Monday, August 20, 2012

Hallowed are my awesome boobs!

So my dear delusional Kairi and I were watching stargate and she tried to make me think that I look like Morena Baccarin. In the process of proving her wrong I got a little carried away and might have proven her right. Whoops. At least I have incentive to post to my blog now.

I found three pictures of Morena as Adria and tried to recreate them. The second one is ever-so-fancy. And by the way, even after putting lots of effort into it (I fucking curled my hair for the first picture !!) I DO NOT look like her. Point proven? No? Take a closer look at the pictures then.
Kelly Does Not In Any Way Resemble Adria From Stargate.

'Dis issue settled now?

I will not waste any more of this night by using my motivation to make lots of new blog posts and schedule them to publish every 24 hours or so. Should keep the blog alive for a little while, I hope.


Adria: Would you care for a demonstration?
~Random Quote from Stargate SG1 "The Quest, Part 1"



    Sorry if I'm unable to speak for a bit xD

    Anyway, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. So THAT'S what you were doing! xD "Oh, I need a red leather jacket." "Um, I'm looking for some flames." "So the curling iron is heating." Ho lee sheet. I did NOT see this coming xD Okay, possibly the flames, but not the frickin' CURLING IRON xD

    ANYWAY, to make matters straight, I did NOT say you two were long lost twins or something. I said you were sort of alike, with some similar features. And my point stands proven. Thank you very much u_u

    PS: THOSE FLAMES. I'M DYING xD (Adria's are *sort of* lighter btw :K)

    PPS: This might well be the most, erm, speechlessing post you've ever made. Seriously, first I couldn't react, then I couldn't stop laughing and then I couldn't react /again/ :D

    PPPS: Thanks a bunch, o' hallowed bosom. I feel kinda flat now -.-

  2. yeah, the joke is tho, that you can't even really see that my hair is all sort of curlyish

    no, your point was only proven because I dressed up as adra (sort of) and tried to come up with a similar expression :D

    psh, mine are awesomer. Picasa didn't have any sort of flame effects so I just.. improvised a little.

    why thank you, nice to see that my blog still has some oomph in it.

    also, lol. three bras man. I make /me/ look flat :D

  3. Yeah, your hair is much longer than hers, so it made the 'do thing a bit difficult u_u

    And yes of /course/ your flames are awesomer. I've never seen a single flame half as awesome as yours.

    And........ the three bras. HOW could I forget. *insert another insane laughing fit*

  4. Tell me bout it. I should have curled it more near my ears, rather than near the tips but whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

    8D ohyeah. preach it B)

    Heeeeeeyyyyyy, what's that supposed to mean :D