Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog! ♥♥♥

So I got the sudden urge to write in my blog again seeing as I haven't done that in a while.
And I remembered that hey! I have a ton of pictures that I've been meaning to post.


First of all: Apples! ♥ Applesapplesapples.
You just have to love those things.

These are the sweetes, most awesomest, tastiest, sweetest and sweetest apples you will everever get.
did I mention how awesome they are?

I just love this picture. it looks so edible.

Some apples. It's not like we have a whole lot of them or anything.

RUN! there's a giant flaming meteorite coming this way!!
It's the apocalypse!!
Took this picture last week or smth, wanted to take a walk alone and decided to bring the camera. T'was nice.

So Ella was sick for awhile, we found out it was because she has got bitten by some cat (we have a lot of strays here so they are probably not very happy about a new cat intruding on their territory and she's too young to fight back.) and yeah.
If you want to see a picture of her right after coming back from the vets then here it is, but I warn you it's not for the faint-hearted!!! link.

Anyway to prevent her from lcking it she was in the neck tutu thingy.
I thought she looked extremely cute but for some reason, she did not agree.
And when we finally took it off a week or so later she had revenge by trying to destroy a bag of potatoes.
There was dirt and potatoes everywhere.
Anyway. First of September. To celebrate that holy day I will upload a picture of me. YAY!
Mmm... what else??
Right, suicide prevention day yesterday. (EDIT: I started writing this blog on 8th of september so as far as this post is concerned, the awareness day is actually two days from now. So just to clear up some confusion: it's on 10th of September.)
Did you know that every 40 seconds someone in the world commits suicide?
If you fear that someone you know might be suicidal you can read this page to find out about the signs and learn what you can do to help.

Because everyone deserves to live.

Andandand finally this song.
(I hope that by the time you read this post the video hasn't been taken down already, apparently EMI music is killing all youtube videos with the song in them.
But it's just /that/ good.


Don't commit suicide, because you might change your mind two weeks later.
~Art Buchwald, in a humorous personal mantra he used to combat his states of depression, published in Too Soon to Say Goodbye (2006)


  1. Happiness. I'm passing it on! x)

    Ella looks awfully cute and cuddly on the first picture. Lovely tutu, too xD (The faint-hearted photo was a bit, well, yeah, but whatthehey. At least she's fine now :))

    A picture of Kelly! Yay! Now pass the apples, please u_u

  2. yay! happyhappyhappy ♥♥

    Yeeeeah, she was. Specially because in that tutu thingy she couldn't bite our hands/legs. Sometimes I seriously wish I could strap it back on her =_=

    psh, get your own !! XD

  3. Lol, what's stopping you? xD

    Ah, so that's how you want to play it -.-
    I made a cake tonight. (Amazingly surprising, eh? xD) The surprise part is, though, that it /wasn't/ a chocolate cake! :O As a matter of fact, it was a pineapple cake. And a good one at that. So. You be happy with your apples -.-

  4. /Somebody/ has put it away so I can't find it :K

    && Somehow pinapple cake does not sound as awesomesauce as chocolae cake. I mean aren't pineapples sort of wet and... stuff? Wouldn't that make the whole cake like saggy and stuff? Iunno, I'm sure it was great anyway xD

  5. That stress would only make sense if the "someone" was Ella, but somewhy I seriously doubt that xD

    Of course pineapple cake isn't half as great as chocolate cake, but I have a friend who's allergic to chocolate (... my brother announced he'd jump off a bridge if that happened to him xD) so I needed to find something safe for her. And for a non-chocolate cake it really was good :P

  6. but you never know. Maybe it's part of her grand scheme.

    Ooh that's nice of you. And I have to agree with your brother on that one, a life without chocolate? so not worth it.

  7. Okay, now you're over-doing it o_O

    *noms on chocolate*

  8. psh. Think about it.
    No chocolate at all.
    scary stuff, no?