Monday, January 7, 2013

Old debts. Christmas.

This is just a filler-post for things I don't know how to categorise.

I have this awesome friend, who has already been mentioned (the very cleverly altered alias, Riine), who decided to make me the most accurate christmas card I have ever ever received.

No, seriously. Just looking at it warms my heart. Also how come everyone I know can draw well? Using that against me is just cruel.
Okay. That card is awesome and I'm having it framed.

Now in other news, my phone started taking its last shuddering breaths couple months back and I begged my sisters to get me a new one for christmas. They did.
me ist now a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 610.

The hello-kitty addition to it is, again, thanks to Riine who, along with the awesome card of awesomeness, gave me Hello kitty hand cream and shower gel. I'm still trying to figure out wether or not that was a vague jab at my personal hygene. Anyway the hand cream came with that little figurine and I just HAD to attach it to my phone. Specially because I went through the trouble of crocheting a bag for it as well. And
Just see for yourself:

Poor phone, I know. Also excuse the awkward picture angle, I had to take this photo at 3am in terrible indoor lighting because I'm an ass.
Why pink and purple? Well I'd like to counter that with Why the fuck not?
Also if you scroll to the entry about books you see that my nails now awesomely match that. My incredibly pretty, long and fucking fake nails. Khm.


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