Saturday, October 18, 2014


Guess what?
I'm procrastinating.

I've got a tonne of chemistry to do but naah. I'll try blogging again.

Yesterday was an entirely orange day so my blog theme was pretty well chosen. I got myself 1,5kg pumpkin from a fellow student and made some cake for Triine & Joel as a payment for this awesome addition to my wall:

Source is Triines instagram which I only found today and has her superawesome art in it.
Cutting a pumpkin is wayyyyy harder than I thought. Or maybe I'm just wayyyy weaker than I thought. Probably both. But cut it got and cooked it got too.

When taking a picture of it I also decided to show off my minced-meat-sauce-making-skills because the cake doesn't really look all that great. Considering that this is how it's supposed to look:

The source has the receipe, too!
The taste however was prettty good. I'd put way less sugar into it next time but all in all it was edible. Rest of the pumpkin I roasted and pureed and I mean it looks really nice and orange and everything but it smelled like baby food and made me truly feel sorry for babies, no wonder they cry so much. I'd cry too if I had to eat this:

Thankfully I'm not a baby though and pumpkin *cakes* taste great.

My first pureed pumpkin!!



  1. :O:O:O:O:O

    Also, ahhhh, the sweet old early years. I too had a half-naked man on my wall back then. Good times.

    (I have no idea if this comment ends up double, because my phone is weird, but whatthehey)

  2. Ahh, but I have *two* naked men now.