Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So, time has got away from me a little bit. It's nearly halloween! End of October! November!! Amazing.

Since the last post, I've been primarily (avoiding) studying.

No but look at that tea sieve, if it isn't the cutest thing
 Within these past few weeks I have managed a chemistry test and a lating test. Well "managed" is a strong word for two tests that I don't know the results to. That is, perhaps, for the best though. I've also been watching Project Runway with Bambs on those off chances that we both have a weekend that is not filled with insane studying.

Almost two weeks ago I asked my sister to gather a sort of a must-have medicine pack for the Harsh Winters Of Tartu (TM), and she did. Similarly to another pack she sent me, she posted it on a nice tuesday to the packmachine of SmartPost to arrive at Tasku centre in 3-5 days. 7 days later she gave them a call. A day after that my package turned up at Ringtee selver in the middle of fucking nowhere.
7 buses and two toes later, I successfully arrived home and opened it and goodness gracious me it's like she thinks I moved to Alaska...

I mean Tartu almost equals Alaska so...
We, little pharmaceutical foxcubs, also got consecrated on a rainy thursday, filled with drippy cakes and incredibly loud and incredibly drunk lecturers who insisted we sing "Krambabuli" again and again until we did it perfectly, which is quite the task for a crowd of drunk students and their equally drunk conductor who happened to be the aforementioned drunk lecturer.

There is also something to be said about the christmas paraphernalia (Holy actual shit I typed that word correctly from hearing, I'm a fucking goddess) adorning every godforsaken store on this tiny patch of earth we call Tartu.

Christmas in October, brought to you by Priogovi Park!
I'm totally not sorry about the picture I took with my trusted potato.
This past weekend my parents decided to visit me, among other things and our extremely exciting weekend included things like mattress-shopping, not getting to eat in Werner, not tipping the waitress at Pahad Poisid, driving in a circle around the observatory in T├Áravere, using a disabled bathroom in Elva for 20 cents and finally our Saturday culminated in my parents and me, sitting in the living room, everyone typing away merrily on their own computers and drinking wine in their respective corners. 21st century, baby!

Tonight I shall go out and unwind.
Till next time,

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