Friday, May 20, 2011

04.05- Football match KG vs SÜG ends with dissappointment and pain.

Basically, KG lost cause apparently we suck now
SÜG had major team spirit
One guy on our team broke his leg. (Bet they didn't think he'd take it literally when they said "Break a leg" to wish him good luck)
And while I was looking at the pictures trying to figure out what else to talk about, this happened...

Click to biggify



  1. Geeze. You've been busy. Did the world end yet? -.^

    Some nice photography down there, by the way. And I totally know what you're talking about in the fog department. Been there, seen that, gotten my sleeping bag all wet and frozen my butt off in that :)

  2. oh no, that will be going down tomorrow.
    Or rather tomorrow like that one person who is crazy enough to live by the bible will go to heaven and the rest of us will battle it out for 5 months.
    Or something like that.

    I bet that was fun (=

  3. Mkaaaay. Somewhy I don't think I know anything about this. Should've used my last day before the end of the world more reasonably. Darn.

    Oh yes, Saaremaa likes me :*