god, I've turned into a crazy animal-lady...

Speaking of crazy tendencies, I have been cooking. I have been cooking like crazy. My sister commissioned something salty so I had to step away from the comforting embrace of desserts and into the wild world of main courses. I started off with an open pie which was pretty much the best thing I had tasted when it came to mostly-vegan stuff. Not that vegan foods aren't tasty, I just haven't really been experimenting. Also it wasn't really all-vegan, seeing as it contained cheese. But enough of that, I'll show you a picture instead:

This is a leek-smoked cheese-pie. And it tasted heavenly. Trust me, you'll want to try it.

My sister's summer cottage is finally ready and mostly furnished. Of course they forced me back into my natural habitat immediately upon arriving there:

I probably shouldn't be putting this picture up, or at least blurring out the date when it was taken. This may very well be used against me as evidence to show that I did not miss school on the 12th because of illness, but rather because I just wanted to be with my sister at the countryside. But let's just hope my teachers aren't computer-savvy enough to find my blog.

Aand that's pretty much it. Mood music for you:


I'll be an aunt in 7 months!!!



    So many of my friends are getting aunted/uncled up. Why does my only brother have to be younger than me? :D

    As for the less-easy-to-spot stuff in this post - excellent choice in mood music. Really. Where'd you come up with /that/? I was so certain my father was the only person on earth who knew this song. It's one of his "dat's mah groove" songs, depending on the day, so I may or may not have heard it, say, a bajillion times? :D

    Other than that - I want that pie, hedgehogs apparently get diarrhoea from milk, dragonflies are cool (as are bowties, I've heard -.^) and no, I haven't noticed :)

  2. TŠŠŠŠHHHHHH gods... I'm trying not to freak out again .. :D It is awesome, I know, supermegasuperawesome and superreallymegascary

    Yeah, exactly, you have a younger brother, I have absolutely no relatives who are younger then me. And whom I've been around when they were little. SCARY!

    I was just muddling trough old music on youtube. Had a sort of 80-s and 90s mood for a while and that was the song that was playing when I was ending my post. Apparently a great choice XD

    The pie was super easy to make too so TRY IT.
    Ungrateful bastards.
    Bowties and dragonflies are quite similar in many aspects.
    That sounds like sarcasm but I'll let it slide :D

  3. Yeeeeeah, when Riho was a baby I was exactly two and tried to poke his eyes out (literally), because "why won't they open?!". So I'm an /expert/ on little dwarflings. But don't worry, you'll do great, auntie-poo! :D

    And leek is actually kinda good, too, so I DON'T HAVE AN OVEN. Khm -.-

    If I had been drinking milk during that "ungrateful bastards" part, it would've spurted out my nose. Fortunately, I wasn't drinking milk. Not drinking milk is a precaution I tend to take while reading your blog/comments u_u

    && no sarcasm whatsoever. Honestly. I happen to find you very skilled at titles.

  4. Yeah well apparently when I was small, I tore heads off dolls and painted them. And cut their hair off. I should not be trusted near anything that's small and can't run.

    Whoo boy, I feel sorry for you, you have no idea :D

    I'm glad I was of help in the milkspurting department. It is good to occasionally waterclean your brain so drink and read away!

    See, it still sounds like sarcasm XD