Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The spring, it's coming, it's finally coming!!!

I was walking home from school when it suddenly hit me: The spring is almost here, I can just feel it, can't you?
Feel the way the sun is gaining strenght and coming closer, the days are longer, the birds are singing, the water is dripping, people are suddenly more alive, the nature is waking up...
Can't you just feel it?
Take the sun for an example. A month ago when you found a patch of sun shining through your window and put your hand into it, it was cold. Just a source of light, not warmth. But now, walking home can't you feel it warming up your trousers and stroking your face?
Andand the snow is melting, there's water everywhere. And not the sad kind of cold water where you step into and swear loudly, It's the happy kind that just races down the streets and drips from the icicles and makes everything more... alive.
~Google image search

Everything is just... Happier.
And the smell! It's the smell of spring. The smell of new beginnings and earth and melting snow!
And the birds are singing and the cats are meowing and can't you hear it?
People, milling around, starting to come out of that dark winter and it's just so pretty!
After another winter that never seemed to end, the spring is starting to come out of it's shell to suprise us once again with it's mindblowing beauty.
Listen, can you hear it? Spring's sweet cantata. The strains of grass pushing through the snow. The song of buds swelling on the vine. The tender timpani of a baby robin's heart. Spring.

~Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Wake Up Call (1992)


  1. What I love the most about the very beginning of spring is how the pavement melts out and you don't have to walk on frickin' ice anymore. Seriously, I just walk around and go all "awww, I love this!" at every grey spot of pavement I see :D

    Also, I watched that movie from the previous post (since you weren't around to SG :K). Was cute xD

  2. Ohohoh and the best part, the very best part is when the grass starts melting out and you can sort of stand on it and you can feel that it's grass, even through your 5cm thick winter boot soles.

    also, yeaaaah XDD