Friday, October 5, 2012

Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium, inimesed.

My school

is completely, utterly


The last video is only supermental if you keep in mind that the soldier guy dancing around is my physics teacher.

Oh yeah, a bonus: My class. I know I have shared it with almost everyone I know already but it bears repeating.



  1. Höhöhöhöhöhöö, sööremöö :D

    Your headmaster seems awesome, though.

    &&& I take your gay and raise it by two (my old school, that is. The vid features one of my old classmates, too).
    I know I've shown you this before, but whatthehey. It bears repeating u_u

  2. my headmaster is... well I can't say awesome per se but you know.

    yes thanks XD