Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So just let me start off by saying sorry if you have a slow computer. I tried to upload as little pictures as possible and make them as small as I could. But anyway. On to the post.
So the past couple of days have been awfully... Boring. Lame, full of headaches and maths classes where you are bored out of your mind.
Literally. Today Bambi and I had a sunspot fight on the ceiling.
Some other day we were drawing potatoes and carrots and trying to figure out how much was 15+16. Because at some point in that stuffy classroom, with the teachers voice pounding inside your head, you realize that thinking has become impossible.
And then the crazyness ensues.
The stuff in the middle is the schoolwork obviously. Everything else... not so much.

It's the Rock Chick. This kinda thing makes sense during a maths class. I don't know why, but it does. And yeah, we often draw chicken in our maths notebooks. Trying to tell me it's not normal?

My personal favourite. The Drummer Chick. Very... Awesome. What with the hair and the drums and the... Stuff... Seriously, after your 20th chick picture, you get good at drawing those things. Don't even ask when and how it started. I'm just calling this the chick era. The potato era was lots of fun... And then there were the find four games, the star wars fight pictures... The sockanimals... Yeees... At least we aren't bored in maths class.

You know the shoes and the name seemed like a good idea at that moment. And the hat started off as hair. The guitar... Well just take my word. It's supposed to be a guitar. I think. Well it makes sense anyway. Oh and a side note: I still hate Megavideo and the way they just pull those amazing numbers out of their asses. Apparently my 64 minutes are up. Ohjoy.

Yeeeah, the lyrics to song Fish Heads by some random old band whose name I don't remember anymore. And that's not because I don't like old bands or anything. I am into rock and metal, but classics will always be classics. No matter what the genre. And taling about that made me want to listen to the birthday song by crocodile Gena and Chiburaška. Is that how it's supposed to be spelled? I dunno. I prefer the estonian version of krokodill Gena ja Potsataja. It's just that much more fun. I mean Potsataja, how cute is that?

And now behold! Kõrvunurk the Spock! I couldn't resist. I have quite a few pictures of "ristküülik". Lots of fun. Kõrvadega nurgad ja ristküülikud. And the Spock thing just kind of happened. I don't have anything to explain myself with. I just drew the ears there and it looked like Spock and I thought it was awesome ^-^ Oh and I do realize that it's a triangle.

And of course for the grand finale - a radioactive earth.and a carrot and stuff like that. I mean what notebook is complete without a good radioactive earth? That has been targeted from space. Probably by hostile aliens whishing to get our stargate. Yeeeeeaaah, I watch too much stargate.

But you see boredom makes me do weird stuff.
Like build towers out of the stuff I have on my table.
Please don't ask. kthx.



  1. Don't tell me you're seriously trying to pass doodles as full-fledged drawings? Well, it's not working. I've drawn plenty of doodles like that all over my notebooks, too. I remember my favourite, the one that started out as a cucumber and ended up a Russian nuclear submarine. Russian, because it was sinking :K

    Anyway, *ignores the Spock reference*, chicks are cool and doodles are what make a notebook. And I've never thought of kõrvunurks and ristküüliks like that xD But you know, if these are what you consider drawings... I guess I have to set the standards for the stuff in my blog lower, too :D

  2. well that's the best I can do. ^-^
    and xDDDDDDDDDDD russian nuclear submarine? xD

    and Ristküülikud define my life.
    I reuse to write ristkülik. So there is not a single ristkülik in my notebook. only ristküülikud.
    Cause I'm just weird like that.

  3. The hell it is. The next time I'll upload a picture of that cucumber/submarine to mah blog and tell you the same -.-

    Anyway... ristküülik. Such a shame I don't have Maths anymore. I'd love using that sometime :D

    Oh, and there's no such thing as too much Stargate! u_u

  4. right

    yeah :D

    and apparently there is u_n

  5. Ohlook, Patrick totally fooled Kelly with his even-numbered post! :K

    Of course, now I'm messing up the numbers and turning it to odd again, but what the heck. I cand stand to see Kelly being fooled for so long :D

  6. DDDDDD: hey, that's not fair. I didn't even know I had new comments .-.-

  7. Heh I wasnt thinking of that when I posted that.

    My subconscious must have knew though :D.

  8. Of course it did. I know mine is thinking about the soon-to-be-even number right now! xD

  9. :K

    *looks around for Pat to high-five*

  10. You know, looking at those doodles reminds me of a very memorable Maths class which is - unfortunately - documented in my former deskmate's notebook. We had a whole page full of underwater world. And when I say that world included everything, I mean /everything/. Lots of fish, seaweed, stones, a boot on a fishing hook, a treasure chest, Kalevipoeg with a bunch of boards, a hungry whale gulping down plankton, a coquettish mermaid, a pair of feet stuck in concrete and a shark munching on them... Ah yes. Those were the days.

  11. xD right.
    well then I should probably upload a picture of the epic fight bambi and I made
    well it's not as epic as your picture but yeah... meories xD

  12. Yep. I've been thinking for a couple of days already that this thing over here is in desperate need of an update u_u

  13. :D Update: check
    picture of an epic battle : not-so-check-because-I-was-lazy
    but it will come soon!! u_u