Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old debts. Books.

Do you know how much stuff I have to read for school? Do you have any idea? Well I mean, Dostoyevksy with it's Idiot is staring at me right now, so is Anna Karenina and a pile of other things that I'm entirely unenthusiastic about.

This is very nearly what my room looks like. Source
But, regardless, Kairi, that Major Sheep decided to make me the best fucking Christmas present ever. Because she's a shoop. Jfc.

I should have been reading August Mälk. Instead I gnawed my way through Reedetud. Because you are a sheep.

Now, adding to this mindfuckery, I have recently made two completely impulsive purchases (that I don't regret one fucking bit)

Yes. I'm a John Green fangirl. Like if I see one of his books somewhere, you can bet your sweet white, pasty ass I will buy it. I've been wanting both of these books so bad and now that I've got them, I'm going after Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

But, all these pale because there's one book that takes the cake (pun absolutely intended) that I got from my parents for christmas.

This is a fucking bible for me.
No, you don't understand. This stuff is like porn for me. I need to find it in me to rob a bank I guess because otherwise there is no way I can afford all this delicious goodness.

Lord give me time.


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