Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So it was a normal monday afternoon. I came back from school around 4, having spent exatra time on a lecture what I have no idea was about seeing as I chose to draw the entire time. Something about the sea and Gas pipe. Anyway, I came back from school hoping to finally finish my history research paper, when granny called me to her house telling me she has something to show me. Assuming it was another something totally pointless she had bought, I threw my bag into my room and dragged myself across the yard to her house. And you'll never guess what she showed me.

This poor little kitten had somehow ended up in our tool shed. All alone, cold, miserable and hungry. So of course granny brought her in and gave that poor little thing. We assumed that she came from the neighbours house, seeing as she wasn't afraid of people and granny had delayed calling the neighbours just so that I could see that cuteness.
Turns out the neighbours don't have a cat.
Since she was alone and had been meowing loudly for quite a while before granny finally found her, the most likely assumption is that she was dumped in either of our yards on sunday or monday night.
And what do you do with a lonely kitty who has no home? Well of course you keep her. So yeah. I'm a proud Cat owner. Again x)
She is far too cute for her own good.

UPDATE: She's a girl!! :)
Still no name tho.


"You are today where your thoughts
have brought you; you will be
tomorrow where your
thoughts take you."
- James Allen


  1. D'awwwwwwww xD
    He/she looks really-really scared and kinda half-crazed, though. You better take good care of that kitteh, because someone there probably needs their mentality restored (and for once I'm not talking about you x)).

  2. I think s/he was just a bit scared of the camera and a lot sleepy.
    & yeah, s/he keeps twitching in her/his sleep. Sotra freaked me out at first
    and don't worry, I'll do my best :)