Friday, July 6, 2012

Books and Fashion and a special surprise at the end.

So do you know that feeling when you walk into a 3-storey building, that just so happens to be filled by books? For sale? Yes, a 3-storey bookstore. 1/6th of which are in english.
May not sound like much but is, in reality, so much, that I just want to live there. I bought three books, obviously. Would have gotten more but I have a shit ton of required reading and then another shit ton of books I want to read through and not enough money to buy the whole store.
Excuse my rambling. Here's what I bought:
Part of the discworld series that I'm trying to get into. I bought "The Colour of Magic" Before I went to Sweden but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I was hoping to go through the series in Estonian because it would be easier to appreciate Pratchett in my mother language but most of his books haven't been translated and cost more than 20€ a piece so... (in comparison, I got both of the above mentioned books for around 10€)
I'm itching to start reading this. I decided to get one of his books when I read "Good Omens" written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I already knew that Pratchett is awesome but I hadn't tried out Gaiman yet. I guess it's time to do it now.
I promised myself that next time I go to Helsinki and get myself into that big bookstore, I would buy another Stephen Fry book because I'm absolutely in love with "The Liar" that I bought last year. Goes without saying that I kept my promise and will be keeping it next year too. I NEED to get all of his books. NEED.

Lookit. I got a dress too. A *colourful* dress. Fancy that.
No, seriously, it was my decision to buy it. I was surprised too... But you gotta admit that it's fantastic.

Just to show off that I actually did buy those shoes and wasn't just screwing with your minds. Also why do I always look so fucking weird on all pictures?? Like, I try to smile and it just looks like my face has suffered some sort of a cramp.
Got some more shoes too but that's kind of irrelevant.
Ohyeah, leggings too:

These are adorable, I know. No need to tell me.

Yeah okay it looks a bit weird. But they are adorable, I swear. The shoes are my sisters and the short jeans don't really quite look right on the leggings but whatever. You get the gist. I bet you don't really care anyway so I might as well just sort of end this post and write again once I actually have something to write about.



You're welcome.


  1. So... It would seem that I have purposefully avoided commenting, because a detailed recollection of my adventures in Nordland doesn't quite fit on my list of things to do at the moment. The aforementioned list mainly consists of reading A Song of Ice and Fire, reading some more A Song of Ice and Fire and then possibly... well, you guessed it. Until I finish those books, I have no life and msn/skype/anything doesn't exist for me. Sorry. Priorities xD

    You might be glad to know I'm almost at the end of the third thousand-page-monster already, though u_u

    && muchos compliments on das shopping spree. Leggings are not really my thing (might have something to do with das Kairi-thighs which are, well, let's say rather large /british accent), but on tiny-pretty-Kelly they work, of course. Also, those 10-cm-wedges? I saw them today at ABC King. You know, they look much higher in real life. Impressive :D I contemplated trying them on, but size 40 for bigfoots looked mighty darn high and I was sort of in a hurry, so skipped it. Maybe another time :D

  2. oh lawd, is there someone in this world besides me who ISN'T totally obsessed with asoiaf? And Game of Thrones for that matter... But fiiinne, read on :D

    Yeah but there are like 20000 of those thousand-page monsters so...

    Lol, yeah I bought them from ABC king so. You should have tried them do you know how awesomely high they are? /insert appropriate smiley.
    Also from my sister's experience I can tell you that black leggings make your thighs look slimmer. I bet you just haven't tried any on to know that they are fabulous.

  3. I wasn't! I read the first book like, two years ago, maybe? Or more? And then decided that GRRM kills off way too many main characters for my taste. But then EVERYBODY was talking about the series and how awesome it is and I was like, fukit, I'll read the darn thing again. And now here I am, ever so slightly obsessed. You know how it goes.

    And not 20000, only five. For now. With two more to come. Three are available in Estonian. I finished the third yesterday. At 4:30. AM. It was a busy night u_u

    They looked tempting. Both for trying on /and/ for strutting around in an awesome new skirt and stuffs. But I'm known for my inability to last in heels, so :D
    Also I do own a pair of leggings. Simple and black for wintery dresscapades. But that's a different kind of use :D

  4. oh whattteveeerrrr :D:D
    good luck reading those monsters in any case. I'm off to write a whooole new post.