Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yay mee!

I told you I'd update and here it is.
Lots of pictures. My blog is already slow enough so I hope I'm not making crashing any computers.
Annnnyway. First off to make you drool, here's the cake (don't worry, it's gone already.)

Chocolatey goodness on the outside... Tasty sweet stuff on the inside. If you want details, I'm gonna have to say that I have no idea. Ohwells.
But if you really want I could probably type the recipe up.

Next off I got the most beautiful necklace from Bambi. And a stuffed cow that makes mooing sounds when you press on it's belly. I have a picture of both. Well the cow is on the background but you get the idea.

So friggin cute. *sigh*
Anyway yeah. Also my sister was home. I finally finished the cross stitching picture I have been working on for a couple of months and I also made them a mountain of TripleChocolateChocolateyPancakes.
Triplechocolate as in it had chocolate grated into the dough, it had cocoa in it and I also melted some chocolate bits and grated chocolate of them. And if you wanted you could cover them in Nutella.
Who would've guessed that I could actually fit so much chocolate into one pancake?
But it was delicious though. I'm thinking that next I'll experiment with some berries.

They taste better than they look. Quite frankly Melted chocolate on a pancake just looks like a dark brown burnt blob. But the taste more then makes up for the looks.
The cross-stitched picture is pretty big. I think it was about 30cm x 40 cm. Took me less time to make than expected though.

I also watched the new episode of Dr Who. With the new doctor. And geesh do the companions /have/ to get younger every time?
And I watched the 11th episode of Stargate Universe too. The aliens of course were awesome. And just like promised, in fact did not speak english. Or well right now they don't. Much.
And the episode itself was almost intersting!
It's something at least.
Welllll that's about it.

P.S: I added a flagcounter thingy to the sidebar. Awesome, Y/Y?

"Do what you can, with what you have,
where you are."
- Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Umm, yes, it is slow. Muy-muy slow. But we'll manage *lol*

    The glazing = droooooooool and the necklace is reallyreally cute. My compliments to Bambi :P

    And triplechocolate pancakes? I've got to try that out sometime :D

  2. heh, sorry :D

    Ikr ^-^

    && Yes, you do. They are also great with icecream.