Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's 2011!! Still!

So I was scrolling through my old posts. Starting from last Januray and found a post of all the things I was amazed about and felt the need to comment now, even though I'm about a month late but whatever. Here it is.
The original post was January 4, 2010.

I'm amazed at myself. I really am. For many reasons. First of all I'm amazed that in four days I have made four blog posts.

It is quite obvious that when I started this little, project shall I call it, I was way more willing to post I guess. Or y'know, had more time. Of course back then I did believe this to be like my usual project doings: couple of months tops and then I get bored. Somehow though, I went all the way up to 80 posts in 2010. Let's see if I can keep up the pace in 2011.

Third of all I'm amazed that I have actually made plans for tomorrow. Sleepover at Kadis. So there is hope for me yet.

Well that hasn't changed. I mean the no life part. I did today go to this multymedia theatre thingymabob but going out once hardly counts as a life.

I'm also amazed that I survived the New Years Eve and Christmas.

Well, past me, you will have a wonderful Christmas in 2011. I am amazed though that I survived New Years this year. I guess it's sort of a tradition to try and drown yourself in a glass of kids' champagne and hope to achieve some sort of happy state thanks to the sugar.

I'm amazed that it's 2010 already. Seriously though, what happened to the past 10 years?

Dude, 2011, wat? Bambs and I were listening to music from her phone and some old track came up from the eighties. And that was like, 30 years ago! wtf?

I'm amazed that I'm in 8th grade. I made it past kindergarden? Seriously?

DD: graduation, exams, changing schools... all the good stuff is yet to come I guess...

I'm also amazed that I have started listening to metal/rock/hard rock music and wearing dark colours

Heh... that really hasn't changed in a year. My music consumption now has diminished and I've moved back to some form of pop but rock still dominates my MP3 and the rest is just really weird songs from artists nobody knows. Or really old songs.

I'm utterly amazed that I have been chatting on EESTI boards for 6 months now and I haven't pissed anyone off yet. I haven't right?

Holy mother of stargate. one and a half years now... Now /that's/ something I thought I wouldn't see.
Of course it's really not what it used to be (for like a month or so when we started) but hey, we keep in touch.

I'm amazed that I haven't got glasses yet. I sit behind the computer screen for 6+ hours every day (haha I wish, it's probably more like 8+) . But that is probably only because I haven't been to a doctor to check my vision since last spring.

That spring, almost two years ago is still the last time I had my vision checked but honestly I continue to see wayyy better than some certain people I know...
But my computer time continues to be 8+
Or well, now maybe less seeing as I have more lessons and school lasts longer.

As for the rest of my blog in 2010, I don't doodle on my maths notebooks anymore. ot as much, anyway because maths lessons tend to be more interesting if you actually have something to do and you understand the subject.

I miss ski camp, I wish it would happen once a year, every year. Was amazing. I still haven't gone skiing this year, though.

I sort of liked the quotes at the bottom of the pages, maybe I should start this thing up again. Although it was sort of a pain to search for them.

Music to go with posts is always good, it makes you remember certain stuff. To read the post and listen to the song or watch the video and immediately remember exactly what was going through your head at that moment.... it's bliss.

My room is still a mess but I cotinue to keep my books carefully filed away. Books tend to be more important than trivial things, like food and breathable air.

That story I was supposed to type up in march, 2010? Lol.

I still procrastinate a lot. I still leave things undone and then complain when it ends badly. it's sort of what I do. But hey, I haven't fallen into that great deep pit of darkness I was in last year around this time (or well in march but I'm hoping to steer clear of that this year). Yet.
Like for example, tomorrow I have a maths test. And I just cant bring myself to study. And then this russian thing that I can't do and I'm screwed if she asks me. BUT OHWELL. My sanity gets me lots farer (wat?) than knowing what a tap is in russian (It's rakovina by the way. I think)

Katja is still cute and Enter the Ninja is still the creepiest song ever.

I proudly say I don't play FarmVille anymore. Or go on facebook for that matter. Only to wish people happy birthday occasioanlly and post some things I feel the world (or rather my list of contacts) needs to know.

I'm still obsessed with stargate and dr who. And sanctuary and ncis and all those others.

I wish I could pwn something this year aswell. With me to all the olympiads has been Kati who just keeps going in, coming back saying all ohgosh I did so bad I'm going to lose and then she's like second or something and I'm sixth. fuuuuu...


Ella is still muymuy cute.

Stargate is still the coolest thing ever. Since y'know sliced bread.

Dr who is still awesumesauce and new season should start very soon. YAY!

I still think I look awesome with a pen drawn 'stach. And i'd still date myself. Cause, y'know I'm still awesome.

I continue to suck at arts.

Citrus fruits are still superawesome. Mom also discovered Pomelos so now we eat those like bread or something.

I love my blog. For several years now when I look back, I remember nothing for nothing ever really happened but now, now I have the chance to go back, relive the moments in pretty good clarity. So what I'm saying is that I'm not likely to end this thing any time soon. And y'know if I'm too slow on posting feel free to poke me.



  1. What a cute little retospective. I'll just smile at most of it and limit myself to two comments: first, the EESTI board is just going through tough times :D You continue to be 1/3 of its heart and /still/ fail to piss anyone off. I'm actually disappointed in you u_u (Also, as for the keeping in touch, do we? Do we, REALLY? :K) And second, Stahstahstargate is the most awesome thing ever, obviously, and you need to make that post about your very special notebook. Js.

  2. Let's hope so, I'd really hate for the board to dissappear all together. I've had some supergreat times on it hope to have many, many more.
    Also, thankyouuuu <3

    Post done.. :D