Friday, June 17, 2011

superquick update in bullet points.

  • Mah sisters are home
  • my graduation is tomorrow, pictures will come eventually
  • I got two more piercings in my ears today. Haters gonna hate
  • I went to the maavanema vastuvõtt, got another glass #1. For refrence, THIS Picture of my dress:

  • My exam grades were fiiiine. Maths 4, Estonian 4 and english obviously 5 just in case you were wondering
  • Pärlipäev was awesum
  • I finished the sweater I've been knitting for a year
  • I'm addicted to this place that-must-not-be-named. On the internet.
  • found three wee kittens, pictures HERE
  • nothing else comes to mind, byee!


  1. I knowz this dress. Waiting for pictures of the new one :K

    Also, you /own/ said three wee kittens now? :O

  2. sowwy, it's coming :D

    also, no :D
    mommykitty came and took off with them the same night.

  3. It's taking its sweet time coming u_u

    Also, awwies :( But you already managed to name them in the meantime? Lemme guess: Lucifer was the black one, Gabriel was the lightest one and Anna was the girl one? :D

  4. It is, isn't it?

    & of course. Two black kitties, one gray. Gray one female and named anna, black with bigger white spot Gabriel and black one with almost no white spot Lucifer :)