Friday, February 12, 2010

Ski Camp!

Ohay there.
I'm back from ski camp :D
And without further ado I might as well begin my detailed desription of mah days.


Nothing much happened on monday to be honest. Basically in the morning I went to school, they held a lecture about skis and camp and stuff and after that others went into the forest to ski, I went home to rest and try to get rid of the cold I had caught. I packed my bag, watched some Dr. Who and went to bed.


On Tuesday I woke up around 4 am, ate, packed some last minute stuff and so on. 5 am my dad took me to school where I sat on the bus. Let's skip the part where we rode to the ferry for an hour, me and Bambi listening to music and stuffs. Once on the ferry we played some cards and after that. The 4 (?) or so hour ride began. Trying to amuse yourself in the tiny space for that long is quite a task. I took some pictures but since I didn't take my Canon most of them were 'reidilaxud'
good times x))

Bambi & I, Ratelaxxxxxx

Me with my best RateFace on

Anyway we finally made it to the place we were staying at. The rooms were given out. Bambi, Kati and I got the biggers one. Like seriously, the smallest room (for two people) where me and Bambi were supposed to be in at first was as big as our bathroom. Ohyeah the room had a private bathroom, others had to share.

<--My bed. Perfectly suitable for three people and I had it alllll for myself. Now that's life.

<--Katis bed. The only bed bed in the room Bambi and I had the couches.

<-- Bambis bed.

> Us during what little spare time we had. Bambi lying across my bed, me right behind her back
and under the pillows (suprisingly comfortable) and Kati on her bed. And of course all six eyes glued to the TV. It was the second best thing seeing as we didn't have a computer. As you might figure we are all computer nerds.

We actually got along great. Everything was figured out. Mine and Katis beds were for TV watching, the windowsill behind the curtain was for phonecalls ( nice and private, and what's most important - you could actually get some cell coverage from there. Other than that we were in the middle of nowhere) and even the shower queue was nicely figured out.
We should do this more often.


Wake up was at 7 am, after that we went to the 'metsavenna talu'. It was quite intersting and would have been loads of fun if it weren't for the dang cold. We looked at the bunkers and listened at the guy talk, ate some potatoes with butter and salt and others went sleeding while I watched. I really didn't feel like sledding. There was also some machine thingy that dragged you up the hill. It's kinda hard to explain but anyway one of the guys got his glove stuck in it somehow and in the process tore his finger pretty much open. on our way back we stopped by the hospital and I heard he got stitches or something.
Anyway after that we went skiing again. I learned the skating technique or whatever they call it in english and we went back to Rõuge. Apparently some guys had gotten drunk the night before and as a punishment we couldn't meet the Rõuge students.
Can't say I was sad about that.


On Thursday we went skiing first thing in the morning. At first we got grades for the technique, then we had a little race (Those three kilometers were hell seeing as my skiis just wouldn't slide at all but the hills - So. Worth. It.) Some people went to the Suur Munamägi, but quite frankly I just didn't see the point. I mean it's not even a mountain, it's a hill. And the tower is closed anyway in winter so... Nothing to see there. I chose to stay in the little coffee shop next to the tracks and watch people. And burn my tongue with hot cocoa. I still can't taste stuff well.
And you know after that we started coming back.

Ohyeah also, on Wednesday we broke Katis bed. We just sat on it when suddenly a *crack* came and when we got off the thingy that was in the middle holding the whole thing up just broke and stuffs. We called the teacher and one of our ski instructors came and fixed it. He also said that the thing that held it together was so old that it was a miracle it lasted for two days. It was fun nonetheless.

When we started coming back we had to make a break in Pärnu because half of the bus had to go to th bathroom and a forest break was out of the question. So we stopped at kaubamajakas, everybody was practically running to the bathrooms and when we got there, guess what it said on the womens bathroom door? Out of order.
I, myself didn't have to go so I had fun laughing at others who looked like they had been struck with lightning. Guys also had fun because boys bathroom was working.

Anyway rest of the way back was much fun and awfully gutterminded. The whole stay there was gutterminded, mind you. I mean the walls were awfully thin and Bambi and I just love to yell out stuff like "Don't open that door I'm naked! Wanna join me?" and "Don't put that there! Take it out! It's stuck? What do you mean it's stuck?" We were talking about a key or something. The teacher came at least once to ask what we were doing. So basically Bambi and I would have very gutterminded conversations and Kati would just stand there and *facepalm* every five seconds.

And that's about it. If you have read it this far then pat yourself on the back. You have just successfully wasted about 20 minutes of your life.

I think that more pictures will be put up in a couple of days and then you can really seewhat we all did during those three days.

Oh and I removed the word verification from my comments.

& sorry for the shaky layout. Blogger was being a jerk



  1. the game.for making me use 20 minutes of my time instead of putting a tl;dr part.:P

    I cant really say anything as of now but on how fun it sounded like,I am really sleepy and I cant think of any witty comments at the moment.x)

    Your beds made me want to go to sleep already,it looks so comfortable.

  2. nah Im kidding about the tl;dr,I like knowing details :).

  3. Sorry Kels :P.

    I just noticed how small a tv they had,but I guess its manageable,I had a similar one when I was in the hospital a year back.

  4. yeah the one downstarirs was much bigger, but it was one TV for 3 rooms.
    Rooms that had private TVs didn't have big ones
    It was to be expected though the place itself wasn't any 5 star hotel youknow u_u

  5. Soo... I was too tired to run commenting at first, but now it seems the last two weeks have been awfully quiet on this front here, no?