Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Anyway, I didn't come here for that.
I came here because a while ago our teacher came up with this idea that everyone would write something about each of their classmates onto a piece of paper, the papers would be sorted, everyone would get the papers that are about them and decide which pinions they want in the yearbook.
I got my papers back and thought I'd type out the awesomest ones :D

Apparently when Kati thinks of me the first thing that pop into her head are "Punupats ja peavõru" Go figure XD Also she seems to think that my mood depends on the amount of caffeine I've swallowed in the morning (goddammit I even managed to make that sentence sound dirty..) Although I have no idea whatsoever how she would come upon that conclusion...
Bambs, laconic as she is, wrote down Weird, Smart and Emo. Geeeee...
Short but friendly seems to be popular among my classmates..
Another popular opinion is that I stomp with my heels. THEY MAKE NOISE BECAUSE THEY AREN'T FLATS YOU BLOODY IDIOTS. god. Also kontsakingad? One word.
Someone seems to think I know lots about natural science topics and such.
"Big intelligence herself. That says it all. Supertalented in English." That is single handedly the cutest card out of 28.
ohlook, someone has gone to all the trouble of writing "ei tea" on the paper. I wonder who..
"Lühike õpihimuline" XD lovely.
"Quiet" lolwut? XD After knowing me for 9 years how the fuck can you write quiet?
Of course to be fair for those who I didn't know what to write about I just scribbled down quiet aswell... meeh.

so. After doing a little statistics..
Most popular thing to say about me is

Smart (12 cards)

Short (8 cards)

China (4 cards) a long story I won't ever go into...

Funny; weird (3 cards)

"Tubli"; Weird humour; Stomps with her heels; Interesting; Good in english; Nice (2 cards)

Long haired; addicted to caffeine; Emo; Addicted to computers; Good friend; Loyal, Easily irritated; Special; Good at giving advice; knows a lot about science; "Õpihimuline"; "Tagasihoidlik"; Likes to doodle; Quiet; Talkative; Positive (lolwut?) (1 card)

Huh.. , cool.
Also the words in quotation marks? Yeah that's me being really good in english. (at english? on english? with english? under english?) and also lazy which for some reason was never mentioned. They probably thought I was going to kill them while they were sleeping or something
Also I suddenly feel very self concious about what tenses I'm using and wether I'm doing it right or not.
while they were sleeping? While they /are/ sleeping? Geesh.

did I mention we have our water back?

Ohyeah, Bambs made me this complicated system of having a theme song for every day and I though I may as well just include that days song into my blog post. Whenever I make one.
Soyeah. Enjoy Livin la Vida Loca

-Yours truly, K-to-the-E-to-the-SMART-to-the-LLY.

Every thing connected with intellect is permanent.
~William Roscoe, reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 353


  1. For a second I was like "wtf, I haven't commented on this post, nope, I haven't, or have I?, nah, I haven't, why is there a comment?, where did that come from?, Kelly has more friends than just me?" and so on, and then... Oh, it's only Patrick. Way to get me freaking out xD

  2. @Pat- I wholeheartedly concur

    Yeah, and the reason I haven't answered is because every time I scroll passt it, I'm like oh, two comments, Kairi already commented and I answered case closed.
    And now the comment count is all weird and uneven again.

  3. Thought so. Here, I'll even it out for you x)