Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rolling in the Potholes.

I'll let you figure out what song I'm thinking of now for yourselves...

And You Thought The Potholes on Your Homestreet Were Bad... 

Hiidekirnut. These great, big, masssive "potholes" (I'm not making this up, the infosigns there said that the things were potholes in english) in an awesome-looking forest thing. You get to see them at your own risk. If you fall in... Sucks to be you.

The skirt is adorable, the shoes are weird and the top is too long. I know. Loving the hair tho.
Also, I'm going to be a lazy ass and write about the pictures in the order fotoalbum is giving them to me. I don't know how I managed to get them fucked up but nuffing I can do about it now.

Forget what I said about the hair. Anyway this is a map of the hole thingies that you get to see after you've hiked through a trail of treachery that is just trying to slip you up at any second... (Yeah, I went there in a skirt. I could've done it in heels too, if I wanted. I'm awesome, brah.)

You can't really tell from this angle, but it's a giant rock with a giant awesome face. You can see the mouth and teeth but the eyes are sort of lost to overexposure.

I also hate stairs. Just my luck I guess..

What's with the overabundance of my fab face you ask? What ISN'T I counter.

And this is what we hiked all that way for:

Lol, just kidding, if that was all there was, the next picture would be of me trying to drown my sister in it for making me climb all those steps in the terrible horrible wet heat.

Now THAT'S a pothole. About a meter in diameter and 4 meters deep. Imagine finding this in front of your driveway.

Or in fact this:

Jättiläisen Kuhnepytty. 4,3 meters in diameter and a whopping 10 meters deep. I'm not bluffing!
I find it a very nice touch that they have propped a ladder into it. I wonder how many people "accidentally" fall in every year?



  1. Omg-omg-omg, I have absolutely and definitely not the teeniest-tiniest idea about what song could you possibly be hinting at! Ah the confuzzlement!

  2. That's exactly the reaction I was going for. MWAHAHAHA
    I shall now take over the world using obscure references to popular songs. :D