Friday, May 20, 2011

02.04- English county on a foggy saturday.

Before I tell you about that, I believe I owe you a video from this post, where I left a placeholder but never filled it. I won't because nobody would see that but frankly I might as well post that video anyways.

Ignore me sounding like an idiot. The bloody microphone is too good and picks my voice up way too much. And I'm incapable of holding my mouth shut in the first place.

So. English county.
Was... easy...
I don't know. I was so sure that I messed it up big time considering how easy it was in the first place but apparently I didn't.
But that is hardly what I wanted to tell you guys about.
When I went home from that perticular event afterwards, it became apparent that everything was covered in a thick fog.
And I mean thick fog. The kind where you can't see shit after like two meters. I don't remember ever seeing fog this thick before.
So I did what any sensible blogger would do: I went home and grabbed my camera.

I love fog. Even if you are really shit at photography you will at least get some awesome takes because the point you are trying to capture is that you can't see squat. It's pretty easy to shoot that.
The only thing I can't get on that photo is the feeling of uneasiness I felt while walking around.
No cars, no people. Just leaveless trees and an occasional raven taking off with a loud scream.
Yes, it really does sound like a scream when you're in the middle of a deserted park. I could have filmed it but I doubt it could ever live up to the real thing.
The dementors are breedinnngggg...


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