Friday, March 19, 2010


Ahh the end of semester.

So I thought I'd show off my uber awesome drawing skills.

I'm awesome, no?

*innocent whistle*

ohfine. Let's be honest here. Me drawing doesn't go much further than this:
So the picture up there is made by my sister. Name on the lower right hand corner was a dead give-away as well. But then again who knows, maybe I just like to draw stuff and call myself Kaida.
psh yeahright. Anyway. I was just looking for inspiration for my stories and thought that while I'm at it I might as well take pictures of the nice drawing so that when I actually make a story concerning that particular picture, I can show people where it came from.
annywayy I thought I'd also show you two amazing pictures my sisters made me like 2-3 years ago with me as their model O:)

The picture is a bit crumpled because it was on my wall for a while. And the photo I took of the drawng isn't the best either.
and when I say a bit crumpled I apparently mean really crumpled, but you can still see my uber awesomness

Too bad I can't convince them to do this more often. The drawing I mean. They really are awesome at it.

I'm also nearly (Read: Not even close) finished with filing away my books. I mean I have bigger part of the room done *ignores the fact that I still have 3 more rooms with books in them* and written down in the excel file. andandand I'm hoping to be finished with my room and moving on to the bedroom by the end of the weekend.
Hoping being the operative word here.
But I'm being all confident and stuffs.

And during all the writing and sneezing and grumbleing ( is that even a word?) I also tidied my bookshelves. I never even thought /I/ could be so OCD.

Sometimes I scare myself. This is one of those moments.
Other bookshelves look like this too. Of course the rest of the room looks like it's been hit by a tornado but at least the shelves look nice and tidy... Every little bit counts, right?
And now I do believe I have rambled on for long enought.
And I'm running out of stuff to say so yeah.
Happy first day of spring break to everyone!

P.S I sprained my ankle. It's driving me nuts.
P.S.S there was this story I was supposed to write up online and stuff but I haven't gotten to it yet. Please remind me some time later this week, mkay?
I might just tyoe it up in estonian. I don't think I'm bored enough to translate it.

"People rarely succeed unless they
fun in what they are doing."
~ Dale Carnegie


  1. Soo, Kelly, there was this story you were supposed to write up online and stuff but you haven't gotten to it yet. I'm reminding you :D

    Anyway, awesome drawing by the sister. Especially that first you, it's just so recognizable. (This coming from me, mind you, considering I've never really seen you xD)

  2. xD yeah. I actuslly remember. I'm just being lazy.
    And to come to think of it I might have left it at school D:

    But I will put it up eventually.
    And I'm too scared to actually say I promise.
    So I won't.
    just in case.

    && yeah, I'm still recognizable on those pics. So awesome *-*

  3. Soo, Kelly, consider this as a reminder no 2 :D

    If you don't mind my curiosity, what's the story about anyway?

  4. 't was some SGA fic I made for estonian class
    Bambi wanted me to upload it somewhere.

  5. Again that SGA. Why don't you ever write any SG1?! Oh, wait, nevermind, even if you did write SG1 it would be about Vala, right? -.-

    Well, go ahead and upload it. I reread your SGA diaries fic the other day and yeah, it's still pretty cool, so you're obviously kinda capable in that department x)

  6. oh pshhhhh
    it's just that SG1 ran longer which means that practically everything has been done already xD
    But I'll keep it in mind next time I start writing an essay, mkay? :D

    hah. I wish.
    But yeah, I'll try as soon as I figure out exactly where I put it...