Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who? Dr. Who. Who? DOCTOR WHO. Who? *facepalm*

Mkay so let me just start off by saying that I'm procrastinating. Funny how I always remember my blog when I don't want to do my Russian/Maths/History homework.
This time it's Russian. Well all three to be quite honest but you see I'm far too lazy to actually study Maths and I managed to put on a good face and get excused from the history test tomorrow. Three cheers for me!
Now I do have other stuff I could do but I decided that even though my neck is killing me and looking down at the keyboard is really not helping any, I should make a new blog post.
For both of my faithful readers. And Bambi who comes here when she feels like procrastinating too.
Sooo... Not much has happened lately. But I'm pretty sure that you weren't expecting any big news anyway.
I took up a new handcrafts job. A cross-stitched picture for my sister. And yes it will make it's way here too when it's done. Or not done depends on how long I can wait.
I also took up a new TV-series. Dr. Who.
I watched season one, which was made in the years 1963-64. But that's about as much as one can watch from the internet. Many episodes from the next seasons are missing and others aren't uploaded. So I thought what the heck, I might as well skip a little (and by little I mean about 40 years) and come o this century. The new series that started in the year 2005. Man it was good!
This show will most likely become one of my regulars. Along with Stargate, Castle, NCIS, Sanctuary and so on and so on and so on.
Sci-fi at it's finest.
Ohyeah and also I'm thinking about taking up yet ANOTHER sci-fi show. Smallville. And if you haven't figured it out yet I'm only thinking about watching it because the next episode has Michael Shanks (Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe: Daniel Jackson) in it.

I really don't care what others think, but in my humble opinion it's cool. The man has WINGS for petes sake!!

Yes, I do find this kind of thing cool. Maybe I am a freak, but then again you saw the picture of Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis : Carson Beckett) in sanctuary and I found that to be uber-cool too so...
I decided a long time ago that the opinion of others should not have an impact on what I like/wear/do. Though I do think that the fact that I walk around with a striped elf-hat speaks for itself.
Anyway. I think I'm going to start learning that stupid Russian now. Blech.
"Only those who dare to fail greatly
can ever achieve greatly."
- Robert F. Kennedy


  1. Whee, I'm considered faithful! xD

    Annnnyhoo, Smallville has Daniel (sorry, I can't really call him Michael :D) in it? Wowzie. It's defintely not the only reason to watch it, though. Haven't you noticed how hawt Tom Wellington looks? Geez! xD

    Really, though, I used to watch quite a lot of Smallville back in the day, so it's highly recommended by me u_u

    Und viel Glück mit der Russischen! I'mma do some Physics exam-procrastination on my behalf, too x)

  2. well you are xD

    And he's going to be a gues star in the little movie kinda double episode. I don't think htey are going to make him into a regular but then again who knows. :D

    mkay so I really do need to start watching it xD

  3. I dont really have anything to say that I havent said already in the last chat.But is it really worth watching the whole show just because of this guy? :P

    I never thought you'd be into a superman prequel.

    Also yay for being faithful :D

  4. hey the show itself seems interesting aswell u_u
    andandand I'm into Sci-fi generally I guess *shrug* I'mma just have to try because otherwise I'll never know if I would like it or not
    If I don't like the show itself I'll just watch the movie thingymajingy.
    It's as simple as that.

  5. Well ok then :D.

    By the looks of him I am certain that he's playing Hawkman,by the mace,get up and of course.the wings.

  6. Well yes didn't I tell you he is playing hawkman?

    Do you seriously think that I would look up the pictures and not know who he is playing x)

  7. No you did not D:

    Well there are a lot of superheroes,and even more supervillains so yeah.

    and hawkman isnt really a big hero in comics,I dont think so anyway.

  8. You two have way too much free time. I mean, knowing stuff like /this/?

    And yes, this /is/ coming from me xD

  9. Actually I just remember my days in where I watched Justice League on Cartoon Network :D.

    If you guys have that.

  10. yesyes blah blah whatever. xD I still knew it and it's still uber cool xD
    I know, right :D
    andandand it's /still/ cool
    and I read about hi playing hawkman in gateworld so sorry if I gave you the expression of knowing it by hear XD
    Are you kidding? I /grew up/ with Cartoon Network.
    I do believe I have told you this already, but that's the thing that taught me english in the first place u_u
    andandand I do believe I have probably watched it too, I just don't remember it ...

  11. I still find it incredible you learned english watching cartoons.

    and they arent even educational cartoons mind you.

  12. Waaaaait... Gateworld? You mean that's.. No way! It isn't, is it? :O

    Und come on, we all learn English by watching TV around here! :D I didn't have fancy channels like Cartoon Network when I was a kid, so my English mostly comes from The Bold and the Beautiful (watched it with my grandma xD), but it's all TV nevertheless :D

  13. Why whenever I watch Japanese/Korean shows I never understand what the heck they are saying.

  14. a) You haven't been watching them long enough.
    b) You started watching them at a too old age.
    c) English is way easier than any other language anyway.
    Take your pick :D

    And Kelllllly, seriously, why won't you get rid of the verification-letters-stuff? It's annoying me to no ends :D

  15. *shrug* but I did u_u
    Wut? If you want me to tell you that gateworld is a ginormous page full of stargate stuff then yeah it is.
    go, have fun XD

    & yeah. I mean seriously where else do you learn English around here? It's not like we live in some big country where every other person speaks it u_u
    it comes with time. And the younger you are the easier you can learrn it.
    and exactly how am I supposed to get rid of them? u_u

  16. Nonono, if you found this hawk-whatever dude from Gateworld, then he has to be Stargate-related somehow. Tell me /he/ doesn't play /that/!

    You go to settings. You choose 'comments'. You tick the dot in "Show word verification for comments?" to "No". Easy as that.

  17. huh?
    no it was just mentioned under the article that Michael shanks is in a new movie and that he was playing hawkman.

    & yeah figured it out already. And done :D

  18. So /he/ does play /that/. That's Michael Shanks in those pictures. I so didn't want to know that.