Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Almost-Friday-But-Not-Quite!!

I have almost clawed myself through this week. Just one more to go and freedom.... for a little while.
And I actually have managed to get my grades straight. And...
No that's about it.
Assuming that the handcrafts teacher won't kill me tomorrow for not starting the thing I was supposed to do. Again. For the... 3rd week in a row? Isn't it funny how you always seem to remember the stuff you need to do when it's already too late. Maybe it's just me.
And I know my legs are going to kill me but at least I did earn that A in PE.
Those lessons should seriously be moved to fridays. I have no idea how I'm going to make it to school tomorrow. I don't think I'll even manage to drag myself up the stairs right now. Tomorrow... Oh dear.
Well I guess this is it. I better start learning how to walk on hands. I have a feeling it might just come to that
And Kairi? Yeah that song is still stuck in my head. It doesn't help much that Bambi has been singing it all day, either. But still. Where do you find these songs?? And here I was, thinking that my choice in music was somewhat odd.
Apparently I was mistaken.

Oomph. A bang of colour in the middle of all that darkness of my blog. Bet you didn't see that one coming, now did you?


"If you want to be happy, set a goal that
commands your thoughts, liberates your
energy, and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie


  1. You should've read the whole thing. A philosophy professor ended one of his lectures with some comic relief in the form of South African gangsta rap. A friend of mine attends that lecture and she shared it around. Funny stuff :P

    But you want to try something different?
    There you go. Forced all the samurais away from my head :D

  2. Also, as far as Die Antwoord goes, I kinda almost prefer Zef Side over the ninja song. It's even weirder :D

  3. Actually I did
    But stilllll.

    && xDDDD
    well I gotta egree, but unfortunately that's not enough to get the whole butterfly samurai thing out of my head.

  4. I will never be an emo vampierrr, setting tweenaged loins on faiööööörr!
    I'll have no participation in this vampire pussyfication, so wake me up when the world grows a pair. Of fangs :K

    I seriously lurve that parody right now. Just try and listen to it like... five times in a row? I can't even remember any of the Die Antwoord beats xD

  5. xD lucky you.
    Listening to songs till you can quote them by heart from beginning to end again, are we?

  6. Umm... possibly? 0:-)
    Ah, what can I do, it's coooool. Come on, try it! :D

  7. xD well I did listen to it a couple of times and yeah it's awesumsauce but for some reason the butterflies are still overtaking my brain.