Friday, July 13, 2012

Complete boredom

I haven't done this in a while. That is, writing a blog post for no other reason than complete and utter boredom.
Actually I do have some photos to share with you guys, I guess.
So my sister works quite late sometimes and therefore I have a lot of time to kill and therefore I decided to go walking a couple of times. I think I already have shared with you the breathtaking views of this neighborhood but here's a more recent picture anyway:

I walked quite a lot in one go. In fact I can show you my exact route, to make stalking and possibly murdering much, much easier:

I'm not sure how many kilometers that is but it sure felt like a lot...
That was my first adventure, the second one went a little like this:
Generally the same route, cept the second one has additional forestadventures.
Ohyeah, the forest adventures were awesome:
I swear to god, I saw that road in front of me and I realised that this is where I wanna stay. Of course the impending doom in the form of storm clouds was also heavy on my shoulders so I decided to hurry. First I saw this and thought I was absolutely fucked:
"I'll be completely drenched soon!!" I thought. But then I saw this:
And figured that fuck it, at least I'll be completely filled with blueberrys or whatever the fuck it is I'm shoving down my face. Doesn't matter, had food.
Also the view was absolutely fantastic and my shitty pictures don't do it justice at all.
I've also tried (and failed!) to cook, I take my sister and the dog walking every day for shorter walks and y'know. Life's good...

Aside from being bored as hell.
Anyway. Tomorrow I'll be cooking and packing and then I'm off to Pornainen. Yes. Funny name ha-ha. Let's just try to look past the funny and focus on the fact that I'll have brand new stuffs to share with you.
Also I hope that I won't forget to take pictures of the brownies I'm cooking tomorrow, just so I can rub all of your faces in the fact that I have brownies and you don't.

You know what? I'm a good person. So here's a 5 minute cup-brownie recipe that I haven't tried out yet but want to.

Here it is. Clicky-clicky.

No but seriously someone try this out and tell me if it's good. I'm curious.


P.S: you know what would make my day? If someone new actually joined me and Kairi down in the comments section. It's right down there. You know where it says "comments"? Yeah, clicky that. Wait, lemme draw you a handy guide


  1. I would comment, but you know what? You don't even deserve it u_u